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Subaru IRONMAN Canada

  • At 14 km's, Bagg has put in 3:00 time gap into Curry. Holtham is 3:20 back, while piggin is 4:37 and Brader has slipped to a deficit of 4:45.
  • at 6 km's, Ossenbrink's lead stands at 13:00 over Madison. Morrison is only 20-seconds back of second, 13:20 back of the leader.
  • Men at 16 km's has Bagg in the lead with Curry now 3:58 back of the lead. Holtham holds down third (-4:35) and Piggin is in fourth (-4:50).
  • Gillian Clayton made the turn onto Lakeshore Drive and has 2-2.5 km's until securing her first ever Ironman win.
  • Gillian Clayton is our 2012 Subaru Ironman champion.
  • Karen Thibodeau has run her way into a second place showing here at the 30th edition of the Subaru Ironman Canada.
  • What amazing comeback story. Janelle Morrison after surviving a horrific vehicle accident has come back to grab the final podium place here at Ironman Canada.
  • Age group winner and fastest women's time on the day, Kendra Lee from Denver

  • 2012 Subaru Ironman Canada Champion - Mathew Russell - USA

  • 2012 Subaru Ironman Canada Champion - Gillian Clayton - USA

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