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IRONMAN Mont Tremblant

    Pro women start list:

    35 Gross Sara WPRO CAN
    36 Ellis Mary Beth WPRO USA
    37 Donavan Jessie WPRO USA
    38 Blatchford Liz WPRO AUS
    39 Hering Jackie WPRO USA
    41 Lyles Liz WPRO USA
    42 Piampiano Sarah WPRO USA
    44 Basso Anne WPRO FRA
    46 Gordon Jacqui WPRO USA
    48 Johann Carly WPRO USA
    49 Leiggi Heather WPRO USA
    50 Lester Carrie WPRO AUS
    51 Martineau Caroline WPRO CAN
    52 McCoy Carrie WPRO USA
    53 Ritchie Tami WPRO USA
    54 Roberts Lisa WPRO USA
    55 Roohi Molly WPRO USA
    56 Rusch Maggie WPRO USA
    58 Siddall Laura WPRO GBR
    59 St-Pierre Caroline WPRO CAN
    60 Thomas Kathryn WPRO USA
    61 Thibodeau Karen WPRO CAN
    Pro men start list:

    2 Sanders Lionel MPRO CAN
    3 Rapp Jordan MPRO USA
    4 Ambrose Paul MPRO AUS
    5 Daerr Justin MPRO USA
    6 Russell Matt MPRO USA
    8 Bastie Christophe MPRO FRA
    9 Delsaut Trevor MPRO FRA
    10 Gerlach Thomas MPRO USA
    12 Brisindi Patrice MPRO CAN
    13 Chesson James MPRO USA
    14 Fleischmann Brian MPRO USA
    15 Frank Jason MPRO USA
    17 Gigou Pierre-Yves MPRO CAN
    18 Gleeson Dylan MPRO CAN
    19 Gray Nigel MPRO CAN
    20 Holderbaum Chad MPRO USA
    21 Kilshaw Stephen MPRO CAN
    22 Kosmicki Adam MPRO USA
    23 Kotland Peter MPRO CZE
    24 Limkemann Eric MPRO USA
    25 Lubinski Jim MPRO USA
    26 Maclean Doug MPRO USA
    27 Naef Brendan MPRO CAN
    28 Wheeler Patrick MPRO USA

    #IMMT On the ground IM Mont-Tremblant in front of the largest standing M-Dot in the world, let the fun begin!

    Ironkids!! #tremblant #ironkids #immt #bestteam

    Good luck to everyone doing #ironman #monttremblant this weekend #immt #triathlon

    #Repost @forgefoto ・・・
    "THAT, my friends, is an Ironman finish line! I totally squealed when I saw it, hehe. Can't wait to cross it on Sunday!" #IRONMANtri #IMMT @immonttremblant #MontTremblant

    These guys #ironkids #immt

    They are ready to run the #ironkids Fun Run. @jboileau1 @sharkodactyl #IMMT #IMMT2015 #triathlon

    IRONMAN Village in Mont Tremblant. This town is amazing. You know it's a serious race when they make you weigh in at registration #IMMT #ironmanmonttremblant


    #365photochallenge #ironmanmonttremblant #IMMT #bikes #gettingreal

    Locked and loaded. Big day tomorrow, and couldn't be happier to have it here... Finally. I'll be gunning for a 9:45 finish time, which will hopefully get me on the podium in AG and earn a Kona slot. For those who have asked about tracking, check out the IronTrac app. I'm #266. And don't sweat it if I'm down in the rankings coming off the bike... I'll be looking to run fast. #IronmanTri #IMMT #swimbikerun

    That's a lot of bikes! $$$ #ironman #tremblant #immt

    Bonjour! #Elk #IMMT #CanadaEh

    #sports #endurance #tri #triathlon #2015 #ironman #immt #tremblant #

    Very cool to see 2500 bikes in the coral before the ironman starts tomorrow. #immt #ironman #MontTremblant #justwatching

    Tomorrow's the big day, cheer him on in (virtual) spirit!! Go @nickdurbano #gonickgo #ironman #monttremblant #immt #698 #coldcornawaits

    Follow the Ironman Mont-Tremblant race action here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IMMT.

    Race start time: Sunday, Aug 9: 6:35 a.m. EDT

    Plus que quelques minutes! / Only a few more minutes. #IMMT #SwinBikeRun

    by IronmanMontTremblant via twitter edited by Shawn Skene 8/16/2015 10:21:23 AM

    Tellement de force sur la plage ce matin. / So much strenght on the beach, this morning.

    The 2015 Subaru Ironman Mont Tremblant pro men’s race has started in the smooth waters on Tremblant Lake in this wetsuit legal race.
    The 2015 Subaru Ironman Mont Tremblant pro women’s race has started.

    Subaru Ironman Mont-Tremblant Swim Course

    Slow mo swim start from #IMMT @Liz_Blatchford on the inside. @marybethellis shifted to the other side just before.

    Looks like Mary Beth Ellis is leading out the women’s early in the swim.
    Ambrose and Fleischmann lead out a group of five men.
    Looks like Ellis followed closely by Blatchford are leading out the women’s early in the swim.
    Ellis now has a clear lead of 15 m on a chase pack of three. The multiple Ironman winner has already caught a pair of pro men swimmers who started five minutes earlier.
    The current temperature in Mont Tremblant is 61F/16C in some fog. The thermometer is expected to reach 86F/30C later in the day with clear skies.
    Right now we have over 2300 age group and pro athletes in the water and well on the way on their Ironman journey.
    Fleischmann is the first pro man out of the water in 49:16.
    Limkemann is next out of the water +0:53 back of Fleischmann while Ambrose hits the beach in third +1:41.
    Mary Beth Ellis is the first women out of the water and recorded a 50:22 swim - sixth overall fastest swim time on the day!
    TOP 15 Pro Men - Out of Swim

    1 49:16 14 Brian Fleischmann CO USA
    2 50:08 0:53 24 Eric Limkemann VA USA
    3 50:56 1:41 4 Paul Ambrose AUS
    4 51:33 2:18 3 Jordan Rapp CA USA
    5 51:39 2:24 5 Justin Daerr CO USA
    6 54:26 5:11 10 Thomas Gerlach WI USA
    7 54:46 5:31 9 Trevor Delsaut NC FRA
    8 55:09 5:54 20 Chad Holderbaum PA USA
    9 55:30 6:15 18 Dylan Gleeson BC CAN
    10 55:40 6:25 8 Christophe Bastie FRA
    11 56:24 7:08 28 Patrick Wheeler MA USA
    12 56:27 7:12 2 Lionel Sanders ON CAN
    13 56:30 7:15 27 Brendan Naef BC CAN
    14 56:32 7:17 12 Patrice Brisindi QC CAN
    15 56:35 7:20 21 Stephen Kilshaw BC CAN
    Baltchford is the second women out of the water +1:42 followed by Richie +1:47 and Thibodeau +2:13.
    TOP 10 Pro Women - Out of Swim

    1 50:22 36 Mary Beth Ellis CO USA
    2 52:03 1:42 38 Liz Blatchford AUS
    3 52:09 1:47 53 Tami Ritchie FL USA
    4 52:35 2:13 61 Karen Thibodeau BC CAN
    5 54:55 4:33 39 Jackie Hering WI USA
    6 55:17 4:56 60 Kathryn Thomas VA USA
    7 55:51 5:29 41 Liz Lyles NV USA
    8 55:53 5:31 59 Caroline St-Pierre QC CAN
    9 56:00 5:38 35 Sara Gross BC CAN
    10 58:13 7:51 58 Laura Siddall CA GBR
    Fleischmann has just rode through 7 km's with Limkemann trailing the leader 44 seconds later.
    At 7 km's Ambrose (+1:11) and Rapp (+1:14) go by in third and fourth.
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