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IRONMAN Lanzarote

    Michi Herlbauer was leading the race in the water

    Australian Kate Bevilaqua on the way to a hard bike ride

    Saleta Castro ranked third in 2013 - she wants to jump on the podium again today

    Great job so far and a long day ahead. 17 hours work today for the announcing team at IRONMAN Lanzarote

    Shoes on first

    Pretty crowded here in Puerto del Carmen. 1800 athletes hurry to start a little scenic bike ride through a beautiful island

    It's a group of five now at the front in the men's competition. Bert Jammaer sets the pace, behind him we have Konstantin Bachor, Guy Crawford, Christian Kramer and Will Clarke.
    Now it's on Christian Kramer to take over - he has passed Jammaer for the lead.
    Michi Herlbauer seems to stretch her lead. We hear from the lead car that she has opened up a little gap.
    The wind seems to be way stronger now. On the first half athletes will face a lot of headwind.
    The wind is very strong, that's what we hear. Headwinds and some crosswinds make it tough.
    Kramer is in the lead - he looks very consistent and works efficient. He is leading the men's field into the Fire Mountains now. In second we have Bert Jammaer, foolowed by Konstantin Bachor. Guy Crawford is a little behind.
    Herlbauer is at El Golfo, she has passed the 33-km-mark.
    German efficiency: Konstantin Bachor is at the front again, Christian Kramer right behind.

    Great start, great shot of Diego Santamaria

    The leaders reach one of the coldest parts of today's race. It's cloudy at Mancha Blanca and very windy.
    Bert Jammaer went back into the lead, as we hear from our spotter. Belgium really hooks up with Germany here.

    Doesn't this look beautiful? Thanks to Diego Santamaria

    The boys are in Mancha Blanca, still a way to go to Club La Santa. 60 km done.
    Kramer in front, looking very strong.
    Herlbauer's lead seems to be larger now. She is still ahead of Diana Riesler and Kate Bevilaqua. It is interesting to see that the Austrian leader is dealing with a "conservative" set-up due to the windy conditions. She has a lower front wheel and a deeper rear wheel to handle the wind.
    Update Km 65 Men: Christian Kramer is in front, 3 seconds behind we have Bert Jammaer, Konstantin Bachor is another 5 seconds behind, than we have Guy Crawford at 22 seconds and in fifth Will Clarke.
    On the way from Tinajo to Mancha Blanca Diana Riesler took over the lead in the women's.
    The boys are at Club La Santa now - but, sorry for that, no rest. We can offer only some really strong winds ahead. They look so great, they can stand such jokes easily. Back to racing: When they start their way to Famara now, they are supposed to face a lot of headwind.
    We hear experts talking about the wind here. Some of them say: These are the windiest conditions they have experienced here in the past years on race day. This is hard to say, but for sure it's a very windy day.
    2:58:50 race time - Diana Riesler is in Mancha Blanca. She is 55 seconds in front of Michi Herlbauer.
    The leaders are working very hard to keep this race on fire. The lead changes back and forth. In Famara, it is on Bert Jammaer again to push it.
    Absolutely fair race at the front.
    The stretch between Michi Herlbauer in second place an the third woman, Kate Bevilaqua, is extending. Bevilaqua is more than 4 minutes behind the lead. In fifth we have Castro about 6 minutes down.
    Kramer opens up a little gap for the first time.
    German efficiency II: Bachor passes Jammaer for second place.
    Half way for the boys and the girls are at Club La Santa.
    Christian Kramer passes windmills - and maybe feels a little bit similar. The wind is tough in the uphill section. Las Nieves marks the highest point of the course on the way to Mirador del Haria - and a very hard part of the race.
    Christian Kramer has opened up a gap. We are reported that Bert Jammaer is in second place again, but a little bit more behind. Behind Jammaer there is gap to Bachor, Crawford and Clarke.
    We got a short report on Miquel Blanquart. The two-time runner-up seems to be about 8 minutes behind the lead.
    We would love to be on the motor bike right now out there on the course. They really have to hit the gas on the downhill to follow the leaders. By the way: Best regards to the Giro d'Italia and the Tour of Ireland that take place at the moment.
    Welcome to Haria - the men are on the way to Mirador del Rio. Thrilling race and one of the most secnic points of the race ahead.
    Beautiful but very windy places here today.

    Can't wait to do a great job on the run course.

    Some work ahead for the press.

    Top of Mirador del Rio ahead for Christian Kramer.
    The crowd is cheering for Christian Kramer at the top of Mirador del Rio.
    Very fast downhill section to Arrieta. Guess it's up to 80 km/h at some points.
    Bert Jammaer is in second place at top of Mirador.
    We hear the gap is three minutes at top of Mirador.
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