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IRONMAN Kalmar - English

    Winner Astrid Stienen

    Here are the top 3 women #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Stienen, Astrid (GER) +00:00 09:12:27
    2 Lindholm Borg, Camilla (SWE) +05:38 09:18:05
    3 Moe, Mette (NOR) +15:49 09:28:16
    What an amazing race for Astrid Stienen! Congrats to the German! #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Winner's kiss for Astrid Stienen

    Top 10 men at #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Nilsson, Patrik (SWE) +00:00 08:08:05
    2 Allan, Dougal (NZL) +17:28 08:25:33
    3 Danielsson, Karl-Johan (SWE) +30:02 08:38:07
    4 Lindén, Andreas (SWE) +32:35 08:40:40
    5 Näsvik, David (SWE) +35:01 08:43:06
    6 Lassonde, Cedric (FRA) +48:14 08:56:19
    7 Hemet, Nicolas (FRA) +49:51 08:57:56
    8 Vakra, Villu (EST) +52:44 09:00:49
    9 Kärner, Johan (SWE) +56:51 09:04:56
    10 Larsson, Johan (SWE) +57:10 09:05:15
    Erika Csomor, the Hungarian who got 2nd last year, just became 4th (09:41:53) #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    The top 10 female at the #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Stienen, Astrid (GER) +00:00 09:12:27
    2 Lindholm Borg, Camilla (SWE) +05:38 09:18:05
    3 Moe, Mette (NOR) +15:49 09:28:16
    4 Csomor, Erika (HUN) +29:26 09:41:53
    5 Haller, Esther (SUI) +46:24 09:58:51
    6 Graaf, Emma (SWE) +52:26 10:04:53
    7 Wångblad, Charlotta (SWE) +01:04:33 10:17:00
    8 Oravamäki, Maija (FIN) +01:07:37 10:20:04
    9 Johnsson, Viktoria (SWE) +01:12:42 10:25:09
    10 Magnusson, Karin (SWE) +01:15:24 10:27:51

    Karl Johan Danielsson had a rough day but finally had to slow down on the run. Congrats to a great 3rd place!

    As Paul Kaye put it: The Kiwi meat in the Swedish sandwich - Dougal Allan from New Zealand got 2nd at #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Patrik Nilsson had the fastest bike and fastest swim. He said the run wasn't as he supposed it too be. Well... he is 1st Swedish Champion at IRONMAN Kalmar now. Congrats to this young athlete ;)

    Race director Henrik Brovell #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Full podium at the press conference. #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Mette Moe had her personal best today. "The crowd was all over the freaking course!" Nevertheless she had to pay on the run for the hard bike conditions.

    Camilla Lindholm Borg said that it was harder than normal today. As everybody she is totally enthusiastic because of the crazy crowd here in Kalmar.

    Happy Astrid Stienen at the press conference. "I wasn't able to slow down because of the crowd."

    The two winners Patrik and Astrid at #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Top 3 podium men Dougal Allan, Patrik Nilsson and Karl Johan Danielsson. #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Top 3 ladies Camilla Lindholm Borg, Astrid Stienen and Mette Moe. #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Swedish champ at Swedish race: Patrik Nilsson #IMKalmar #IMSweden (c)

    Find all results here:
    #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    See you in 2016 at the 5th edition of IRONMAN Kalmar Sweden! #IMKalmar #IMSweden
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