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IRONMAN Kalmar - English

    Mette Moe is overall 10th on the bike. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    There are still 261 athletes out on the swim course. There is still some time left for them. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    There is a new female leader! German Astrid Stienen took over on the bike course. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Nilsson also took over Danielsson and got back his lead. They're close to the aid station in Degerhamn. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    In Degerhamn the bike course takes a turn to the other side of Öland. From there the course leads back to the North. #IMSweden #IMKalmar
    Nilsson obviously got new energy from the crowds that were waiting in Degerhamn. He is increasing his gap between Danielsson and him. #IKalmar #IMSweden
    What a swim! 63 on the track still. No nice conditions at all. Congrats to everybody who has managed to get through this choppy sea!! #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Danielsson took back the lead. Nilsson and himself are still the lonely fighters on the front. #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Aid station in Degerhamn. #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    The leading Astrid Stienen has reachd Degerhamn too now. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Mette MOe is 37 seconds behin her. #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Mette Moe on the bike #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Athletes arriving in Bjärby #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Last swimmer before the cut off. You made it! Congrats! #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Scenic bike ride on Öland. #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Cedric Lassonde (FRA)

    Öland's landscape #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    What a gap between the first two and their chasers! #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Nilsson is 50 meters ahead of Danielsson. The gap that follows increased to 9:30. Third is Allan Olesen. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    The top 5 women at km 53 #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Stienen, Astrid (GER) +00:00 02:31:43
    2 Moe, Mette (NOR) +00:37 02:32:20
    3 Csomor, Erika (HUN) +08:42 02:40:25
    4 Lindholm Borg, Camilla (SWE) +10:59 02:42:42
    5 Åhlund, Jessica (SWE) +12:21 02:44:04
    The two leaders are at km 80 already. Another 40 to go on Öland until they head back to the mainland. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    After Allan Olesen David Näsvik (SWE) is on 4th position now. Allan Dougal (NZL) and Andreas Lindén follow on 5th and 6th place. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    The crowds on Öland cheer and push the athletes on the bike. The spectators get more and more every year! #IMSweden #IMKalmar
    Nilsson and Danielsson passed km 90. #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Second female Mette Moe.

    The top 10 women on the bike at km 53 #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Stienen, Astrid (GER) +00:00 02:31:43
    2 Moe, Mette (NOR) +00:37 02:32:20
    3 Csomor, Erika (HUN) +08:42 02:40:25
    4 Lindholm Borg, Camilla (SWE) +10:59 02:42:42
    5 Åhlund, Jessica (SWE) +12:21 02:44:04
    6 Moore, Debbie (GBR) +12:54 02:44:37
    7 Graaf, Emma (SWE) +14:33 02:46:16
    8 Wernick, Charisa (USA) +15:52 02:47:35
    9 Igelström, Emma (SWE) +20:21 02:52:04
    10 Delplanque, Caroline (FRA) +21:38 02:53:21
    Stienen leads the female field with an average speed of 40km/h #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    On Öland the wind got stronger now too. There are strong side blasts. #IMKalmar #IMSweden


    Astrid Stienen reached the 80km mark now. #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Mette Moe chasing Astrid Stienen.

    Kalmar loves #IRONMAN

    Heading back to the North.

    The leaders are between Resmo and Färjestaden - so heaidng back towards the bridge. From there another 58 km are left on the bike. #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Aid station in Möckleby.

    Back in Färjestaden where the crowds are waiting and having their own party! #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    1 Danielsson, Karl-Johan (SWE) +00:00 03:33:30
    2 Nilsson, Patrik (SWE) +00:03 03:33:33
    The conditions are really nice now - apart from the rough conditions on the swim the temperatures are moderate 23 °C, the wind calmed down, the sun is out and the atmosphere is perfect. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Andreas Lindén has taken the 3rd position now. But still a big gap between him and the two leaders. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Back on the bridge now! Nilsson and Danielsson just passed the first half of the bridge back to Kalmar. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Danielsson and Nilsson are back on the mainland. 58km to go for them. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
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