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IRONMAN Kalmar - English

    The forth swimmer seems to be a female, the swim cap number 58 has been seen which would be Charisa Wernick from the US. #IMKalmar
    The leaders have another 1,800 km to swim. #IMKalmar
    Right now there are strong headwinds on the swim course - but as soon as athletes have passed the turn the winds will be on their side.
    About 20 people have dropped out of the race already. It really seems to be very rough out there! #IMKalmar
    2157 athletes are in the race. They all fight against the strong winds and partly drift off the swim course. #IMKalmar
    Patrik Nilsson and Karl-Johan Danielsson are in the lead. Another 400m meters to swim for them. #IMKalmar

    The Kalmar sign is passed by all participants at #IMKalmar

    The first 400 meters seem to be the roughtest one on the swim course. As soon as the swimmers are further out the sea gets calmer in Kalmar.
    The leaders have just passed the bridge that marks the entrance on the final part of the swim course. #IMKalmar
    Karl-Johan Danielsson is first out of the water in 52:08. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Second follows Patrik Nilsson in 52:11. #IMKAlmar #IMSweden

    Choppy waters #IMKAlmar #IMSweden

    Third out of the water is Allan Olesen (DEN) in 56:01. #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    Who wants to be in there? #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    The first female out of the water is Mette Moe from Norway in 56:02. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Top 10 male on the bike #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Danielsson, Karl-Johan (SWE) +00:00 00:53:22
    2 Nilsson, Patrik (SWE) +00:07 00:53:29
    3 Wolffram, Torbjörn (SWE) +01:28 00:54:50
    4 Kristoffersson, Pär (SWE) +02:02 00:55:24
    5 Magnusson, André (SWE) +02:30 00:55:52
    6 Tejero, Sergio (ESP) +02:38 00:56:00
    7 Olesen, Allan (DEN) +04:07 00:57:29
    8 Fagrell, Niclas (SWE) +04:27 00:57:49
    9 Näsvik, David (SWE) +07:11 01:00:33
    10 Hemet, Nicolas (FRA) +08:04 01:01:26
    Top 5 women on the bike course #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Moe, Mette (NOR) +00:00 00:57:37
    2 Moore, Debbie (GBR) +03:31 01:01:08
    3 Stienen, Astrid (GER) +05:26 01:03:03
    4 Graaf, Emma (SWE) +06:02 01:03:39
    5 Csomor, Erika (HUN) +06:05 01:03:42
    The leaders are on the bridge to Öland - the island where most of the bike is being ridden. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Nilsson and Danielsson are driving shoulder on shoulder. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Because of the rough waves swimmers partly don't even see where they are swimming to. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Nilsson is in the lead now and he just arrived in Färjestaden on Öland which marks the 12k. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    There is a gap of 20 meters between Nilsson and Danielsson now. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    The 7 km long bridge to Öland marks the highest point of the very flat bike course. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    122km are being ridden on Öland. Another 58 km have to be completed in the Northern parts of Kalmar. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    The last swimmer has now reached approx the half of the swim course. Keep her cheering, fans!! #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    The first part of the bike course on Öland #IMKalmar #IMSweden

    The top 10 women out on the bike course at #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Moe, Mette (NOR) +00:00 00:57:37
    2 Moore, Debbie (GBR) +03:31 01:01:08
    3 Gadd, Viktoria (SWE) +04:48 01:02:25
    4 Stienen, Astrid (GER) +05:26 01:03:03
    5 Åhlund, Jessica (SWE) +06:00 01:03:37
    6 Graaf, Emma (SWE) +06:02 01:03:39
    7 Csomor, Erika (HUN) +06:05 01:03:42
    8 Igelström, Emma (SWE) +06:44 01:04:21
    9 Åström, Malin (SWE) +06:45 01:04:22
    10 Baljeu Djurback, Karin (SWE) +07:35 01:05:12
    There is a 5 minutes gap between the two leaders and the rest of the field. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    The top 5 have just passed km 13 #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Nilsson, Patrik (SWE) +00:00 01:15:58
    2 Danielsson, Karl-Johan (SWE) +00:01 01:15:59
    3 Olesen, Allan (DEN) +05:24 01:21:22
    4 Näsvik, David (SWE) +07:57 01:23:55
    5 Hemet, Nicolas (FRA) +09:07 01:25:05
    Mette Moe also has just reached the 13km mark in Färjestaden in 1:23:55 #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Danielsson took the lead now and a gap of 30 meters emerged between him and Nilsson. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Top 5 women at km 13 #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Moe, Mette (NOR) +00:00 01:23:55
    2 Stienen, Astrid (GER) +03:46 01:27:41
    3 Moore, Debbie (GBR) +04:36 01:28:31
    4 Csomor, Erika (HUN) +07:03 01:30:58
    5 Graaf, Emma (SWE) +08:40 01:32:35

    Farewell kiss (c)


    Pre start atmosphere (c)


    Rolling start (c)


    Thanks to for some nice pre start impressions. #finisherpix
    Find all personal race photos on 24-48 hours after the race. #finisherpix #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Danielsson speeded up to 45km/h - being chased by Nilsson. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Mette Moe is still in the lead. After being 4th at IM Mallorca last years the Norwegian aims for a podium place now. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    There is a gap of 7:30 between the two leaders and the rest of the chasing field. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
    Allan Olesen from Denmark is still on 3rd place - but there is this huge gap of 7 minutes between him and te first 2. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
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