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IRONMAN European Championship Frankfurt

    The Frodeno stride

    Kienle is currently holding a pace about 5-8 seconds faster than Frodeno. #IMFrankfurt
    Bocherer is apparently not looking great, he's lost 2 minutes to Kienle. Butterfield has caught Llanos at 6km. #IMFrankfurt
    Top 10 Men Bike Finish:

    1 3 Frodeno, Jan (GER) PRO LAZ Saarbrücken 04:57:45
    2 1 Kienle, Sebastian (GER) PRO Bahrain Endurance... +06:02 05:03:47
    3 7 Boecherer, Andy (GER) PRO TriTeam Kaiserstu... +06:03 05:03:48
    4 2 Van Lierde, Frederik (BEL) PRO LTTL +11:04 05:08:49
    5 4 Llanos, Eneko (ESP) PRO Bulletbike +11:09 05:08:54
    6 16 Butterfield, Tyler (BER) PRO +11:11 05:08:56
    7 6 Diederen, Bas (NED) PRO Team4Talent +11:14 05:08:59
    8 5 Raelert, Andreas (GER) PRO TriZack Rostock
    9 13 Albert, Marko (EST) PRO 21CC Triatloniklu... +26:52 05:24:37
    10 18 Dekker, Martijn (NED) PRO Team4Talent +30:22 05:28:07
    Top 10 Men Bike Splits:

    Frodeno, Jan DEU 04:08:43
    Kienle, Sebastian DEU 04:11:07
    Boecherer, Andy DEU 04:14:05
    Van Lierde, Frederik BEL 04:17:42
    Llanos, Eneko ESP 04:17:48
    Butterfield, Tyler BMU 04:18:08
    Diederen, Bas NLD 04:18:01
    Raelert, Andreas DEU 04:24:04
    Albert, Marko EST 04:33:35
    Dekker, Martijn NLD 04:37:15

    Frodeno beginning his second lap. #IMFrankfurt

    Ryf at km 175 now sits a comfortable 7 minutes ahead of Gajer.
    Ryf is heading into T2 with a sizeable lead! #IMFrankfurt
    Ryf rode a 4:47:51. #IMFrankfurt

    Ryf's 4:47:51 carried her into T2 first. #IMFrankfurt

    Julia Gajer is into T2, 7:38 behind Ryf. #IMFrankfurt
    Julia Gajer has one IRONMAN title to her name, the 2013 IRONMAN Arizona. She was runner-up at IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca this year, and won IRONMAN 70.3 Luxembourg just two weeks ago.
    Steffen is heading into T2 now, 10 minutes back of Ryf. #IMFrankfurt

    Daniela Ryf looking strong on the first few k's.

    Vesterby is out on the run, 14 minutes back of Ryf. She pulled on compression socks in T2. #IMFrankfurt
    Top 8 Men Run Km 10.5:

    1 3 Frodeno, Jan (GER) PRO LAZ Saarbrücken 05:38:21
    2 1 Kienle, Sebastian (GER) PRO Bahrain Endurance... +06:10 05:44:31
    3 7 Boecherer, Andy (GER) PRO TriTeam Kaiserstu... +10:31 05:48:52
    4 2 Van Lierde, Frederik (BEL) PRO LTTL +12:39 05:51:00
    5 4 Llanos, Eneko (ESP) PRO Bulletbike +14:38 05:52:59
    6 6 Diederen, Bas (NED) PRO Team4Talent +14:49 05:53:10
    7 16 Butterfield, Tyler (BER) PRO +16:04 05:54:25
    8 5 Raelert, Andreas (GER) PRO TriZack Rostock 0+19:34 05:57:55

    Andreas Ralert on the first lap. #IMFrankfurt

    Frodeno is maintaining the quickest pace 18 km (11.5 miles). Behind him, Kienle is 6:20 back. Bocherer is 14:20 back, with Van Lierde 16:41 back. #IMFrankfurt
    Frodeno, Kienle, Van Lierde and Ralert are running similar paces. #IMFrankfurt
    Butterfield stopped briefly looking like he had some stomach cramps, but has started up again.
    Raelert is running very fast and closing in on Llanos and Butterfield. #IMFrankfurt
    Pre-race tidbits from Frodeno: "Obviously the big rivalry is between Sebastien and myself. But it doesn��t do it justice to just call it a duel—just us two. There are certainly some guys here who have the caliber to do well here. I never discount Andreas Raelert. He's destroyed me so many times in training camps, and on windy, crazy climbs in Lanzarote. I always have that fear in the back of my mind."
    Ryf told us pre-race that she usually gets a pop song in her head. In Kona last year, where she placed 2nd in her debut on the Big Island, it was "Shake it Off" by Taylor Swift.

    Ryf, Daniela CHE --4:47:50
    Gajer, Julia DEU -- 4:55:22
    Steffen, Caroline CHE --04:58:52
    Vesterby, Michelle DNK -- 05:02:41
    Deckers, Tine BEL -- 04:58:19
    Tajsich, Sonja DEU --04:56:05
    Stienen, Astrid DEU --05:08:07
    Woysch, Nicole DEU -- 5:08:25
    Brennan-Morrey, Ruth USA --05:04:26
    Holst, Tine DNK -- -- 05:12:14
    Frodeno is looking positive and confident. He's still 8 minutes ahead of his countryman Kienle and likely feeling pretty good right now. #IMFrankfurt
    At 17km, Gajer is 7:19 back of Ryf, Steffen 14:00 back. #IMFrankfurt
    Raelert is closing in on Van Lierde and Bocherer is looking strong. #IMFrankfurt
    Top 6 Men Run Km 24:

    1 3 Frodeno, Jan (GER) PRO LAZ Saarbrücken 06:31:29
    2 1 Kienle, Sebastian (GER) PRO Bahrain Endurance... +08:17 06:39:46
    3 7 Boecherer, Andy (GER) PRO TriTeam Kaiserstu... +14:10 06:45:39
    4 2 Van Lierde, Frederik (BEL) PRO LTTL +16:03 06:47:32
    5 6 Diederen, Bas (NED) PRO Team4Talent +18:01 06:49:30
    6 5 Raelert, Andreas (GER) PRO TriZack Rostock +19:42 06:51:11
    7 4 Llanos, Eneko (ESP) PRO Bulletbike +20:24 06:51:53
    Jan Frodeno has 9 km to go. He has a 10+ minute lead now over Kienle. #IMFrankfurt
    Fun fact from #IMFrankfurt: Ryf ran a 1:29:06 half marathon.
    We've hit 37 degrees Celcius (98 degrees Fahrenheit) with 25% humidity and just the slightest bit of wind. #IMFrankfurt

    Frodeno picking up energy from the crowd. #IMFrankfurt

    Gajer's half-marathon was 1:28:15--just a hair quicker than Ryf's--not enough to start making any kind of threat .#IMFrankfurt
    Despite Frodeno's massive lead, he's really struggling--walking through aid stations, and running on the soft dirt surface. He came into this race with some knee trouble, so is likely giving his joints a break.
    Van Lierde has been bouncing back and forth from 3rd to 5th, similarly to his race in Kona. He's currently running in 3rd.

    Spectators getting hosed off on the steaming, 4-lap run course.

    Boecherer, Van Lierde, and Diederen have been running consistently in 3rd, 4th, and 5th on the run course today, trading places occasionally.

    The finish line ready to welcome Frodeno home. #IMFrankfurt

    Ryf...never letting up. #IMfrankfurt

    Frodeno smashes the IM Frankfurt record in 7:49:48

    "I didn't quite realize how fast I was riding, and that was probably partly responsible for the suffering," Frodeno said at the finish line. #IMFrankfurt
    "I died 100 times today," Boecherer said at the finish line. #IMFrankfurt

    Frodeno welcomes his friend, countryman, and competitor, Sebastian Kinele.

    Top 6 Men Finish:

    1 Frodeno, Jan DEU 1 1 00:46:02 04:08:43 02:50:49 07:49:48
    2 Kienle, Sebastian DEU 2 2 00:50:03 04:11:07 02:56:44 08:01:39
    3 Boecherer, Andy DEU 3 3 00:46:56 04:14:05 02:58:14 08:03:49
    4 Diederen, Bas NLD 4 4 00:48:17 04:18:01 02:54:57 08:05:36
    5 Van Lierde, Frederik BEL 5 5 00:48:11 04:17:42 02:57:30 08:07:09
    6 Raelert, Andreas DEU 6 6 00:49:58 04:24:04 02:52:05 08:09:53
    Top 7 Women Through Run Km 28.7:

    1 52 Ryf, Daniela (SUI) PRO Bahrain Endurance... +00:00 07:48:59
    2 53 Gajer, Julia (GER) PRO Team ERDINGER Alk... +07:18 07:56:17
    3 51 Steffen, Caroline (SUI) PRO +17:16 08:06:15
    4 66 Tajsich, Sonja (GER) PRO Team Erdinger Alk... +26:28 08:15:27
    5 54 Deckers, Tine (BEL) PRO TDL +29:42 08:18:41
    6 57 Brennan-Morrey, Ruth (USA) PRO +30:44 08:19:43
    7 55 Moeller, Kristin (GER) PRO SC Delphin Ingols... +33:16 08:22:15

    Ryf, steady and solid.

    Sebastian Kienle: "I just did all I could. I felt like Icarus, wih his wings coated in wax, flying too close to the sun. On a day where Jan had such a great performance, I just wasn't allowed to have any weaknesses." #IMFrankfurt
    Daniela Ryf is your 2015 #IMFrankfurt champion in 8:51:24, taking down Chrissie Wellington's 2008 course record.
    Ryf was 11th overall today. #IMFrankfurt
    Daniela Ryf's splits: 52:46 swim / 4:47:51 bike / 3:06:06 run #IMFrankfurt

    Video: Daniela Ryf smashes the #IMFrankfurt course record in brutal, hot conditions and places 11th overall.

    Ryf: "It was such tough conditions today. I had a lot of respect. For me to have a win and such a good performance makes me happy and also really confident for Kona. I've worked on my nutrition a lot--today was my fourth IRONMAN, and I finally felt like I finally got everything sorted. I'm really happy with today." #IMFrankfurt
    Julia Gajer is second, and the top German, at the 2015 #IMFrankfurt. Her finish time: 9:01:58.
    Gajer: "I can't believe it. What a day. I didn't think it was possible to finish second here. On the run everyone was shouting my name--it was goosebumps, just goosebumps." #IMFrankfurt
    Gajer: "I knew that I've improved on the bike a lot but I didn't expect to ride with Daniela the first whole loop. I'm really happy because normally I lose a lot of time on the bike. Kona is my next big goal." #IMFrankfurt
    Ruth Brennan-Morey (USA) finished 5th (9:21:09) and had the fastest marathon on the day. 3:05:00. #IMFrankfurt

    Ryf crosses the tape (Photo: Getty Images)

    Read the race recap:

    Frodeno and Ryf Set Frankfurt on Fire

    IRONMAN.comIt was a day for Kona runner-ups, as Jan Frodeno and Daniela Ryf shattered course records at the IRONMAN European Championship.
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