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IRONMAN European Championship Frankfurt

    Top 5 women through 80km: Ryf, Steffen, Gajer, Vesterby, Deckers. Ryf and Steffen are cat-and-mouse for the lead with Gajer hot on their heels, and Vesterby 2 minutes back. #IMFrankfurt

    What would be a better way to recover from your own race than laying on the couch, drinking coffee and watching others suffer? ;) #IMFrankfurt

    Max just spotted Seb Kienle and went aero #IMFrankfurt

    Our Swiss pair, Ryf and Steffen, are showing incredible power at 83 km. #IMFrankfurt
    Ryf has been training at altitude and said in our pre-race interviews that she hopes it has made her heart that much stronger for today's tough, hot race.

    Tyler Butterfield in fourth cooling himself off in the rising temperatures. #IMFrankfurt

    Enoko Llanos looking hungry in 7th. #IMFrankfurt

    Pre-race soundbite from our bike leader, Jan Frodeno, who now has a 3:16 gap: "The spectators here make it very unique in terms of IRONMAN. IRONMAN can be a lonely affair." Hopefully you're not feeling too lonely up there at the front, Frodo! #IMFrankfurt
    Ryf just took on a lot of fluid, and is pouring water over her body.
    Frodo is powering over the cobblestone, bottles shaking. Gotta love racing in Europe! #IMFrankfurt
    Frodeno is tucked in descending Chicken Hill, looking incredibly aero, hitting almost 60 mph. #IMFrankfurt

    It's starting to really heat up out there, and the humidity is a touch higher than usual for this region as well.

    Kienle is starting to look a little better. He lost some of his bottles earlier and his girlfriend was running alongside him, yelling for him to get nutrition from an aid station.
    Van Lierde has dropped back. Boecherer and Kienle have reduced their gap to Frodeno, and have put 25 seconds into the group behind them containing Llanos, Butterfield, and Van Lierde #IMFrankfurt
    Top 10 Women Bike Km 88.3:

    1 52 Ryf, Daniela (SUI) PRO Bahrain Endurance... 03:19:15
    2 51 Steffen, Caroline (SUI) PRO +00:04 03:19:19
    3 53 Gajer, Julia (GER) PRO Team ERDINGER Alk... +00:06 03:19:21
    4 56 Vesterby, Michelle (DEN) PRO OTK +02:29 03:21:44
    5 54 Deckers, Tine (BEL) PRO TDL +06:41 03:25:56
    6 67 Stienen, Astrid (GER) PRO DLC Aachen +08:51 03:28:06
    7 66 Tajsich, Sonja (GER) PRO Team Erdinger Alk... +11:34 03:30:49
    8 64 Woysch, Nicole (GER) PRO LAZ Saarbr├╝cken +12:17 03:31:32
    9 57 Brennan-Morrey, Ruth (USA) PRO +17:36 03:36:51
    10 55 Moeller, Kristin (GER) PRO SC Delphin Ingols... +18:53 03:38:08
    Pre-race, Van Lierde spoke about the importance of decision-making: "Racing is so much about making decisions, and you just hope you make the best decisions at the moment you have to make them." He has pulled off the pace he was holding with Kienle and dropped back to 6th. #IMFrankfurt
    Our spotters report that Van Lierde is stretching a lot, so might be cramping. #IMFrankfurt
    At 137 km, Kienle and Boecherer are cutting into Frodeno's lead. It's down to 2:45 from well over 3:00 earlier in the race. #IMFrankfurt
    Ryf, Steffen, and Gajer are still leading our women's race, much closer together than the men's race. #IMFrankfurt
    Ryf is making a move. She's opened up a small gap of 45 seconds at 118 km. #IMFrankfurt
    Gajer is showing herself as a strong force in the race already. She has one IRONMAN title to her name (2013 IMAZ). This year, she was the runner-up at IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca, and won IRONMAN 70.3 Luxembourg two weeks ago.
    Gajer is riding confidently today, putting some time into Steffen and now riding 1 min back of Ryf. #IMFrankfurt

    A shot of Kienle showing European racing at its finest.

    Some young fans on course. #IMFrankfurt

    Steffen has bridged back up to Gajer at 128 km's. The two are now 1:45 back of Ryf, though for most of the race they were able to keep her close. #IMFrankfurt

    Frodo putting on a show for age groupers #IMFrankfurt

    Top 8 Men Bike Km 144:

    1 3 Frodeno, Jan (GER) PRO LAZ Saarbr├╝cken 04:08:38
    2 1 Kienle, Sebastian (GER) PRO Bahrain Endurance... +02:46 04:11:24
    3 7 Boecherer, Andy (GER) PRO TriTeam Kaiserstu... +02:47 04:11:25
    4 6 Diederen, Bas (NED) PRO Team4Talent +05:14 04:13:52
    5 4 Llanos, Eneko (ESP) PRO Bulletbike +05:15 04:13:53
    6 2 Van Lierde, Frederik (BEL) PRO LTTL +05:17 04:13:55
    7 16 Butterfield, Tyler (BER) PRO +05:18 04:13:56
    8 5 Raelert, Andreas (GER) PRO TriZack Rostock +13:45 04:22:23
    Daniela Ryf now has a 2:30 minute lead on Steffen and Gajer, and is starting to put her mark on this race. #IMFrankfurt
    Frodeno's lead is now up to four minutes, with Boecherer and Kienle trading places in hot pursuit. #IMFrankfurt
    Frodeno only has 15 k to go until he hits T2. #IMFrankfurt
    Frodo must have the run in his sights already. He said in our pre-race interview that last year he "went out a bit quick", logging a 1:16 half-marathon. #IMFrankfurt
    Frodeno will carry a 5+ minute lead into T2, which he's approaching now through crowd-lined streets. He always says his strengths are his swim and run, but today could be his best bike yet. #IMFrankfurt
    Frodo is currently on pace to ride a 4:10, which would be a phenomenal split here. Kienle's bike time last year was 4:12:14 and he broke the course record, going 7:55. #IMFrankfurt

    Age groupers at 165 km's.

    Frodeno's shaking his quads out as he cycles to T2.
    Frodeno's into T2 looking strong, grabbing his bags #IMFrankfurt
    Frodeno's 4:08:44 bike split is the new #IMFrankfurt bike course record! Only Andrew Starykowicz has ridden faster in Florida (4:02). This race is looking like Frodeno's to win.

    Frodo into T2

    Kienle's bike split was 4:11:07, faster than his time last year. These guys are making the best of the heat. #IMFrankfurt

    Frodo grabbing his run bag...

    Kienle into T2

    Steffen's losing time out there, and is now 1 minute back of Gajer, who's riding in 2nd, 4:44 behind Ryf.
    The men behind Frodeno: Kienle 6 min back, Boecher 7, Butter field 9, and Van Lierde 10. #IMFrankfurt

    The crowd cheering Vesterby. #IMFrankfurt

    Van Lierde and Butterfield in T2.

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