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    At the half way mark of the run Bell's patience looks to be paying off as he is continuing to chip away at Ambrose's lead. The lead is now down to 5 mins. Toby Coote reports that both athletes are running at a stride rate of 87 strides per 60 seconds, with Bell looking the most comfortable.

    Christie Sym in 2nd place is just 19 seconds back from Fleming with Bremer 2.29 back in third.

    At the 25km mark Ambrose's lead is down to 3.26 over Bell. Two former champs chasng their second IRONMAN Australia title.

    At the 15km mark Fleming still leads from Sym 1.13 behind with with Bremer hot on her heels just 13 seconds back.

    Sym in 2nd

    Bremer in 3rd.

    At the 27km mark Bell is just 2.52 behind Ambrose. He's taking almost 30 seconds out of the lead every 1.5kms.

    At the 31km mark Bell is just 2.52 behind Ambrose. He's taking almost 30 seconds out of the lead every 1.5kms.

    Brian Fuller is in 3rd over 12 minutes behind.

    Kiwi Michelle Bremer is closing in on first place, at half way she was just 17 seconds behind Fleming.

    2012 Champion Michele Gailey is in third, nine minutes behind.

    The pass has been made, Michelle Bremer is now in the lead. Fleming 2nd, and Gailey 3rd.

    At 35km Ambrose is holding on, his lead is 45 seconds.

    Bremer overtaking Fleming to also take the lead in the women's race.

    It doesn't get much closer than this - it's a 2 man race at the 38km mark with just one minute between Paul Ambrose in 1st & Luke Bell in 2nd.
    Chasing our men's leaders are Brian Fuller (+12.43), Nick Baldwin (+18.29) and Luke Martin (+19.37)
    Paul Ambrose has held on and is our 2015 Toyota IRONMAN Australia Champion in a time of 8:35:52!

    Luke Bell has put up an amazing fight to the end and has crossed the finish line in 2nd, 2:40 behind Ambrose in 8:38:33.

    At the 31km mark in the women's race Michelle Bremer has extended her lead out and is 1 min 44 secs ahead of Jess Fleming

    Our men's podium is now complete with Brian Fuller home in 3rd

    Rounding out the Top 3 with 10k to go in the women's race is Michelle Gailey - 10 mins behind race leader Michelle Bremer.

    Our 2015 champ Paul Ambrose captured through the lens of Delly Carr.

    Through 35km Michelle Bremer is holding onto her lead and is 2:38 ahead of Jess Fleming with Michelle Gailey another 9 mins behind in 3rd.

    Ben Bell is our first Age Group Athlete through in 9:09:26

    With 2km to go Michelle Bremer has extended her lead to 3:05 ahead of Jess Fleming
    Michelle Bremer has crossed the line and is our 2015 Toyota IRONMAN Australia Female Champion! Home in 9:38:23.

    2nd place female Jess Fleming put up a solid fight all day finishing in a time of 9:42:17

    3rd place Michelle Gailey home in 9:50:50

    The 2015 Toyota IRONMAN Australia women's podium
    1. Michelle Bremer (NZL)
    2. Jess Fleming (AUS)
    3. Michelle Gailey (AUS)

    Paul Ambrose, 2015 Toyota IRONMAN Australia Champion - Photo Credit Delly Carr

    Michelle Bremer, 2015 Toyota IRONMAN Australian Champion - Photo Credit Delly Carr

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