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IRONMAN African Championship South Africa

    Swallow is 4:15 ahead of Pedersen
    Van Lierde has just hit the 28km mark
    Van Lierde has just turned onto Marine drive
    Rana crosses the line
    His time is 8:29:12
    Bart Aernouts is currently in 3rd place, less than 2km from the finish line
    Aernouts approaches the red carpet
    Aernouts is about to claim the third spot on the podium
    He celebrates as he waves to the crowd before crossing the line
    Aernouts completes the race in 08 hours 36 mins
    Llanos crosses the finish line and waves to the crowd
    Jodie Swallow is less than 10km from possibly Ironman victory.

    1. Jodie Ann SWALLOW (#51) 08:17:16
    2. Diana RIESLER (#75) 08:25:10
    3. Camilla PEDERSEN (#38) 08:26:45
    4. Lucy GOSSAGE (#54) 08:27:46
    5. Susie CHEETHAM (#59) 08:30:38
    Matt Trautman has taken fourth place on home soil, closely followed by Eneko Llanos and Bas Diederen.
    Swallow has less than 8km left of the marathon.
    Lucy Gossage has stolen third position as Pedersen falls to fifth.
    Lucy Gossage has just passed Riesler and is now in second place, although she is still a considerable distance behind Swallow.
    Gossage is racing to catch up with Swallow, who is closing in on the final stretch.
    Riesler remains in third with Pedersen in fourth and Cheetham still in fifth.
    Jodie Swallow is pushing hard to maintain her lead with only 6km to go.
    Pedersen is now approximately 10 minutes behind Swallow.
    Gossage remains in second with Riesler seconds behind.

    1. Frederik VAN LIERDE (#2) 08:16:34
    2. Ivan RANA (#40) 08:30:44
    3. Bart AERNOUTS (#3) 08:35:58
    4. Matt TRAUTMAN (#7) 08:37:20
    5. Eneko LLANOS (#33) 08:37:49
    6. Bas DIEDEREN (#6) 08:38:13
    7. David MCNAMEE (#36) 08:43:34
    8. Cyril VIENNOT (#1) 08:45:54
    9. Victor Manuel DEL CORRAL MORALES (#21) 08:47:09
    10. James CUNNAMA (#18) 08:47:44
    Jodie Swallow has a 1.4km lead
    Gossage is closing in on Swallow, decreasing the gap to approximately 6 and a half minutes.
    Gossage is determined to improve her second place finish she managed to secure at IRONMAN South Africa last year.
    Gossage has crossed the 37km mark as she hunts down Swallow at an increasing pace.
    Susie Cheetham has stolen third place, followed by Riesler and Pedersen who remains in fifth.
    Swallow has passed the 40km mark and is minutes from certain victory
    This will be Swallow's first full IRONMAN win on African soil
    The crowd is eagerly awaiting the first female
    Cheetham has fallen back to third position as Gossage fights to maintain her second place
    Jodie is closing in on the finish line
    Gossage is 5 and a half minutes behind Swallow, it looks at though she will have to settle for second place.
    Gossage and Swallow are both picking up in speed
    Gossage has the finish in sight, but it looks like Swallow has this in the bag
    Cheetham remains in third position
    Pedersen and Riesler remain behind
    Jodie is approaching the red carpet
    The crowd is cheering as the 2015 winner, Jodie Swallow, nears the tape
    Jodie Swallow is the Standard Bank Ironman African Championship 2015 female winner!
    She dominated the swim, she held the top position throughout the bike ride and, now in tears, she has completed the 42km run in first place.
    "Iron Couple" Jodie Swallow and James Cunnama embrace under the finishing arch after her breathtaking win
    Lucy approaches the finish line and the red carpet
    Lucy Gossage has crossed the finish line in second place
    Gossage finishes with a time of is 09:08:52
    Susie Cheetham approaches the finish line to claim 3rd position
    Susie Cheetham takes the final podium position at the Standard Bank Ironman African Championship 2015.
    All 3 female podium positions have been taken by British athletes.
    Riesler has taken 4th position
    Pedersen took 5th position with a time of 9:12:10
    Pedersen's 5th place comes after a near-fatal accident in 2013 where she was told she could never walk again - proving ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.
    The last few ladies in the top 10 are Ganzow, Snow and Tajsich and we are waiting for them to cross the finish line
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