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IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship - English


    Top 10 Men Bike Km 59:

    1 28 Dreitz, Andreas (GER) PRO 01:49:47
    2 26 Boecherer, Andi (GER) PRO TriTeam Kaiserstu... +00:38 01:50:25
    3 4 Frodeno, Jan (GER) PRO LAZ Saarbruecken +01:26 01:51:13
    4 5 Raelert, Michael (GER) PRO TriZack +02:43 01:52:30
    5 16 Frommhold, Nils (GER) PRO Triathlon Potsdam +02:46 01:52:33
    6 53 Ciavattella, Jonathan (ITA) PRO Esercito +02:48 01:52:35
    7 1 Gomez, Javier (ESP) PRO Cuidade De Lugo F... +02:48 01:52:35
    8 11 Kienle, Sebastian (GER) PRO Bahrain Endurance... +03:32 01:53:19
    9 17 Wild, Ruedi (SUI) PRO +03:33 01:53:20
    10 38 Van Berkel, Jan (SUI) PRO Impuls Triathlon ... +03:34 01:53:21
    It is interesting to see that the pro field seems split in their decision to ride a disc wheel or spoked wheel. Gomez, Don, Griffin and Ryf all opting for spoked rear wheels.

    Andi Boecherer

    25 km left in the bike, mostly flat. Jan Frodeno and Andreas Dreitz are riding at speeds of 53 km/hour. #IM703WC
    Our women's race leader Daniela Ryf said before the race that it was great to be able to prepare really close to the race and not have to travel too far. "I think it's going to be really special. My family and friends are here too, which will make it more emotional".

    Frodeno putting the pressure on in third.

    Ryf's average pace is 38 km/hour (24.5 mph). That's about a 2:16 bike split. She's having the ride of her life here. #IM703WC
    We're in a more technical part of the course now as the athletes head toward Kaprun, there are some nice risers, some turns, etc.
    Tisseyre is closing in on Kaye. #IM703WC
    Top 10 Women Bike Km 59:

    1 101 Ryf, Daniela (SUI) PRO Bahrain Endurance... 02:00:02
    2 108 Beranek, Anja (GER) PRO TV Erlangen +02:24 02:02:26
    3 107 Kaye, Alicia (USA) PRO +05:24 02:05:26
    4 105 Tisseyre, Magali (CAN) PRO +05:45 02:05:47
    5 102 Kessler, Meredith (USA) PRO +07:02 02:07:04
    6 135 Bilham, Emma (SUI) PRO Tri Team Pully +08:03 02:08:05
    7 124 Gajer, Julia (GER) PRO Team ERDINGER Alk... +08:05 02:08:07
    8 128 Lawrence, Holly (GBR) PRO +08:17 02:08:19
    9 103 Wurtele, Heather (CAN) PRO +08:32 02:08:34
    10 140 Deckers, Tine (BEL) PRO TDL +09:40 02:09:42

    Race leader Dreitz.

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    Tim Don in penalty box for 2 blue cards. He also had a tire puncture. Not his day...#IM703WC
    The men's top 10 are all within 4 minutes of each other.

    Don in the penalty box.

    Dreitz is just minutes away from T2.
    Frodeno just passed Boecherer for 2nd. #IM703WC
    Tisseyre just took 3rd, passing Kaye. #IM703WC
    Top 6 men's spots are occupied by Germans today. Powerhouses! #IM703WC

    Anja at 70k on bike. She and Daniela have built such a massive lead over the rest of the women's field it's going to be tough to catch Daniella especially on the run

    Kienle got massive cheers riding through downtown Zell am See.

    Jesse Thomas has one of the funkier bike set ups but it is working for him today. The time he's spent in town these past two weeks is paying off today.

    My Zell Checklist: Magali Tisseyre

    IRONMAN.comCheck out what our new third-place woman had to say about pressure, her race-day fueling strategy, and her post-race plans.
    It's really heating up out here, with temps expected to hit 32 degrees C. This will affect the athlete's nutrition strategies for sure. Unsure of where to start with your own race fueling?

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    There's one more descent where Ryf can build some more cushion for her run...
    Anja just spotted Daniela on the out and back section, let's see if she can respond as the women head into Kaprun village.
    Dreitz is only about a minute from T2...the crowd is about to go crazy welcoming him in! #IM703WC
    Dreitz just hit T2, turned his bib around, racked his bike, and is putting socks on. Frodeno is RIGHT behind him. #IM703WC
    Frodeno is just 45 seconds behind Dreitz into T2

    Ryf is moooooving

    Dreitz's bike split: 2:07:36. #IM703WC
    Jan Frodeno is your new #IM703WC race leader.
    This flat and fast run course around the lake allows competitors to see their competitors as they head back to T2.

    Boecherer 30 sec back of frodeno and Dreitz.

    For Kienle, the chase is on...

    Frodeno ran the first 2.7 kilometers in 8:49, which is a pace of approximately 3:12 kph. #IM703WC
    Hot weather seems to be following Frodeno around this year, after his impressive win at the steamy IRONMAN Frankfurt. Next up, Kona!
    Gomez passed Raelert for 5th place.
    Top 10 Men Run Km 2.7:

    1 4 Frodeno, Jan (GER) PRO LAZ Saarbruecken 02:43:36
    2 28 Dreitz, Andreas (GER) PRO +00:33 02:44:09
    3 26 Boecherer, Andi (GER) PRO TriTeam Kaiserstu... +01:26 02:45:02
    4 11 Kienle, Sebastian (GER) PRO Bahrain Endurance... +02:54 02:46:30
    5 1 Gomez, Javier (ESP) PRO Cuidade De Lugo F... +04:43 02:48:19
    6 5 Raelert, Michael (GER) PRO TriZack +04:44 02:48:20
    7 17 Wild, Ruedi (SUI) PRO 03:53:02 (Run)
    +05:16 02:48:52
    8 38 Van Berkel, Jan (SUI) PRO Impuls Triathlon ... +05:16 02:48:52
    9 16 Frommhold, Nils (GER) PRO Triathlon Potsdam +05:47 02:49:23
    10 53 Ciavattella, Jonathan (ITA) PRO Esercito +06:17 02:49:53
    Ryf has headed through T2 and is off on the run! #IM703WC
    Gomez through 2.7 km had the same pace as Frodeno. Here are the splits of the top 6 men:

    Gomez 8:49
    Frodeno 8:49
    Raelert 9:03
    Kienle 9:04
    Dreitz 9:48
    Böcherer 9:54
    About 40,000 people have gathered in the close-knit town of Zell am See. The atmosphere is electric! #IM703WC

    Magali is onto the run course in 3rd, with Kaye just steps behind

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