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IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship - English

    Sebastian Kienle before the race: "It suits my talents because it's this European style of riding—more corners, and switchbacks on the downhill. I've been here for 5 weeks checking it out. Some of the guys ride their trainers indoors all day. Most of the time I'm outdoors and that's where you get the bike handling skills."
    2nd and third women, Vodikova and Ryf.

    Jodie Swallow riding in 7th

    Meredith Kessler in 5th

    Jesse Thomas riding in a group that includes Kienle and Starykowicz so they are no doubt eating away at the gap to the front.

    The men have hit the first part of the grade.

    A little look back at our swim start. #IM703WC

    One of our spotters reports that Canada's Magali Tisseyre looks like the big mover on the bike in the women's race.
    Kienle has lost time on the first 20km. He's 2:14 minutes back of Boecherer. #IM703WC
    Top 10 men at bike km 21.4:

    1 26 Boecherer, Andi (GER) PRO TriTeam Kaiserstu... 00:51:01
    2 4 Frodeno, Jan (GER) PRO LAZ Saarbruecken +00:01 00:51:02
    3 28 Dreitz, Andreas (GER) PRO +00:05 00:51:06
    4 12 Bozzone, Terenzo (NZL) PRO north harbour tri... +00:18 00:51:19
    5 16 Frommhold, Nils (GER) PRO Triathlon Potsdam +00:21 00:51:22
    6 10 Appleton, Sam (AUS) PRO +00:24 00:51:25
    7 38 Van Berkel, Jan (SUI) PRO Impuls Triathlon ... +00:25 00:51:26
    8 17 Wild, Ruedi (SUI) PRO +00:27 00:51:28
    9 5 Raelert, Michael (GER) PRO TriZack +00:28 00:51:29
    10 1 Gomez, Javier (ESP) PRO Cuidade De Lugo F... +00:30 00:51:31
    The men have hit the big climb that starts at mile 13 and goes up to mile 21.
    Before the race, Australian Tim Reed said: "For me, in Australia we don't really have climbs like that. I'm actually pretty nervous about that descent. I'll just have to put all my skills out there on the day and hope I don't lose too much time."
    # IM703WCAndreas Dreitz just took the lead from Böcherer.

    A tough bike course Including a hard climb - the men are hitting it right now

    Our top women are within 20 seconds of each other, then there's a 1 minute gap back to 8th place. It's breaking up on the women's side. On the men's side we have 20 guys within one minute.
    Ryf has long overtaken Brandon and is now leading her charge at the front of the race.
    Top 10 women at km 21:

    1 101 Ryf, Daniela (SWZ) PRO Bahrain Endurance ... 00:55:25
    2108 Beranek, Anja (GER) PRO TV Erlangen +00: 06 00:55:31
    3107 Kaye, Alicia (USA) PRO +00: 11 00:55:36
    4 137 Brandon, Lauren (USA) PRO +00: 18 00:55:43
    5102 Kessler, Meredith (USA) PRO +01: 28 00:56:53
    6105 Tisseyre, Magali (CAN) PRO +01: 43 00:57:08
    7128 Lawrence, Holly (GBR) PRO +01: 46 00:57:11
    8124 Gajer, Julia (GER) Pro Team ERDINGER Alk .. . +02: 24 00:57:49
    9116 Bazlen, Svenja (GER) PRO TSG Reutlingen +02: 33 00:57:58
    10106 Vodickova, Radka (CZE) PRO +02: 34 00:57:59
    Jan Frodeno: "It's great to have a race like this where everyone finally gathers. All season, people have wins here and there, but this is the one that really counts. Hills are not my absolute forte. Heat: it's what we want in a summer sport—I'm happy with the heat."
    Frodeno and Boecherer are hammering up the beginning section of the climb...
    The men just hit the hardest part of the climb.
    Our spotters report that behind our leaders Dietz and Boecherer, we have Frodeno about 25 seconds back, and Kienle and Butterfield apparently pushing hard to come back.
    At 34 km, it's Dreitz, and Boecherer, RAelert 1:14 back, Frodeno 1:25 back, then Frommhold, Ciavatella, and Gomez all 1:20 + back.
    The men just hit the tough, fast descent. #IM703WC
    Sebastian Kienle: "We have a lot of chances to use some technical riding skills, which is one thing I like about this venue. I would call it a European riding style."

    Go #SebastianKienle #biestmilch #im703wc

    Top 15 Men Bike Km 34.5:

    1 28 Dreitz, Andreas (GER) PRO 01:22:09
    2 26 Boecherer, Andi (GER) PRO TriTeam Kaiserstu... +00:04 01:22:13
    3 5 Raelert, Michael (GER) PRO TriZack +01:14 01:23:23
    4 4 Frodeno, Jan (GER) PRO LAZ Saarbruecken +01:22 01:23:31
    5 16 Frommhold, Nils (GER) PRO Triathlon Potsdam +01:26 01:23:35
    6 53 Ciavattella, Jonathan (ITA) PRO Esercito +01:28 01:23:37
    7 1 Gomez, Javier (ESP) PRO Cuidade De Lugo F... +01:29 01:23:38
    8 38 Van Berkel, Jan (SUI) PRO Impuls Triathlon ... +02:46 01:24:55
    9 17 Wild, Ruedi (SUI) PRO +02:47 01:24:56
    10 15 Gambles, Joe (AUS) PRO +03:02 01:25:11
    11 11 Kienle, Sebastian (GER) PRO Bahrain Endurance... +03:23 01:25:32
    12 19 Thomas, Jesse (USA) PRO +03:25 01:25:34
    13 25 Thomschke, Markus (GER) PRO OSSV Kamenz +03:30 01:25:39
    14 12 Bozzone, Terenzo (NZL) PRO north harbour tri... +03:38 01:25:47
    15 7 Griffin, Leon (AUS) PRO +03:46 01:25:55
    Meredith Kessler before the race: "Win, lose, first place, last place, fifth place, my chi is intact. I'm in a wonderful place I get to share an experience with my husband, those are little things I don't take for granted. The little things make the big things happen."
    The women at 35 k: Ryf, Beranek 1:22 back, Kaye 3:00 back, Tisseyre 3:55, Pedersen and Kessler at 4:00 back. #IM703WC

    Tisseyre just passed Kessler. #IM703

    Daniela turning over her pedals well up steepest part of climb

    Daniela is slaying this descent, clearly her St Moritz training terrain is giving her an edge right now. Fully tucked in aero, rear up, just flying!

    From the bike course...

    Top 6 Women Bike Km 34.5:

    1 101 Ryf, Daniela (SWZ) PRO Bahrain Endurance... 01:29:38
    2 108 Beranek, Anja (GER) PRO TV Erlangen +01:35 01:31:13
    3 107 Kaye, Alicia (USA) PRO +03:36 01:33:14
    4 102 Kessler, Meredith (USA) PRO +04:29 01:34:07
    5 105 Tisseyre, Magali (CAN) PRO +04:36 01:34:14
    6 135 Bilham, Emma (SUI) PRO Tri Team Pully +05:30 01:35:08
    This event brings together the best of short-course and long-course racers, as we see athletes like Gomez and Kay right in the mix, as well as long-course specialists like Kessler and Kienle.

    Our second place female Anja Beranek

    We believe that Lauren Brandon's swim this morning was a new IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship record... #IM703WC

    Tim Don with 10K to go on climb.

    Raaelert is telling our spotters it's a hard course and Gomez is saying "ouf!!!"
    Frodeno has put some time into Gomez behind him, which bodes well for his run.
    Frodeno said before the race that he wished the course was hillier and more technical. We wonder if he still feels the same way?

    Gomez on the bike.

    Kaye in 3rd, taking in some nutrition

    Tisseyre in 4th, turning over pedals really smooth and strong, no Kessler in sight
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