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IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship - English

    I made it (we had some excitement getting out of Paris)! All checked in. If you are here, come say 'hi.' #IM703WC #drivenbyadream

    Swim. Start. Nirvana. #IM703WC

    Amazing views on the bike course at #im703wc #ZellKaprun Looking forward to a fun & challenging day out on the course on Sunday

    Smukkere træningsudsigt skal man lede længe efter - @camilla_pedersen_tri er klar til søndagens Ironman ved Zell am See i Østrig ???? #givervinger #IM703WC

    It's OK here. #zellamsee #justacouplehills #IM703WC @ironmantri

    Get up to speed on today's professional line-up with our race preview by IRONMAN live commentator, Michael Lovato:

    Teacher, Pupil do Battle in Austria

    IRONMAN.comWhile the battle rages to decide who will be crowned the 2015 IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion on Sunday, there will be a race within a race.

    Race morning in #zellamkaprun for #im703wc Go time! ???? After not being able to compete last year SO…

    Welcome to the 2015 Ironman 70.3 World Championship, Zell am See - Kaprun

    Follow the race action of the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship here on with live video, leader boards, text, photos and pro GPS tracking.

    Join the conversation on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #IM703WC.

    Follow your athlete’s progress throughout the day with the Athlete Tracker here on

    Race start time: Sunday, Aug 30: 10:45 a.m. CEST

    3 Hours to go . . and this is what athletes can expect at the swim start. BEAUTY! #IM703WC #ZellKaprun (gert stone)

    With today's 10:45 am race start here in Zell am See, athletes are enjoying a more leisurely start to the morning than usual. It's 14 degrees C (57 F), the sun is shining, and the skies are clear blue. We're in for a good day!

    Jodie Swallow walks into transition.

    From transition, where athletes are setting up for the day.

    An IRONMAN Foundation team member is excited about her day!

    Ryf at the ready.

    Frodeno preps in transition.

    Steve Mandis 45-49 representing Greece and the IRONMAN Foundation.  "Racing the IM 70.3 WC on this global stage is unbelievable. It's inspiring to be racing alongside of all of these amazing athletes."

    We're an hour away from the start of the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship! We'll have live, hosted coverage of the event at
    Set your alarms if you have to, this will be an exciting race! #IM703WC #zellkaprun #ironmantri #triathlon ????Note: there's an error in the image, it's 8:45 am UTC. All other times are correct.

    We are just a few minutes away from the start of the 2015 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship! Stay tuned!

    #frodo #warming up ✌️???? #im703wc #finishingzellkaprun #triathlon #swim #bike #run #triathlon #austria #janfrodeno #go @janfrodeno

    Daniela Ryf: "I'm pretty sure I'm fit, but I don't really know. I haven't really raced since Frankfurt. I've been training for these conditions, so I'm excited to find out. It's a course that will challenge all your strengths. The bike will be hard, which means your run legs aren't going to be super bouncy."
    And they're off! #IM703WC

    Pro men being introduced just before the swim.

    The pro women in the swim chute.

    Defending champion Javier Gomez, who got sick a few days before the race, said before the race: "I'm not sure how my body will respond when I push hard, but I'm going to commit to my race strategy as if I was totally fine."
    In the men's swim, two separate groups have formed with 10m open water separating them. #IM703WC

    Daniela Ryf being introduced.

    And the women are off! #IM703WC
    In the men's race, it's one long line of swimmers, 25m long from front to back, with one swimmer 100m off the back. #IM703WC
    7 men have a 5m gap in the main group. Starting to splinter as we near 750 meters into swim. Gomez and Frodeno are swimming shoulder to shoulder. #IM703WC
    Andi Boecherer is leading the #IM703WC men's swim.
    Gomez is swimming in 3rd, Frodeno in 4th, and Jimmy Seear in 5th #IM703WC
    The first two women have rounded the swim buoy. #IM703WC
    Michael Raelert is also in the top 5 at 1200 meters in. #IM703WC
    There are 16 men in the lead group, swimming together at 1500 meters.
    The men are approaching the swim exit, which is a metal staircase out of the water that will really challenge the legs.
    Top 18 Men Swim Exit:

    1 26 Böcherer, Andi (GER) PRO TriTeam Kaiserstu... +00: 00 00:22:12
    2 1 Gomez, Javier (ESP) PRO Cuidade De Lugo... F +00: 00 00: 22: 12
    3 4 Frodeno, Jan (GER) PRO LAZ Saarbruecken +00: 02 00:22:14
    4 5 Raelert, Michael (GER) PRO TriZack +00: 03 00:22:15
    5 22 Kueng, Manuel (SUI) PRO Team Koach +00: 05 00:22:17
    6 53 Ciavattella, Jonathan (ITA) PRO Esercito +00: 06 00:22:18
    7 44 Seear, James (AUS) PRO Red Dog +00: 08 00:22: 20
    8 50 Scheltinga, Evert (NED) PRO Team4Talent +00: 08 00:22:20
    9 17 Wild, Ruedi (SUI) PRO +00: 09 00:22:21
    10 10 Appleton, Sam (AUS) PRO +00: 10 00:22:22
    11 35 Casadei, Alberto (ITA) PRO Fiamme Oro +00: 11 00:22:23
    12 16 Frommhold, Nils (GER) PRO Triathlon Potsdam +00: 12 00:22:24
    13 2 Don, Tim (GBR) PRO Team Bravo +00: 14 00:22:26
    14 38 Van Berkel, Jan (SUI) per pulse triathlon... +00: 15 00:22:27
    15 20 Collington, Kevin (USA) PRO +00: 16 00:22:28
    16 27 Collins, Ben (USA) PRO +00: 24 00:22:36
    17 56 Costes, Antony (FRA) PRO Triathlon Toulous... +00: 27 00:22:39
    18 ​​12 Bozzone, Terenzo (NZL) PRO North Harbour tri... +00: 28 00:22:40
    Frodeno and Raelert in top positionBöcherer is the first out of the water - at the same time with Gomez.
    Lauren Brandon is leading the women at 1600 meters. #IM703WC
    Top 5 Men Bike Start: 1 1 Gomez, Javier (ESP) PRO Cuidade De Lugo ... F +00: 00 00:24:16 2 4 Frodeno, Jan (GER) PRO LAZ Saarbruecken +00: 01 00:24: 17 3 2 Don, Tim (GBR) PRO Team Bravo +00: 05 00:24:21 4 44 Seear, James (AUS) PRO Red Dog +00: 07 00:24:23 5 5 Raelert, Michael (GER) PRO TriZack +00: 09 00:24:25

    Top 6 Women Swim Exit:

    1 137 Brandon, Lauren (USA) PRO +00: 00 00:22:53
    2106 Vodickova, Radka (CZE) PRO +00: 28 00:23:21
    3101 Ryf, Daniela (SWZ) PRO Bahrain Endurance ... +00: 53 00:23:46
    4104 Swallow, Jodie (GBR) PRO Bahrain Endurance ... +01: 07 00:24:00
    5107 Kaye, Alicia (USA) PRO +01: 10 00:24:03
    6132 Lisk, Ricarda (GER) PRO VfL Waiblingen +01: 10 00:24:03
    The USA's Lauren Brandon led the charge for the women with a 22:53 swim split! #IM703WC
    Andi Boecherer leads the charge out of T1, with Frodeno, Don, Gomez, Appleton, Frommhold and Raelert right there with him. #IM703WC
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