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IRONMAN 70.3 European Championship Wiesbaden

    Welcome to the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe IRONMAN European championship Wiesbaden! We will have the ninth edition of the event in Wiesbaden on Sunday. The Night Run powered by Energizer will start the large schedule of sports events tonight. More than 1000 athletes participate in tonight's 5 km run in Wiesbaden. The Energizer Night Run will start at 21.30 local time - join the run!
    The press conference was some of a show-opener today in Wiesbaden. 2012 IRONMAN 70.3 European champion Anja Beranek, 2013 IRONMAN European champion Camilla Pedersen, 2014's third-placed Maurice Clavel, IRONMAN France champ Boris Stein and local hero Matthias Knossalla were guests in the talk with IRONMAN CEO for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Thomas Dieckhoff, IRONMAN Germany Managing Director Björn Steinmetz and Daniela Gramlich, Director for Press at the Nassauische Sparkasse. IRONMAN announcer Till Schenk had a nice chat with the athletes and the team behind the huge event. More than 2000 athletes will make this race a great one on Sunday. IRONMAN CEO Thomas Dieckhoff, IRONMAN Managing Director Björn Steinmetz and Daniela Gramlich of the great partner Nassauische Sparkasse said huge thanks to the outstanding support of the volunteer team not only on Sunday. "This race is a special event for IRONMAN, for the region of Wiesbaden and for Triathlon in general", said Thomas Dieckhoff.

    IRONMAN announcer Till Schenk chats with IRONMAN CEO Europe, Middle East and Africa Thomas Dieckhoff (right) and IRONMAN Managing Director Germany Björn Steinmetz (middle)

    Pro talk in Wiesbaden: Anja Beranek, Camilla Pedersen, Matthias Knossalla, Maurice Clavel and Boris Stein (from left) look forward to race here on Sunday - and to listen to the voice of IRONMAN announcer Till Schenk (left)

    Funny boys at the press conference - for sure racing fast this Sunday

    Press talk in Wiesbaden at the IRONMAN 70.3 European championship partner Nassauische Sparkasse

    Pro Startlist Men:

    1 Nicholls Ritchie MALE GBR (Great Britain)
    2 Degasperi Alessandro MALE ITA (Italy)
    3 Cunningham Richie MALE AUS (Australia)
    4 Stein Boris MALE GER (Germany)
    5 Bosch Thomas MALE GER (Germany)
    6 Casadei Alberto MALE ITA (Italy)
    7 Claerebout David MALE LUX (Luxembourg)
    9 Collington Kevin MALE USA (United States)
    12 Funk Christian MALE GER (Germany)
    13 Gambles Joe MALE AUS (Australia)
    14 Goetstouwers Stenn MALE BEL (Belgium)
    16 Heemeryck Pieter MALE BEL (Belgium)
    17 Helbo Beck Andreas MALE DNK (Denmark)
    19 Knossalla Matthias MALE GER (Germany)
    20 Kriat Maxim MALE RUS (Russian Federation)
    21 Krutina Roman MALE CZE ( Czech Republic)
    23 Le Guellec Ludovic MALE FRA (France)
    24 Martin Charles MALE FRA (France)
    25 Molins Albert MALE ESP (Spain)
    26 Mueller Urs MALE SUI (Switzerland)
    27 Nadal Clar Joan MALE ESP (Spain)
    28 Nagel Mathias MALE GER (Germany)
    29 Radevic Mario MALE GER (Germany)
    30 Schneider Robin MALE GER (Germany)
    31 Sullivan Sean MALE USA (United States)
    32 Thissen Andreas MALE GER (Germany)
    33 Vandendriessche Kenneth MALE BEL (Belgium)
    34 Veith Sebastian MALE GER (Germany)
    35 Verhaegen Hendrik-Jan MALE BEL (Belgium)
    36 Verstraete Maxime MALE BEL (Belgium)
    37 Volejnik Michal MALE CZE ( Czech Republic)
    38 Wielinga Remmert MALE NLD (Netherlands)
    39 Wild Ruedi MALE CHE (Switzerland)
    40 Costes Antony MALE FRA (France)
    41 Hoerper Christian MALE GER (Germany)
    42 Ciavattella Jonathan MALE ITA (Italy)
    43 Raelert Andreas MALE GER (Germany)
    44 Van Cleven Michael MALE BEL (Belgium)
    45 Guhr Sebastian MALE GER (Germany)
    46 Kramer Christian MALE GER (Germany)
    47 Kleinl Martin MALE AUT (Austria)
    48 Elliot Lewis MALE USA (United States)
    49 Angel Fidalgo Miguel MALE ESP (Spain)
    50 Scheltinga Evert MALE NLD (Netherlands)
    78 Belaubre Frederic MALE FRA (France)
    79 Kueng Manuel MALE SUI (Switzerland)
    80 Wurm Gabriel MALE AUT (Austria)
    81 Clavel Maurice MALE GER (Germany)
    82 Dreitz Andreas MALE DEU (Germany)
    83 Schifferle Mike MALE CHE (Switzerland)
    85 Robertson Peter MALE AUS (Australia)
    86 Kahlefeldt Brad MALE AUS (Australia)
    87 Dekker Martijn MALE NLD (Netherlands)
    89 Jais Christian MALE GER (Germany)
    90 Giglmayr Andreas MALE AUT (Austria)
    93 Reichel Horst MALE GER (Germany)
    94 Parienko Artem MALE RUS (Russian Federation)
    95 Schuster Paul MALE GER (Germany)
    97 Matula Martin MALE CZE ( Czech Republic)
    99 Seifert Florian MALE GER (Germany)
    Pro Startlist women:

    52 Vesterby Michelle FEMALE DNK (Denmark)
    53 Beranek Anja FEMALE GER (Germany)
    57 Donat Camille FEMALE FRA (France)
    58 Lisk Ricarda FEMALE GER (Germany)
    59 Mullan Eimear FEMALE IRL (Ireland)
    60 Noguera Anna FEMALE ESP (Spain)
    61 Piorun Ania FEMALE POL (Poland)
    62 Tondeur Alexandra FEMALE BEL (Belgium)
    63 Pedersen Camilla FEMALE DNK (Denmark)
    64 Gajer Julia FEMALE GER (Germany)
    65 Frades Gurutze FEMALE ESP (Spain)
    66 Vodickova Radka FEMALE CZE ( Czech Republic)
    67 Stienen Astrid FEMALE DEU (Germany)
    68 Kuhn Nina FEMALE GER (Germany)
    70 Schmitt Natascha FEMALE GER (Germany)
    71 Moeller Kristin FEMALE GER (Germany)
    72 Lundstrom Asa FEMALE SWE (Sweden)
    74 Casey Deirdre FEMALE IRL (Ireland)
    75 Schaerer Celine FEMALE CHE (Switzerland)
    76 Livesey Caroline FEMALE GBR (Great Britain)
    77 Morel Charlotte FEMALE FRA (France)
    The Energizer Night Run is not only a show opener at the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe IRONMAN 70.3 European championship weekend. More than 1000 athletes started into the 5 km run tonight in Wiesbaden. It was a great run at the end of a very hot day.

    Pre start atmosphere at the Energizer Night Run in Wiesbaden

    Make ready for some Energy on the run course!

    Energizer light attack tonight in Wiesbaden!

    Energizer Night Run atmosphere at the finish line in Wiesbaden

    The Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe IRONMAN 70.3 European championship starts on Sunday at 8 am with men's pro race. Stay tuned.

    Making ready for a great race day - finish line area at the Kurhaus in Wiesbaden. The Energizer Night Run has been a great pre race day event.

    Welcome to the IRONMAN Expo in Wiesbaden - it's a hot race weekend including some hot deals at the Expo

    Athlete chat at the registration in Wiesbaden

    Final technical preparations

    Where are you? More than 2000 athletes are in the start list for tomorrow's race

    IRONKIDS are in town - the next generation is ready to go

    IRONKIDS are on their way

    Get on your bike and let it go, IRONKIDS

    IRONMAN Managing Director Germany, Björn Steinmetz, watches the fastest IRONKIDS athlete on the way to the finish line

    Well deserved, IRONKIDS!!!

    IRONKIDS racing is a great part of IRONMAN

    Proud champs at the IRONKIDS race in Wiesbaden

    Energizer Night Run has been a huge success at the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe IRONMAN European championship weekend

    Selfie time in Wiesbaden

    Transition is filled and ready for race day at the Waldsee Raunheim

    The bike park at the Waldsee Raunheim

    Ready to embark on one of the hardest bike courses in the IRONMAN 70.3 series

    Good night and good luck to all athletes. Have a great one tomorrow at the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe IRONMAN European championship! The pro race starts at 8 am - the coverage will start at 7.45 am.
    Good morning an welcome at Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe IRONMAN European championship
    Calm morning in Wiesbaden and at the Waldsee Raunheim, 20 minutes to the start of men's pro race. At 8 we have men's start, a 8.02 there will be the women and at 8.10 there is the start of the age group race as a rolling start.
    There will be a non wetsuit swim for the pro athletes and a wetsuit swim for the age group athletes today
    10 minutes to go for the pro athletes

    Richie Cunningham making ready this morning at the Waldsee Raunheim

    Michelle Vesterby and Camilla Pedersen are in a good mood - and should be very strong on this course

    Quarq team is ready for a fast day - we have the GPS tracker today in the pro race thanks to these nice guys

    3 minutes
    And the boys are off - pro men ave started their race!
    Pro women are in the water!

    The atmosphere at the Waldsee this morning

    Beautiful morning here in Raunheim

    Pro men start

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