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IRONMAN 70.3 Busselton


    World Champion Triathlete, Terenzo Bozzone added to the Professional start list for the SunSmart IRONMAN 70.3 Busselton, Saturday 2nd May 2015. Read more

    Berkel, Bevilaqua Top Seeds for Busso

    A group of quality triathletes are venturing across Australia for the IRONMAN 70.3 Busselton at the weekend.

    In-form Tim Berkel and hometown favourite Kate Bevilaqua head a strong line-up for Saturday’s IRONMAN 70.3 Busselton in Western Australia.

    Berkel enters the race as the top seed in the men’s field following his outstanding runner-up performance at the 2015 IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship in Melbourne hand is top-10 effort at the IRONMAN World Championship last year.

    The New South Welshman faces a powerful field including former IRONMAN 70.3 world champion Terenzo Bozzone (NZL), 2014 champion Brad Kahlefeldt, young Aussie prospect Sam Appleton and internationals from France and the Seychelles.

    Bozzone, the 2008 world champion, was again on the podium at the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship two years ago and is the winner of 37 international titles. He returns after finishing runner-up behind Cameron Brown at IRONMAN New Zealand.

    Kahlefeldt has a remarkable record at this distance. The double Olympian won the race at Busselton in 2013 to go with victories at Cairns and Putrajaya along with podiums last year at St Croix and Geelong.

    Appleton is one of the real rising starts of the sport, with podium performances at Mandurah, Cairns and Geelong – not to mention third place at Busselton last year.

    All the hometown support will be for the defending women’s champion Bevilaqua who warmed up with a win in a local race last weekend. She will need a strong swim to then take advantage of her power on the bike and run.

    Blatchford will take some beating, coming back from her victory in Geelong on top of her second placing in Busselton last year, third place at IRONMAN Western Australia on much the same course and victory in IRONMAN Cairns.

    If Czech athlete Radka Vodickova makes it to the start line, everyone will need to watch out for the star performer who had wins at St Croix and Putrjaya over the distance last year on top of sixth place at the world championship.

    IRONMAN 70.3 Busselton has attracted over 3000 athletes in individuals and teams, with the race starting at 7am and the winner expected around 10:45am local time.

    Busy day for the pros at #IM703Busso - press conference, chat with the pros & pro athlete briefing this arvo!
    We're chatting with the pros at #im703busso and getting great tips on how to stay calm in the swim and focused on the bike. Great insights from @terenzo1 @liz_blatchford @katebevilaqua @timberkel @blue70guy and @DuffieldTwins (Katy)
    Stay tuned! We'll be bringing you live action from #im703busso with the Pro men kicking things off at 7am WST tomorrow!
    Multiple Ironman Champion, Gina Crawford, has been forced to withdraw from #im703busso the race due to illness.
    Start time for the Pro men is less than 1h 30m away.
    The men's field includes:
    Tim Van Berkel (@TimBerkel)
    Alex Reithmeier (@ReithmeierLive)
    Sam Appleton (@sam_appo)
    Guy Crawford (@blue70guy)
    Terenzo Bozzone (@terenzo1)
    Joshua Rix (@JoshRix)
    Matty White (@MattyWhite77)
    David Mainwaring (@mainy_tri)
    Simon Billeau (@SimBilleau)
    Giles Clayton (@clayterade)
    Derek Cross (@DerekCrossTri)
    Dylan Hill (@dyl_hill23)
    Stefan Kolm
    Leigh Stabryla (@leighstabryla)
    Ryan Waddington (@Waddington_R)
    James Cunnama (@JamesCunnama)
    Brad Kahlefeldt (@sticksy)
    The Pro women begin 2min after the men. The women's field includes:
    Kate Bevilaqua (@katebevilaqua)
    Katy Duffield (@DuffieldTwins)
    Michelle Duffield (@DuffieldTwins)
    Polly Mosley (@pollytri88)
    Liz Blatchford (@Liz_Blatchford)
    Felicity Sheedy-Ryan (@FlickSheedyRyan)
    Renee Baker (@Renee___Baker)
    Kym Coogan (@KymJaenke)
    Katey Gibb (@KateyGibb)
    Kate Pedley
    Anna Russell (@kawasaki_tri)

    The men are off at #im703busso

    The women are on their way at #im703busso

    Top 5 men out of the water:
    1 Guy Crawford 24:25
    2 Sam Appleton 24:30
    3 Giles Clayton 24:32
    4 Terenzo Bozzone 24:33
    5 Brad Kahlefeldt 24:34
    Huge lead to @Liz_Blatchford & @FlickSheedyRyan in the women's #im703busso race.
    1st on the bike in the men's @blue70guy @sam_appo @terenzo1
    Top 5 women coming out of the swim:
    1. Liz Blatchford 26:14
    2. Felicity Sheedy-Ryan 26:32
    3. Kate Bevilaqua 28:28
    4. Polly Mosley 28:37
    5. Katey Gibb 28:48
    After 22.5km on the bike at #im703busso our leaders are: @sam_appo @terenzo1 @sticksy with @blue70guy 1m30s back
    In the women's #im703busso @FlickSheedyRyan is leading, just ahead of @Liz_Blatchford. @KateyGibb @Renee___Baker & @katebevilaqua 2min back
    @terenzo1 and @sam_appo hit the bike turnaround first. No other Pros in sight #im703busso
    @sticksy 2m back from the leaders & @blue70guy another 2m back - both riding solo. Chase group includes @JamesCunnama @JoshRix @timberkel
    After 45km at #im703busso @FlickSheedyRyan is still leading with @Liz_Blatchford. Race time for the two leaders is 1:41:37 and 1:47:40
    In the women's #im703busso @FlickSheedyRyan and @Liz_Blatchford have hit the 67.5km mark - still holding off the chase pack.
    The women's chase group is losing time @kawasaki_tri is 2m40s back with @katebevilaqua @Renee___Baker & @KateyGibb
    @terenzo1 and @sam_appo have hit T2 @terenzo1 hit the run first #im703busso
    @blue70guy and @sticksy have hit T2 and head out onto the run together 4m back from the lead #im703busso
    @JamesCunnama @MattyWhite77 and @timberkel are onto the run with @JoshRix following #im703busso
    @KateyGibb is flying at #im703busso running away from @kawasaki_tri and @katebevilaqua and putting time into @Liz_Blatchford.
    @sam_appo and @terenzo1 have less than 3km to go at #im703busso - still together at 17.5km into the run.

    @sam_appo WINS #im703busso!

    @FlickSheedyRyan has hit the 17.5km mark of the run at #im703busso!
    @FlickSheedyRyan will win #im703busso, moments away from the finish line with @Liz_Blatchford 2m25s and @KateyGibb 2m54s back!
    #im703busso Pro Men Leader Board
    1. APPLETON, Sam 00:24:30 | 02:02:43 | 01:14:36 | 03:44:28
    2. BOZZONE, Terenzo 00:24:33 | 02:02:38 | 01:15:55 | 03:45:38
    3. CUNNAMA, James 00:25:45 | 02:08:13 | 01:11:07 | 03:47:40
    4. KAHLEFELDT, Brad 00:24:34 | 02:08:48 | 01:16:26 | 03:52:22
    5. WHITE, Matty 00:25:48 | 02:08:21 | 01:18:27 | 03:55:09
    6. REITHMEIER, Alex 00:25:47 | 02:10:42 | 01:15:52 | 03:55:15
    7. CRAWFORD, Guy 00:24:25 | 02:08:51 | 01:20:03 | 03:55:58
    8. MAINWARING, David 00:26:36 | 02:12:19 | 01:17:00 | 03:58:46
    9. RIX, Joshua 00:25:43 | 02:08:59 | 01:22:41 | 04:00:22
    #im703busso Pro Women Leader Board
    1. SHEEDY-RYAN, Felicity 00:26:32 | 02:25:37 | 01:21:10 | 04:16:18
    2. BLATCHFORD, Liz 00:26:14 | 02:25:18 | 01:23:33 | 04:18:40
    3. GIBB, Katey 00:28:48 | 02:26:31 | 01:20:52 | 04:19:18
    4. BEVILAQUA, Kate 00:28:28 | 02:26:56 | 01:26:13 | 04:24:38
    5. PEDLEY, Kate 00:31:17 | 02:31:00 | 01:21:54 | 04:27:14
    6. DUFFIELD, Katherine 00:31:12 | 02:26:03 | 01:26:42 | 04:27:14
    7. RUSSELL, Anna 00:28:50 | 02:26:20 | 01:29:30 | 04:27:53
    8. DUFFIELD, Michelle 00:31:12 | 02:31:18 | 01:23:29 | 04:29:10
    9. BAKER, Renee 00:28:50 | 02:26:28 | 01:32:11 | 04:30:49
    10. MOSLEY, Polly 00:28:37 | 02:33:47 | 01:28:49 | 04:34:33
    11. COOGAN, Kym 00:28:50 | 02:33:31 | 01:29:26 | 04:35:06
    #im703busso Fastest Pro Swim @blue70guy 0:24:25, Fastest Pro Bike @terenzo1 2:02:38, Fastest Pro Run @JamesCunnama 1:11:07
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