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IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake

    Pro Men Start List

    3 Alexander Myles MPRO USA
    5 Baird Christopher MPRO USA
    4 Bowstead Mark MPRO NZL
    7 Butsko Keith MPRO USA
    21 Carvalho Fabio MPRO BRA
    24 De Elias Mario MPRO ARG
    23 Gerlach Thomas MPRO USA
    8 Giardini Davide MPRO USA
    14 Hinz Bailey MPRO USA
    22 Kosmicki Adam MPRO USA
    9 Leiferman Chris MPRO USA
    20 Levente Racz MPRO USA
    10 Metzler Justin MPRO USA
    1 Rapp Jordan MPRO USA
    11 Tigert Dan MPRO USA
    19 Umphenour Joe MPRO USA
    18 Wade Robert MPRO IRL
    Pro Women Start List

    12 Barnett Lauren WPRO USA
    2 Chura Haley WPRO USA
    13 Hering Jackie WPRO USA
    15 Lawrence Holly WPRO GBR
    16 Ritchie Tami WPRO USA
    25 Williamson Kelly WPRO USA
    #IM703BSL is less than an hour away from the race start. Stay tuned to watch the action unfold LIVE in West Texas.
    Leading the women's race and IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs is Holly Lawrence from the UK. Its a cool morning out here in West Texas, but it is sure to heat up. Time will tell if she can handle the heat!
    Update on the IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs women's race: Haley Chura is the leading lady at mile 7 with Jackie Hering - IMWI Champion - and Kelly Williamson on her wheels. Thus far the women's race is as predicted with our top females out front.
    While we wait for further updates from the IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs bike course - take a look at how the athletes journey will look like today with the course maps:
    New Zealand's Mark Bowstead has taken charge of the IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs bike course. He is leading the first pack of men with Fabio Carvalho and Justin Metzler hanging tight with him at mile 25.
    The second pack of men are 2 minutes behind the leaders past the turnaround mile marker. Joe Umphenour, Jordan Rapp, Chris Leiferman and Mario De Elias make up the pack. Jordan Rapp is the top seeded male today at Buffalo Springs and there is still plenty of time for him to make up as he rolls through the canyons, but Mark Bowstead is a veteran of this course and will be hungry for an overdue win.
    Haley Chura is flying out there today! She is just over 2 minutes behind the lead men on the bike. Last weekend she placed second at IRONMAN 70.3 Mont Tremblant in 4;15:33, and will be eager to take the win at Buffalo Springs today.
    Jordan Rapp might be making his move he has broken away from the second pack and leading Leiferman and Umphenor by 1 minute.
    Making up the second pack of women are Haley Chura and Lauren Barnett. They are reported to be at least 8 minutes off of our flying leading lady Holly Lawrence. West Texas seems to be agreeing with Lawrence as she picks up speed with every pedal.
    Bowstead still holds onto the lead after climbing the infamous spiral staircase and is looking strong past mile 40 of the bike course. Carvalho and Metzler remain close to his wheel.
    The lead pack of the men are holding a 2:13 gap ahead of the second group past the 45 mile mark of the Buffalo Springs course. There is just about 10 miles left off racing remaining on the bike course - stay tuned for T2 updates.

    Lauren Barnett and Jackie Hering have now taken second and third place over Haley Chura on the bike course of the women's race.

    Mark Bowstead has broken away from the lead pack and is now charging towards T2 with a 3 minute gap at mile 52.
    Just outside of T2 and Jordan Rapp has moved into second place 3 minutes behind Bowstead. IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs will come down to run speed on the new two lap half marathon course around the Buffalo Springs Lake.
    Mark Bowstead has just rolled into T2 with a 3-4 minute lead ahead of Jordan Rapp. This is Bowstead's race to lose!
    Holly Lawrence has entered onto the IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs run course with a 7 minute gap on second place Lauren Barnett.
    At the 3.1 mile mark Leiferman has moved into second place over Rapp and his trailing 5 minutes behind leader Bowstead. Before the race Rapp commented that this is one of his best races last year, but has fallen back into 5th after rolling into T2 in second place.

    Bowstead looking fit on the run, pacing at 5:30 minute miles as his passes the 5 mile mark of the run course. Leiferman has closed the gap by one minute, and now trails 4 minutes behind in second place.

    This just in! After a smashing bike and start to the run, UK pro athlete Holly Lawrence has dropped out of the race after completing 5k of the run.

    Mark Bowstead is closing in on his IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs victory. He is expected across the finish line in 10 minutes.

    Announcing the 2015 IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs Champion - Mark Bowstead! So well deserved and an extremely strong race. He maintained a 4-5 minute gap for the entirety of the run course and most of the bike. Congratulations Mark!

    Top 5 Male finishers of the 2015 IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs Lake:
    1. Mark Bowstead, NZL, 3:52:04
    2. Chris Leiferman, USA, 3:56:19
    3. Justin Metzler, USA, 4:01:34
    4. Christopher Baird, USA, 4:04:36
    5. Jordan Rapp, USA, 4:05:42

    Announcing your 2015 IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs female champion: Jackie Hering!

    Top 3 female 2015 IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs finishers:
    1. Jackie Hering, USA, 4:17:44
    2. Lauren, Barnett, USA, 4:18:35
    3. Kelly Williamson, USA, 4:23:57

    IRONMAN 70.3 Buffalo Springs doubles as the Hand Cycle National Championship, offering 3 slots to the IRONMAN World Championship. Currently leading the championship race is CARLOS MOLEDA - on the second loop of the 2 loop run course.

    Carlos Modela is expected across the finish line in any minute! An early congrats to our Handcycle Champion!

    The National IRONMAN 70.3 Hand Cycle Champion is Carlos Moleda in a time of 5:15:37 - congratulations Carlos you are going to Kona!

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