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IRONMAN 70.3 Budapest

    Pro men start list:
    2 Terenzo Bozzone NZL
    3 Michael Weiss AUT
    4 Horst Reichel GER
    5 Daniel Fontana ITA
    6 Balazs Csoke HUN
    7 Maxim Kriat RUS
    8 Miquel Tinto ESP
    9 Guillaume Dorée FRA
    10 Gyula Kis HUN
    11 Matteo Fontana ITA
    12 Georg Swoboda AUT
    13 Christian Birngruber AUT
    14 Anthony Meager GBR
    15 Rod De Kanel FRA
    16 Lewis Elliot USA
    17 Martin Kleinl AUT
    18 David Breuer GER
    19 Alexander Schilling GER
    20 Levente Rácz HUN
    21 Matthew Smith CZE
    22 Gergő Badar HUN
    23 Péter Szilágyi HUN
    24 Christian Funk GER
    25 Sebastian Bleisteiner GER
    26 Gilian Oriet SUI
    27 Roman Thuerauer AUT
    28 Sebastian Guhr GER
    29 Martin Matula CZE
    30 Michal Volejník CZE
    31 Stephen Thompson IRL
    32 Le Guellec Ludovic FRA
    33 Roman Krivosheev RUS
    34 Ivan Jezko SVK
    35 Dávid Hankó HUN
    36 Boris Stein GER
    37 Alberto Casadei ITA
    38 Fraser Cartmell GBR
    40 Alessandro Degasperi ITA
    41 Gabriel Wurm AUT
    42 Marek Nemcik SVK
    43 Matt Trautman RSA
    44 Jeremy JURKIEWICZ FRA
    Pro women start list:
    71 Erika Csomor HUN
    72 Eimear Mullan IRL
    73 Diana Riesler GER
    74 Milli Polak AUT
    75 Alexandra Tondeur BEL
    76 Lisi Gruber AUT
    77 Anna Kusch GER
    79 Svetlana Blazevic SRB
    80 Michaela Renner-Schneck GER
    81 Caitlin Snow USA
    82 Camilla Lindholm Borg SWE
    83 Alena Stevens SVK
    84 Nicole Klingler LIE
    85 Jana Candrova CZE
    86 Mette Moe NOR
    87 Eleanor Haresign GBR
    88 Astrid Stienen GER
    89 Vanessa Raw GBR
    Welcome to the 2nd edition of the IRONMAN 70.3 Budapest! #IM703Budapest
    The race will start in 25 minutes, at 9a.m. with the male pro wave. 2 minutes later the female pros go into the race. #IM703Budapest
    9.00 a.m.and the race has started! The pro men went into the water in the Kopaszi bay. #IM703Budapest
    Another 2 minutes later the race has started for the women too. 1.9 km to be swum in the river Danube. #IM703Budapest
    There are some big names amongst the male pros. 70.3 specialist Terenzo Bozzone from New Zealand is one of the top favourites. #IM703Budapest
    Bozzone won 17 (!) IRONMAN 70.3 races already and is the 70.3 world champ 2008. #IM703Budapest
    All women started their race now. #IM703Budapest
    The start is held in 10 starting waves. The last one will take off at 10:40 a.m. with relays. #IM703Budapest

    The 1.9 km are a one lap swim course in the protected Kopaszi bay of the river Danube, at the Buda (west) side of the river. #IM703Budapest

    One of Bozzone's competitors is definitely the Austrian Michi Weiss who is massive on the bike and will fight for a podium place today. #IM703Budapest
    Local hero Balazs Csoke is first out of the water in 00:23:44 #IM703Budapest
    After him comes Alberto Casadei (ITA) in 00:23:49. He finished the race 2nd last year. #IM703Budapest
    Vanessa Raw (GBR) is the first woman out of the water in 00:27:11. #IM703Budapest
    Second woman is Judith Vaquera (ESP) in 00:27:31. #IM703Budapest
    Here are the top 10 men in T1 at #IM703Budapest:
    1 Balazs Csoke HUN 25:20:00 -
    2 Alberto Casadei ITA 25:28:00 +0:08
    3 Dávid Hankó HUN 25:37:00 +0:17
    4 David Breuer GER 25:48:00 +0:28
    5 Terenzo Bozzone NZL 25:48:00 +0:28
    6 Rod De Kanel FRA 25:53:00 +0:33
    7 Maxim Kriat RUS 27:28:00 +2:09
    8 Guillaume Dorée FRA 27:30:00 +2:10
    9 Gyula Kis HUN 27:38:00 +2:19
    10 Sebastian Bleisteiner GER 27:46:00 +2:26
    Here are the top 5 women #IM703Budapest:
    1 Vanessa Raw GBR 29:08:00 -
    2 JUDITH VAQUERA ESP 29:16:00 +0:09
    3 Anna Kusch GER 31:17:00 +2:09
    4 Milli Polak AUT 31:24:00 +2:16
    5 Alena Stevens SVK 31:26:00 +2:19
    Right now the age group M30-35 starts its race. #IM703Budapest
    Terenzo Bozzone is already 1st on the bike. #IM703Budapest
    28 seconds after him comes Casadei. Third is David Breuer (GER). #IM703Budapest
    Csoke is on 4th place, followed by his country man Dávid Hankó. #IM703Budapest
    Judith Vaquera is the leading woman on the bike #IM703Budapest
    She changed position with Vanessa Raw who comes 48 seconds after her. #IM703Budapest

    The bike course is a two loop-course that leads through the most spectacular sites of Budapest. #IM703Budapest

    Third woman is Alena Stevens (SVK) - but there's already a gap of 1:33 between her and Raw. #IM703Budapest
    4th comes Milli Polak from Austria, Anna Kusch from Germany is 5th. There are quite some gaps amongst the leaders. #IM703Budapest
    The top 5 men look like that but due to it is a very fast race changes might appear quickly #IM703Budapest:
    1 Terenzo Bozzone NZL 40:07 -
    2 Alberto Casadei ITA 40:34 +0:28
    3 David Breuer GER 41:01 +0:55
    4 Balazs Csoke HUN 41:03 +0:57
    5 Dávid Hankó HUN 41:51 +1:45
    The top 5 women on the bike #IM703Budapest:
    1 JUDITH VAQUERA ESP 46:13 -
    2 Vanessa Raw GBR 47:00 +0:48
    3 Alena Stevens SVK 48:33 +2:21
    4 Milli Polak AUT 48:55 +2:43
    5 Anna Kusch GER 49:32 +3:20
    The bike course heads north along the Buda (west) side of the Danube from the Kopaszi bay area to Óbudai Island and back. #IM703Budapest
    The course is mostly flat. The only climb is at km 16 where it leads up to the Buda Castle. #IM703Budapest
    After crossing the Chain Bridge, the course continues on the Pest (east) side of the river to the north where the track leads back south by the riverside until the southern U-turn. #IM703Budapest
    The Chain Bridge is crossed once again, then the course turns south following the river. Passing the Kopaszi bay area, the track reaches its southmost point where the second loop takes off. #IM703Budapest
    Bozzone is still in the lead! #IM703Budapest
    Breuer comes 1:38 after him. #IM703budapest
    Breuer and Casadei are riding together. Csoke follows very clsoe behind. #IM703Budapest
    So Bozzone increased the gap between him and the chasing group of three that are riding very close together. #IM703Budapest
    Hankó comes 2 minutes later followed by Michi Weiss. #IM703Budapest
    The top 10 men on the bike #IM703Budapest:
    1 Terenzo Bozzone NZL 1:08:51 -
    2 David Breuer GER 1:10:28 +1:38
    3 Alberto Casadei ITA 1:10:28 +1:38
    4 Balazs Csoke HUN 1:10:30 +1:40
    5 Dávid Hankó HUN 1:12:29 +3:39
    6 Michael Weiss AUT 1:13:06 +4:16
    7 Rod De Kanel FRA 1:13:18 +4:28
    8 Maxim Kriat RUS 1:13:29 +4:39
    9 Sebastian Bleisteiner GER 1:13:48 +4:58
    10 Guillaume Dorée FRA 1:13:51 +5:01
    The women's filed is still lead by Vaquera, Raw still 2nd - but 1:49 behind. #IM703Budapest
    Alena Stevens follows 0:51 later. #IM703Budapest
    The 8th starting wave M40-44 just went into the race. Another 2 to go. #IM703Budapest
    Bozzone keeps leading the race. He heads towards lap 2 on the bike course already. #IM703Budapest
    Breuer is already 2:33 behind him. The New Zealand athlete starts to ride a lonely race along the Danube. #IM703Budapest
    Breuer, Casadei and Csoke still ride very close together. #IM703Budapest
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