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IRONMAN70.3 Vineman

    And here comes Tim Reed into transition.

    And into transition is Tim Don just as Tom Reed heads out on the run.

    Tim Reed out of T2 in first place, by a goodly margin.

    Unfortunately Don has a four minute penalty. He sits there while Matthews, Matty Reed and Millward arrive into T2 and head out on the run.
    Rapp and Thomas into T2 together.

    Matt Reed in second.

    On Chalk Hill, Kesdler continues to grow her lead. She is currenly 2:55 ahead of McBride and Carvallo.

    Tim Dorn out of the penalty box

    Another 15 seconds back is Hauschildt, followed closly by Lidbury.
    Luke Bell has arrived into T2 in 8th place and is heading out on the run.

    Meredith Kessler first into the winery with a huge lead


    In the womens race, Kessler continues to lead with three minutes over Mel Hauschildt. Rachel McBride is another minute back and McQuaid is 10 seconds behind. McBride
    By the way, weatherwise this is best Vineman I've ever seen. High 60s, clear blue sky, mild breeze... Splendid day for racing!
    Our leader, Tim Reed, is at mile 12.
    Tim Don at 2:44 at mile 12 and Millward is 3:51
    Deepest apologies for some bad information on racer names. Am being tripped up by texting "friends" out on the course who are guessing.

    Our winner, Tim Reed!!

    Our women's leader at mile 10.

    Our top six men: Tim Reed, Tim Don, callum Millward, Paul Matthews, Matty Reed and Jesse Thomas.
    At mile 10, the gap to 2nd place, Hauschildt, the gap is 3:06.
    McBride still in third at mile 10, 4:45 down from our leader.
    Our age groupers are starting to stream onto the run course and it's starting to warm up here in Windsor!
    Kessler is at mile 12 and we should see her at the finish line in the next few minutes. Hauschildt is in 2nd at 2:34.
    Looks like Kessler will have that three-peat today!
    Our 2014 IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman, Meredith Kessler!!
    And coming in second place is Mel Hauschildt.
    And a tremendous race by Rachel McBride to come in third!

    Your champ, Tim Reed

    Meredith Kessler. Haven't seen a margin of victory like this since Mike Tyson took on Mother Teresa.

    "Yeah, whatever. When do I eat?"

    Props from her many fans

    Don't touch that dial. Plenty of age group action to come.
    Rounding out our top five are Melanie McQuaid and Emma-Kate Lidbury.




    Got to get the bride in at least one or two shots.

    Don't ask, don't tell.

    Top 5 Pro Men

    1 Tim Reed AUS 3:47:43
    2 Tim Don GBR 3:50:55
    3 Callum Millward NZL 3:51:44
    4 Paul Matthews AUS 3:53:18
    5 Matty Reed NZL 3:54:58
    Top 5 Pro Women

    1 Meredith Kessler USA 4:11:43
    2 Mel Hauschildt AUS 4:14:13
    3 Rachel McBride CAN 4:17:23
    4 Melanie McQuaid CAN 4:21:02
    5 Emma Kate Lidbury GBR 4:21:49
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