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Ford Ironman World Championship

  • Our women's 40-44 world champion is Beate Goertz, who did her first Ironman in Austria earlier this year, where she finished third overall today.
  • We believe that Tatiana Vertiz just won the 18-24 women's age group here today. We just saw her cross the line. Vertiz finished second by just one minute last year to Lindsay Wohlers.
  • The bike cut off is coming ... and the word is that one athlete is a mile away and might not make it.
  • The winner of the men's 60-64 category is in - check out the time for the man from France, Yves Tabarant! 1 279 Tabarant, Yves 61 Lourdes FRA FXX 1:16:20 3:29 5:19:18 3:41 3:25:29 10:08:15
  • Not sure if we covered this earlier - here's the splits for the women's 25-29 category's top 5: Women 25 - 29 Leaders

    Place Numb Lname Fname Age City Pro Cnt Rep Swim Tr1 Bike Tr2 Run Time
    ===== ==== ========================== === ============ === === === ========= ======= ======== ======= ======== =======
    1 1829 Collins, Louise 29 Nottingham GBR 1:03:53 3:28 5:46:10 2:35 3:11:12 10:07:16
    2 1866 Arendt, Jackie 26 Madison WI USA 1:00:12 3:06 5:34:28 4:19 3:34:45 10:16:47
    3 1832 Andrews, Kristin 29 Bethesda MD USA 1:12:06 3:39 5:27:24 4:46 3:33:46 10:21:38
    4 1869 Wohlers, Lindsay 25 Baldwinsvill NY USA 1:03:04 3:13 5:37:25 4:00 3:34:41 10:22:23
    5 1853 Fillnow, Kelly 27 Huntersville NC USA 1:15:40 3:33 5:33:41 3:44 3:27:55 10:24:31
  • The close battle in the women's 45-49 age group turned out to be as exciting as we anticipated - it was won by Lisbeth Kenyon. Here's the splits for the first two: 1 849 Kenyon, Lisbeth 45 Barrington RI USA 1:04:03 3:02 5:20:08 3:07 3:31:11 10:01:30
    2 811 Kay-Ness, Donna 47 Somers CT USA 1:07:07 3:30 5:23:13 2:35 3:32:43 10:09:06
  • How'd you like to try and compete in the men's 45-49 age group? 10 minutes separated the first five: 1 739 Aja, Fernando 45 Castanedo ESP 1:07:05 2:50 5:05:28 7:12 2:55:48 9:18:21
    2 754 Haidenek, Peter 45 Velden am Wo AUT 1:04:16 3:46 4:56:16 3:17 3:17:15 9:24:48
    3 637 Lavoie, Pierre 47 La Baie QC CAN 1:01:25 3:12 4:58:05 3:18 3:20:05 9:26:03
    4 768 Kitazato, Nobuo 45 Nogata-Shi JPN 59:58 3:15 5:20:50 3:13 3:00:34 9:27:48
    5 697 Boyce, Albert 46 Stockton CA USA 54:47 3:07 5:12:55 2:50 3:14:34 9:28:12
  • If that was close, how about 35 - 39 for the men, in which just six minutes separated the first five! 1 1329 Angus, Damien 36 Brighton VIC AUS 59:33 3:55 4:47:30 2:42 3:10:36 9:04:14
    2 1358 Houzelle, Fabrice 36 Montlucon FRA 1:05:39 3:42 4:52:41 2:31 3:01:00 9:05:31
    3 1277 Jansen, Mark 37 Singapore SGP AUS 1:02:37 3:26 4:49:38 2:12 3:08:06 9:05:58
    4 1320 Hola, Tim 36 Highlands Ra CO USA 54:36 2:36 5:01:12 3:25 3:04:16 9:06:03
    5 1226 Schuster, Patrick 38 Arlington TX USA 1:05:49 2:23 4:52:10 4:55 3:05:25 9:10:40
  • Getting chills thinking my girl @Loucious is getting close to the finish line....7 more miles to go.. #imkona
  • RT @MilitaryCycling: Congrats to all military finishers! @jim_gourley: In #IMKONA 's military division, it's Army/AF/Navy for the men, AF/CG/Navy for the women!
  • Inspired by watching the age groupers cross the line at #IMKONA
  • Watching age groupers roll in. These people have full-time jobs, kids, & are training/racing ironman. They kick ass! #IMKONA
  • So, what are you dying from that won't allow you to try? #IMKona

  • Loving the #IMKona finisher and in race pics. Ticked I stopped out of training for #IMCozumel. Inspiration for 2011.
  • Congratulations to all Ironman 2010 competitors and finishers. You've inspired many, including myself! #imkona
  • How fast was this day? There were 458 competitors under 10 hours! That's roughly a quarter of the field.
  • The women's 65-69 update ... Gruenfeld retakes the lead! She's the defending champion in that age group and has managed to get past Natalie Grabow out on the marathon course.
  • Sweet! Go Gators! RT @JessiStensland Here's one for you Gator fans. Representing: #IMKona

  • The Kiwi Report from Ian Hepenstall: Tough day for kiwis at Ironman World Championships
    It was a tough day in the office for the New Zealand athletes in a super-hot, super-fast race at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii today.
    The New Zealanders were all out of the top 10 with Australia’s Chris MacCormack winning the men’s race for his second time while compatriot Mirinda Carfrae took out the women’s honours when overwhelming favourite Chrissie Wellington withdrew with illness just before the race.
    The kiwis were unable to match the blazing pace and the blazing conditions with Cameron Brown the best of them in 17th place in a solid performance where the top 10 men all went under the 8hr 30min. Terenzo Bozzone finished close behind in 20th place in 8:38.23.
    The kiwi pair had a hand in the win though as training partners with MacCormack over the recent weeks.
    It was a tough time for the women too with Jo Lawn finishing out of the top 10 for the first time in several years, coming home in 20th place in 9:43.08 while Gina Crawford did not finish.
    “I am feeling a little sorry for myself. I swum well and rode ok, coming in with the big bunch along with Craig Alexander, the defending champion,” Brown said.
    “But I had problems on the run. I got some pain in my foot and I am clearly done something and had to stop a few times to stretch it out but it just got worse. It was a touch day and if you are not on top of your game here then you get found out in a cruel way along the Queen K Highway in this heat.”
    Brown said he is looking forward to a break before resetting his goals with a similar story for Bozzone, who was hoping to improve on his 11th placing last year.
    “I felt so great coming in. I thought I had done everything right. The swim went well and I was going okay on the bike until the last 50km when the wheels fell off.
    “At the 15km mark on the run the legs started to feel it and believe me that’s not the place you want to be struggling here in Kona.
    “I stuck it out and came right near the end. But it’s disappointing because everything had gone so well in the lead-up. I guess it’s back to the drawing board now.”
    Bozzone said he will take a break now and set himself for the Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman New Zealand, after confirming his entry earlier in the week.
    McCormack broke clear of Andreas Raelert (GER) after a great duel on the run to record the seventh-fastest time in history of 8:10:37 to give him his second triumph at Kona-Kailua after winning in 2007.
    Carfrae broke her own run record, clocking 2:53.32 for the marathon on her way to winning in 8:58:36, which was the fifth fastest time in history.
    She beat Swiss Caroline Steffen, who finished second behind Lawn at the Port of Tauranga Half Ironman earlier this year, by more than seven minutes.
    McCormack took the lead just after halfway through the run but was caught by Raelert with the pair running side-by-side for several kilometres towards the finish. The Australian surged at the final aid station down Pilani Hill to grab victory in what was the fourth fastest time in history.
    Marino Vanhoenacker (Belgium) was third less than three minutes behind McCormack.
  • I wish it was light, then I could run or go out on my bike.. #Imkona s left me inspired and even more determined
  • Unfortunately we won't have any finishers in our women's 70-74 category today - neither Mickie Shapiro or Bobbie Williams appear to have made the bike cut off today. We'll probably see them again here in Kona to give it another shot, though.
  • Clayton Treska, the amazing marine who only got out of hospital in August - he's still undergoing treatment for stage 4 testicular cancer - is running well through 10 miles, we've been told.
  • @LJ3000 #IMKona Clayton Treska rocks! Been following his story since he showed up an my TriClub meeting just prior to stem cell transplant
  • The story of my 31 yr old cousin with Stage IV cancer doing the Kona Ironman #IMKona, please RT. GO CLAYTON!
  • So far Clayton Treska 1:31:49 swim, 7:06:14 bike, and running 26.2miles! Keep kicking ass Clay!Wohoo @TEAMTRESKA ! #ironman #imkona
  • Getting late, but still VERY worth tuning in to #IMKona feed!!
  • You ROCK Rajesh Durbal! 3x amputee making it happen at Ironman!! #IMKona
  • the most inspiring moment of #IMKONA, or any #ironman for that matter, is watching the age groupers finish, not the pros...
  • Saw all but one of friends racing cross the finish line at #IMKona on live feed. Cograts Laura, Cathleen, Alaina, Kelly, Gerry and Michael
  • Loving the live finishline soundtrack at #IMKONA! #fb
  • Feels a bit guilty to be sitting down for dinner while there are still athletes out running along Ali'i Dr. #IMKona
  • Check out the winning time for the 65-69 men's category! 1 232 Winkler, Gotthard 66 Frechen GER 1:26:16 5:07 5:50:28 6:10 4:09:26 11:37:25
  • Sophiea dominates the 55-59 age category - impressive racing! 1 417 Sophiea, Laura 55 Atlanta GA USA 1:06:18 3:48 5:35:37 5:53 4:00:08 10:51:43
    2 419 Rouse, Kimberlee 55 San Diego CA USA 1:21:36 5:01 5:59:45 3:56 4:03:58 11:34:15
    3 414 Wilson, Rose 56 Greenville SC USA 1:04:55 5:40 5:49:02 3:57 4:34:49 11:38:22
    4 412 Welder, Laurelee 56 Kelowna BC CAN 1:25:06 5:05 6:08:10 5:10 3:57:10 11:40:39
    5 392 LeStrange, Missy 58 Visalia CA USA 1:11:37 3:35 6:06:04 5:17 4:14:18 11:40:49
  • 65-69? It finally goes to Cherie Gruenfeld. 1 Gruenfeld, Cherie 1/2/1 66/W65-69 01:21:02 06:47:28 04:59:01 13:16:32
    2 Grabow, Natalie 4/1/2 65/W65-69 01:34:46 06:23:28 05:13:10 13:24:10
  • Rajesh Durbal just came across the line. He was born with a congenital deformity of both lower legs and his right arm and had his legs amputated when he was just a year old. He's competed in sports almost his entire life, and did his first triathlon a last year. Today he finished the Ford Ironman World Championship - an incredible achievement!
  • Way to go Robbie Little! He just finished the Ford Ironman World Championship for the second time.
  • Andrew Eldridge, an amputee athlete competing here at the Ford Ironman World Championship, just came across the line - a sub-15 hour performance here in Kona!
  • Clayton Treska finishes! The amazing marine, who is still undergoing treatment for stage 4 testicular cancer, just came across the line. He only came out of the hospital in August. He was still in hospital, undergoing chemotherapy, when he finished Ironman 70.3 Hawaii. Earlier this week he told us he wanted to inspire other people with cancer. "You can't ever give up," he said. He didn't today - he's become an Ironman.
  • Lew Hollander finishes! The incredible 80-year-old just came across the line in under 16 hours. Think that story's going to make the NBC show? Unbelievable! His splits:

    1 15:48:40 180 Hollander, Lew 80 Bend OR USA 1:50:11 7:14:10 6:34:15
  • Harriet Anderson finishes again! So much for our report that she hadn't made the bike cut off! The 75-year-old finished this race last year despite a dislocated shoulder. Today it looks like she got through the race relatively unscathed, and with over 40 minutes to spare!

    Her splits: 1 16:20:30 190 Anderson, Harriet 75 San Carlos CA USA 1:48:25 7:34:53 6:39:00
  • The winner of the first Ironman, Gordon Haller, just finished the race. The 60-year-old will forever hold an important part in the history of both this race and Ironman racing.
  • 66-year-old Kathryn Curl was our last official finisher - the 66-year-old from Idaho Falls, Idaho, got to the line in 16:59:13. 247 Curl, Kathryn 66 Idaho Falls ID
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