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    Outside water start, the swim M-shaped swim course begins 1000 meters far from transition area, in front of Taiko Restaurant in Jurere Internacional.

    The first leg of 960 meters goes toward large buoy 1 (orange and red colors) and has to be circumvented from right to left (buoy on left shoulder). Then athletes swim a short leg of 250 meters to reach the small buoy 2 (orange cigar shape), which will also has to be on left shoulder. At this point athletes will swim towards the beach, on a 945 meters leg.

    Reaching the shore, in front of Donna restaurant, previous editions swim start area, athletes will cross the 70 meters u-turn through the sand, where there will be an aid station and a timing control, returning to the water. At this point (out of water), there will be a red ballon.

    Athletes will then begin another 775 meters leg into the large buoy 3 (orange and red colors) direction, and again, it has to be on left shoulder. Then athletes will swim a short leg of 150 meters to the reach the small buoy 4 (orange cigar shape), and towards the beach completing the last leg of 650 meters .

    Athletes will then follow a 40 meters stretch through to get the swim finish portico.

    In a 2 lap challenging course, athletes will ride through a breathtaking and windy course, surrounded by Florianopolis’ hundred beaches and important points.

    The run course encompasses a long lap and two small laps. Athletes will run through Jurere Internacional and Canasvieiras beach, two of the most visited ones in Florianopolis.

    The most difficult point is near km 4.8 and 11.2, where athletes go up the slope. On the top, the scenic view inspires all to achieve the finish line.

    Brazil's Ana Borba is lucky to be racing after a horrific bike vehle accident a number of years ago.

    Laruel Wassner (USA) looking at competing in her third full distance race tomorrow.

    Canuck Brent McMahon comes into the race as one of the favorites.

    Tim O'Donnell 2013 IRONMAN Brazil champion is glad to be back in Brazil.

    USA's Liz Lyles is ready back up her seventh place in Hawaii last year.

    2013 Ironman Brazil champion, Dr. Amanda Stevens is looking at returning to her winning ways here Florianopolis. She says she's fit, happy and eager to get to racing.

    There are 33 pro men and 16 pro women starting today.
    The pro women are now off here at the Ironman Latin American Championship in Brazil
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