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Thomas Cook IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca

    Welcome at the Thomas Cook IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca! The race on Saturday will be the fifth edition of this outstanding event on the Balearic Islands. It's a great place to race - that's for sure.
    We will have live coverage here and a livestream camera at the finish line. Tune in on Saturday, the pro race will start at 7.55 a.m. local time. First we will have the start of the men, 2 minutes later the pro women will head into the water. After that we will have 13 wave starts for the huge field of age group athletes in Alcudia.

    Make ready for Thomas Cook IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca: Paul Kaye welcomes 3500 athletes at the athlete briefing.

    Tomorrow's stars: Time for the IRONKIDS in Alcudia.

    Sensational women pro field: Make your choice - who is going to make it?

    And don't forget the boys: Men's pro field is huge. Who can make it?

    Start list Pro Men:

    1 Dreitz Andreas MPRO GER
    2 Raelert Michael MPRO GER
    3 Raña Ivan MPRO ESP
    4 Aigroz Mike MPRO SUI
    5 Plese David MPRO SLO
    7 Angel Fidalgo Miguel MPRO ESP
    8 Appleton Sam MPRO AUS
    9 Christensen Anders MPRO DEN
    10 Costes Antony MPRO FRA
    11 Depuiset Vincent MPRO FRA
    12 Helbo Beck Andreas MPRO DEN
    13 Hoermann Markus MPRO GER
    14 Hovda Allan MPRO NOR
    15 Hryhoryeu Mikita MPRO BEL
    16 Jouffret Sebastien MPRO FRA
    17 Kaiser Thomas MPRO GER
    19 Knossalla Matthias MPRO GER
    20 Kyllonen Teemu MPRO FIN
    21 Lassonde Cedric MPRO FRA
    22 Lopez Carlos MPRO ESP
    23 Mcnamee David MPRO GBR
    24 Michovsky Petr MPRO CZE
    25 Mika Tomas MPRO CZE
    26 Modic Matic MPRO SLO
    27 Müller Urs MPRO SUI
    28 Nadal Clar Joan MPRO ESP
    29 Nagel Mathias MPRO GER
    30 Nicholls Ritchie MPRO GBR
    31 Niederreiter Daniel MPRO AUT
    32 Nilsson Patrik MPRO SWE
    33 Ouilleres Gwenael MPRO FRA
    34 Rahn Fabian MPRO GER
    35 Ramali Pascal MPRO GER
    36 Risti Ivan MPRO ITA
    37 Thissen Andreas MPRO GER
    38 Verhaegen Hendrikjan MPRO BEL
    39 Watson Erik MPRO BAH
    40 Wijnalda Dirk MPRO NED
    42 Woestenborghs Rob MPRO BEL
    43 Zasypkin Valentin MPRO RUS
    44 Steen Olesen Allan MPRO DEN
    45 Lange Patrick MPRO GER
    46 Linden Andreas MPRO SWE
    47 Gambles Joe MPRO AUS
    48 Kriat Maxim MPRO UKR
    49 Louys Michael MPRO BEL
    50 Kueng Manuel MPRO CHE
    51 Nikitin Evgeniy MPRO RUS
    52 Sketako Denis MPRO SLO
    53 Schaffner Frederic MPRO FRA
    54 Ackermann Johann MPRO GER
    55 Oriet Gilian MPRO SUI
    56 Schilling Alexander MPRO GER
    57 Bischof Marcel MPRO GER
    58 Parienko Artem MPRO RUS
    59 Jais Christian MPRO GER
    60 Van Berkel Jan MPRO SUI
    Start list Pro Women:

    70 Ryf Daniela FPRO SUI
    71 Gajer Julia FPRO SUI
    72 Van Vlerken Yvonne FPRO NED
    74 Moeller Kristin FPRO GER
    76 Pettersen Moe Mette FPRO NOR
    77 Riesler Diana FPRO GER
    78 Walter Verena FPRO GER
    79 Lemeseva Maria FPRO RUS
    80 Deckers Tine FPRO BEL
    81 Gill Vicky FPRO GBR
    82 Graaf Emma FPRO SWE
    83 Grice Yvette FPRO GBR
    84 Jensen Anne FPRO DEN
    85 Kusch Anna FPRO GER
    86 Rutherford Georgie FPRO GBR
    87 Scheffler Franziska FPRO GER
    88 Schmitt Natascha FPRO GER
    89 Weerd Mirjam FPRO NED
    90 Adam Stefanie FPRO BEL
    91 Casiraghi Elena FPRO ITA
    94 Woysch Nicole FPRO GER
    95 Lehtonen Kaisa FPRO FIN
    96 Vesterby Michelle FPRO DEN
    It's going to be a tough day with heat, a lot of stunning views and a battle on the course. Thomas Cook IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca will be an epic race. Tune in tomorrow - we start with the coverage at 7.45 a.m. Good luck to all athletes!
    Good morning, Mallorca! Thomas Cook IRONMAN 70.3 Mallorca is only 15 minutes away! We wish all athletes a great day in swim, bike and run. The pro men will head into the water at 7.55, pro women start at 7.57. Good luck!

    Warm welcome...

    Last pre race selfie?

    Women's favorite: Daniela Ryf, 2014's runner-up in Kona.

    Great day ahead: Hundreds of volunteers will help to bring up a sensational race today. Thanks in advance!

    Make ready to race for a great partner.

    Last check.

    It's a great morning in Alcudia. 18 degrees Celsius and a fast race ahead. 5 minutes to the start!
    3 to go.
    Great perspective for all age group athletes: The pro athletes are ready to start - it's heating up as well for the huge age group field. One minute.
    And they are off!

    Let's have a look at the swim course in the Bay of Alcudia.

    What a pro field today in Alcudia: Defending champion Andreas Dreitz started into the race fit and with a lot of confidence, but he faces super strong opponents. In the race we have Ivan Rana (ESP), Michael Raelert (GER), Jan van Berkel (SUI), Manuel Küng (SUI), Mike Aigroz (SUI), David Plese (SLO), Joe Gambles (AUS), Ritchie Nicholls (GBR), MAxim Kriat (UKR) - and a lot more very fast guys.
    We don't have a good internet connection in the Tramuntana mountains, but we have some strong protagonists racing hard: Manuel Kueng is still in the lead, Andreas Dreitz about 400 meters behind through Km 60.
    Women's race: Daniela Ryf is consequently hitting the gas at the front. She is at Km 50. About 2 minutes behind we have Julia Gajer and a hammering Dutch behind her. Yvonne van Vlerken seems to make up ground on the strong German.
    Manuel Kueng is making his way to one of the beautiest villages in Mallorca. Muro is ahead - and he looks great.
    Flying Dutchwoman - that's a good call for Yvonne van Vlerken. She really hammered through the technical downhill section towards Caimari. Still in third, but eventually on the way.

    Pro women on the way into T1.

    Behind the first three men we have an interesting German duo: Johann Ackermann and Patrick Lange are making their way mor or less together on the bike.
    Manuel Kueng has passed the 70-k-mark. Still about 400 meters ahead of Andreas Dreitz.
    Through 60 km Yvonne van Vlerken has made up some more ground on Julia Gajer - she is 250 meters behind her. Still in the lead and looking stong and great: Daniela Ryf.
    To all Mallorca fans: Next village is Sa Pobla. To all result fans: We will have the next timing there...
    Andreas Dreitz said at the press conference that he fills ready to defend his title. At the moment it looks like it's on a good way for him. Manuel Kueng is a very strong athlete, but Dreitz seems to be the better runner.
    Seems to be time for the great move for Andreas Dreitz. We hear that made an attack for the lead.
    Andreas Dreitz is in the lead.
    Yvonne van Vlerken is about 100 meters behind Julia Gajer in third place.
    We had a wrong information - Andreas Dreitz has made his move way earlier in the race.
    Andreas Dreitz' lead seems to be really huge.
    6 minutes lead for Andreas Dreitz - the timing mats tell the truth.
    And Antony Costes brings a group of eight one minute behind Manuel Kueng through the timing point.
    Top 15 Pro Men Bike Km 78:

    1 1 Dreitz, Andreas (GER) PRO SV Bayreuth, Team... 02:19:05
    2 50 Kueng, Manuel (SUI) PRO Team Koach +06:00 02:25:05
    3 10 Costes, Antony (FRA) PRO Toulouse Triathlo... +07:06 02:26:11
    4 60 van Berkel, Jan (SUI) PRO Impuls Triathlon ... +07:08 02:26:13
    5 45 Lange, Patrick (GER) PRO Software AG Team ... +07:09 02:26:14
    6 23 Mcnamee, David (GBR) PRO +07:11 02:26:16
    7 44 Steen Olesen, Allan (DEN) PRO KTK86 +07:13 02:26:18
    8 58 Parienko, Artem (RUS) PRO RedLavaTeam +07:14 02:26:19
    9 32 Nilsson, Patrik (SWE) PRO triathlon +07:16 02:26:21
    10 22 Lopez, Carlos (ESP) PRO g.e. gomila +07:17 02:26:22
    11 3 Raña, Ivan (ESP) PRO BAHRAIN ENDURANCE... +09:15 02:28:20
    12 48 Kriat, Maxim (RUS) PRO +09:16 02:28:21
    13 7 Angel Fidalgo, Miguel (ESP) PRO +09:18 02:28:23
    14 5 Plese, David (BRN) PRO Bahrain Endurance... +10:39 02:29:44
    15 56 Schilling, Alexander (GER) PRO Triathlonfüchse O... +11:54 02:30:59
    Andreas Dreitz is on his way to Alcudia - make ready T2!
    He seems to be cycling in his own world - Andreas Dreitz is hammering towards T2.
    And he is off the bike. Andreas Dreitz had a sensational split of 2:10:15.
    Andreas Dreitz starts into the run. He came off the bike after 2:35:50 race time - let's talk about the race record. Andreas Raelert won in 2011 thanks to an outstanding performance in 3:49:49.

    Andreas Dreitz in T2: Looking strong, ready for his second win?

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