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Spec-Savers Ironman 70.3 South Africa

  • Marino Vanhoenacker out on run course first with a 6min 40 sec lead.
  • Ronnie Schildknecht now in 2nd followed by Passuello.
  • Vanhoenacker just passed Virgin Active.
  • Leading lady Jodie Swallow just out of transition.
  • Top 5 Males out on the run:
    1) Marino Vanhoenacker
    2) Ronnie Schildkneckt
    3) Domenico Passuello
    4) Kent Horner
    5) Mark Threlfall
  • Lucie Zelenkova through transition in 2nd for the ladies followed by Tine Deckers in 3rd.
  • Claire Horner now in 4th for the ladies and through transition.
  • Jodie Swallows just passed Virgin Active.
  • Top 5 ladies out on the run:
    1) Jodie Swallow
    2) Lucie Zelenkova
    3) Tine Deckers
    4) Claire Horner
    5) Natasha Gorrie
  • Vanhoenacker in 1st with a good 14min 40sec lead on Schildkneckt.
  • Swallows in 1st for the ladies with an excellent 13min 27sec lead on Zelenkova
  • Power house Marino Vanhoenacker just passed 16km mark. Nearing the finish line.
  • Jodie Swallow just passed 10km mark. Going strong and maintaining a fine lead.
  • Vanhoenacker with an excellent lead of 11min and 3sec.
  • Swallow leading by 12min 36sec followed by Zelenkova.
  • Tension is high as these finely tuned athletes near the final stretch of the race.
  • A magnificent finish from the super man, Marino Vanhoenacker. The Belgium crosses the finish line in 04:06:25 having completed a splendid race and having beaten a field of top athletes to reach this point. Well Done Marino!
  • An amazing finish for Ronnie Schildknecht coming in at 04:12:56 in 2nd place.
  • Jodie Swallow still in the lead for the females passed the 11km mark.
  • Domenico Passuello finishes in 3rd with a splendid time of 04:18:37.
  • Mark Threlfall comes in at 4th place.
  • Local heroe Kent Horner comes in at 5th place.
  • Joel Jameson of Great Brittain comes in at 6th place.
  • Jodie Swallow still in the lead for the ladies passing the 16km mark.
  • Edo Van Der Meer comes in at 7th place.
  • Super woman Jodie Swallow has crossed the finish line in first place for the ladies. She has competed extremely well to come out ahead of a group of athletes who all came here to win. Swallow maintained a superb lead throughout the 2nd and 3rd leg of the race. Well Done Jodie!
  • The amazing Lucie Zelenkova comes in 2nd for the ladies.
  • Tine Deckers comes in at 3rd place followed by Claire Horner in 4th for the ladies.
  • Top 10 Male winners:
    1) Marino Vanhoenacker 04:06:25
    2)Ronnie Schildknecht 04:12:56
    3) Domenico Passuello 04:18:37
    4)Mark Threlfall 04:19:46
    5)Kent Horner 04:21:34
    6)Joe Jameson 04:22:45
    7)Edo Van Der Meer 04:26:20
    8)Balazs Csoke 04:29:56
    9)Michael Davidson 04:32:21
    10)Freddy Lampret 04:33:42
  • Susie Hignett from Great Brittain comes in at 5th for the women followed by Natasha Gorrie in at 6th for the ladies.
  • Heleen Bij De Vaate is 7th for the ladies followed by Riana De Lange in at 8th.
  • Top 10 Female Winners:
    1)Jodie Swallow 04:39:01
    2)Lucie Zelenkova 04:43:56
    3)Tine Deckers 04:46:13
    4)Claire Horner 04:51:39
    5)Susie Hignitt 05:02:02
    6)Natasha Gorrie 05:02:37
    7)Heleen Bij De Vaate 05:13:04
    8)Riana De Lange 05:13:04
    9)Andrea Steyn 05:21:07
    10)Natasha Van Der Merwe 05:25:04
  • Well Done to South African power couple Kent and Claire Horner on an amazing race.
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