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Ironman Regensburg

  • Dirk Bockel celebrates his first Ironman title
    Race record in Regensburg - Michael Raelert shows a strong debut race - Heidi Sessner claims the victory
    Dirk Bockel has won the third edition of the Ironman Regensburg in 8:11:59 hours. The 35-year old from Luxembourg celebrated his first Ironman victory, a personal best time and a course record time. In a tough duel with Michael Raelert Dirk Bockel ran to his first Ironman win of his career. "It was incredibly hard today - but in the marathon the audience pushed me to the finish line", Bockel said delighted.
    Michael Raelert reached the finish line also with a smile. The 31-year old from Rostock swam a new swim course record in 45:01 minutes and set the pace on the bike after that. Raelerts lead was about two minutes on Dirk Bockel – but after 160 kilometers on the bike the fourth placed of the Ironman Hawaii 2011 attacked in a crucial way. Dirk Bockel overtook Michael Raelert and left him behind. After 4:31:08 hours Bockel turned off his bike, Michael Raelert needed 4:35:32 hours and went on the final marathon course with a residue of four minutes. "The run was still incredibly hard", the two-time winner of Ironman 70.3 World Championships said after the race. In 2:54:40 hours Michael Raelert claimed second place, Dirk Bockel ran in 2:51:45 hours to win. "It was tough, now I'm looking forward to have a massage, a refreshing beer, and I'll just take a little vacation time." Mike Schifferle from Switzerland managed third place in 8:36:53 hours. Jens Kaiser was fourth in 8:43:57 hours - and he got rewarded for a sensational comeback: He came out of the water in 99th position and collected an athlete after another. The fifth place went to Ironman legend Peter Vabrousek from the Czech Republic in 8:47:53 hours.

    Brilliant winner of the women’s race was Heidi Sessner from Germany, better known under her maiden name Jesberger. She won in 9:43:52 hours and was smiling at the finish line: "I am so happy that I have no words for it. I have not dared to believe in it, I fought to the finish." On the bike she was dominating the race together with Monika Stadlmann from Austria - and in the marathon then Sessner enforced clearly. Not only for Dirk Bockel but also for Sessner it was the first Ironman win of the career. In second place of the women’s race there was Nicole Bretting with the best performance of an agegroup athlete. She was runner-up in 9:50:18 hours. Maria Lemeseva from Russia claimed third place in 9:52:31 hours. Fourth place went to Karin Gerber (Switzerland) in 10:00:31 hours – fifth was Barbara Geilhof from Germany (10:00:48 hours).
  • Warmes Wetter, starke Athleten und beste Laune. Da ist der Ironman 2012 in Regensburg. Glücklich mit einer gelungenen Veranstaltung mit gut 1200 Athleten aus 53 Nationen und Tausenden von Zuschauern an den Strecken ist auch Veranstalter Kai Walter, Managing Director International Operations Europe der WTC: „Das ist eine Hitzeschlacht für die Athletinnen und Athleten! Das gute Wetter hat sicherlich dazu beigetragen, dass
    überall eine prächtige Stimmung geherrscht hat. Sportlich gab es den erwarteten und spannenden Zweikampf zwischen Dirk Bockel und Langdistanz-Neuling Michael Raelert. Ich freue mich für beide – und natürlich besonders auch für Heidi Sessner. Damit haben hier in Regensburg sowohl Heidi Sessner als auch Dirk Bockel erstmals
    in ihrer Karriere einen Ironman über die Langdistanz gewonnen.“
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