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Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship Melbourne

  • Frederick Van Lierde and Crowie are pushing the pace at the 160 km mark.
  • Alexander, Llanos, ad Van Lierde have a 40 m lead over the group now.
  • Crowie improved his Kona bike last year by over 13 minutes. What can he do on a cool day in his home country?
  • At the 160k mark, Van Lierde and Alexander are really keen to break up this pack. Llanos is in the top three as well.
  • Just out of the tunnel, the women are: Steffen, with Joyce at 2:30 back
  • The next women are over 20 minutes back from our two Northern Hemisphere powerhouses.
  • Including Jo Lawn, Bek Keat, Gina Crawford, and Mirinda Carfrae.
  • At 170 km it doesnt look like anyone will be getting off the bike with our eight lead men.
  • A big surprise today is that Luke McKenzie hasn't been able to close in on Alexander, Van Lierde, and Llanos.
  • A few k's out from the bike finish and Joe Gambles has caught our three men's race leaders.
  • This "Tasmanian Devil" is one of the youngest guys in that lead pack.
  • The giu
  • The guys are very close to T2 now.
  • We're going to see some ridiculously fast bike times posted at this inaugural race.
  • Caroline Steffen is into transition.
  • The men are at least 6km into the run.
  • Cam Brown, Eneko Llanos, and Frederick Van Lierde started the run out front, and Crowie just caught up to them.
  • The men out front are a strong bunch. Cam Brown and Craig Alexander are two of the sport's strongest runners.
  • At the 9k mark we have Cam Brown and Craig Alexander running shoulder to shoulder with Eneko Llanos and Frederick Van Lierde following in their footsteps, all still looking comfortable.
  • 50 seconds behind are Joe Gambles and Luke Bell.
  • Rachel Joyce is through the 2km point on the run, 7 minutes behind Caroline Steffen.
  • Our top pros are onto the run, where a race of this distance is most often decided.
  • Caroline Steffen just ran through the 6km mark, solo.
  • The top ten men through 10km:

    1-Cam Brown
    2-Craig Alexander
    3-Eneko Llanos
    4-Frederick Van Lierde
  • Our winner is most definitely among these four men.
  • A minute back from these we have Luke Bell, Joe Gambles, and Paul Matthews running together.
  • Two minutes back, David Dellow
  • 2:04 back, Matty White
  • And at 3:40 back, Marko Albert.
  • In the women's race, at 7:18 back from our leader, Caroline Steffen, we have Rachel Joyce looking very strong in her best discipline, the run.
  • Joyce was 7:35 back of Steffen at T2, and by 6km had narrowed that gap to 7:18.
  • At our 14 km mark: Crowie and Cam are running side-by-side. 10 seconds back is Frederick Van Lierde, with Joe Gambles, and Paul Matthews.
  • We've got 10 women off the bike now: Steffen, Joyce, Michelle Vesterby, Jo Lawn, Rebekah Keat, Carrie Lester, Mareen Hufe, Mirinda Carfrae and Belinda Granger.
  • Top men's bike splits:

    1. BROWN, Cameron 04:24:48
    2. ALEXANDER, Craig 04:24:43
    3. VAN LIERDE, Frederik 04:27:40
    4. LLANOS, Eneko 04:27:44
    5. MATTHEWS, Paul 04:28:16
    6. BELL, Luke 04:27:47
    7. GAMBLES, Joe 04:27:46
    8. DELLOW, David 04:28:09
    9. WHITE, Matty 04:24:52
    10. ALBERT, Marko 04:29:55
  • Paul Matthews has just run past Joe Gambles at the 15.5 km mark.
  • Caroline Steffen is 23:25 behind Cam and Crowie at 10k.
  • These guys are cracking a 2:40 marathon pace. This could very well be a sub-8:00 day.
  • Our male leads are 38 and 39 years old. 30's the new 20 in the world of Ironman triathlon.
  • Rebekah Keat is roughly 24 minutes down from Steffen at 5km.
  • Jo Lawn, of New Zealand is 30 seconds behind Keat at 5 km.
  • Michelle Vesterby is 30 seconds behind Lawn.
  • Our top five women's bike splits:

    1. STEFFEN, Caroline 04:35:29
    2. JOYCE, Rachel 04:44:57
    3. VESTERBY, Michelle 05:00:31
    4. LAWN, Joanna 05:00:57
    5. KEAT, Rebekah 05:01:18
    6. LESTER, Carrie 05:02:31
  • Bek Keat through 6km is closing on Caroline, having put 1:30 into the Swiss' lead.
  • American Jessica Jacobs is making her first appearance in the top 10 at 5km mark.
  • Men's race update: The top 8 men at 20k

    1-Craig Alexander and Cam Brown
    00:29 Frederick Van Lierde
    1:19 Eneko Llanos
    2:54 Paul Matthews
    3:03 David Dellow
    3:23 Luke Bell and Joe Gambles
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