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Ironman 70.3 France Pays d'Aix

  • Welcome to the inaugural Ironman 70.3 Pays d'Aix. We are looking forward to a great day of racing.
  • The first edition will start in half hour. Conditions should perfect even if it was raining most of this night. The temperature of the water is 70°F (21°C). The competition will be hard for the professionnels, most of the best world champion are there !
  • The start has been done 9 minutes before the time !! the last minutes were probably difficult for the organisation of the triathletes. Sudrie and Poulat are first for the moment. The other best are just after with Marceau, Julien Loy ... for the girls, Johanna Daumas is in the head.
  • Halksworth Daniel finish the swim in first in the same time than Sudrie and Poulat (one second between each one).Benjamin Pernet, julien Coudert et Julien Loy are also in the same group.
  • Amazing transition for Sudrie! He is the first on the road.
  • The first pro did already 7 miles just now, and after 5 miles the position was the following one : Sudrie is alone in the head, ten seconds before Poulat. Jung and Loy just after even if it seems already hard for them compare to Marceau just behind them.
  • Concerning Girls, as she did a amazing swim Johanna is first alone
  • Chabaud, Faure and Zamora was just after the 5 first, but in the first difficult part of the race, Chabaud decided to get back alone to the head and is only at 10 second from Sudrie.
  • On the top of the hill after a climb of 3 kms Loy become first following by Poulat and Sudrie. 20 seconds later Chabaud is there with Daniel Halksworth.
  • 1 minute and 20 seconds after the head, Zamora, Faure and Fernandez. Between this group and the head, Marceau and Pernet are not fare.
  • The first girl (Johanna) arrive on the top of the hill with Trevor Delsaut.
  • 2'05 after Johanna, Juliette Benedicto and at 2'20 Collonge and Erika Csomor
  • km 30 : the 7 first (Loy, Chabaud, Faure, Poulat, Sudrie, Marceau, Halsworth) are together and 30seconds after Zamora, Berger,Elgezabal, Pernet, Degasperi.
  • km20: Daumas is in head with 1'35 better than CSomor, Colonge and Rohrbach. Juliette Benicto is 1'50 after.
  • On the top of the Sambuc hill, Benjamin Pernet arrived first of the group with the 7 other ones. The second group is 50' behind.
  • The limit time for the swim is now over and 1044 participant have been registrered.
  • On the top of Sambuc hill, the position of girls is the following one: 4 girls with less than 1' of difference (Daumas, Collonge, Rohrbach and Csomor). Juliette Nenedisto is 2'20 behind.
  • Black card for Nicolas Fernandez ! explain perhaps by an important group where 10 pro were together.
  • after 40 km Erika become first
  • On the top of hill "col des portes", the position of the PRO girls is : Jeanne Collonge, Johanna Daumas (52"), Rohrbach (1'20), Erika Csomor (1'30), Juliette Benedicto (3'17)
  • the competitors are in the last difficulty in the "col de Cengle", after this part the last part of the bike race will go veryquickly until the "cours Mirabeau". The position on the top of the "col de cengle" is Poulat, Sudrie and Chabaud, behind Marceau and Faure (1'), Nicolas Fernandez (1'15)
  • 3 km before starting to run the position of the first are Sudrie, Poulat, Chabaud. following by Fernandez, Faure, Loy and Marceau.
  • Chabaud, get out from the bike park in first following 10 seonds after by Sudrie and Poulat.
  • Elgezaba, Marceau, Loy, Faure, Halksworth and Berger are the 6 competitors who run behind the 3 first. The distance between each is about 30'. In the head, Sudrie is following Chabaud and Poulat.
  • Nothing changed concerning girls (Jeanne Collonge 52" before Daumas, behind by Rohrback
  • At the last transition, the position is:
    2 (2) Poulat Stéphane 02:42:20
    3 (3) Sudrie Sylvain 02:42:21
    4 (4) Elgezabal Mikel 02:43:00
    5 (5) Marceau Olivier 02:44:31
    6 (6) Loy Julien 02:45:08
    7 (7) Faure Hervé 02:45:29
    8 (8) Halksworth Daniel 02:45:45
    9 (9) Berger Dominik 02:45:55
    10 (10) Fernandez Nicolas 02:48:46
    11 (11) Pernet Benjamin 02:48:54
    12 (12) Zamora perez Marcel 02:49:54
    13 (13) Cigana Massimo 02:49:58
    14 (14) Djurback Jonas 02:50:09
    15 (15) Jaberg Patrick 02:50:11
    16 (16) Ornellas Marcus 02:50:46
  • km 5: Chabaud and Sudrie are together in head, Poulat is close at 10". The others arequite fare : Elgezabal (2'30) and Loy (2'40)
  • Girls are finishing the bike
  • Collonge get out from the bike park first
  • Daumas is 30' behind
  • After one loop of run, Chabaud is still first, Sudrie and Poulat is staying close and get back two François and Sylvain. The distance with the others competitors is bigger and Bigger, and except a problem the podium seems to be build. But who will be the first ? every thing is open ...
  • concerning girls, Jeanne, Johanna, Erika and Rohrback are first with 1'10 between first and second. the third one is 2'20 behind.
  • In the second loop, men are keeping a good run, Sudrie is 2' before Poulat and it could be more difficult for Chabaud (13' behind)
  • Poulat wants to show that it will be difficult for Chabaud and Sudrie and accelerate the rythme
  • They are starting the third loop, Poulat is doing a good job to keep the first step on the podium. Sudrie is 25" behind. Even if the difference between Chabaud and Loy seems important (more than 1'), Loy is running faster and could get back.
  • Position 4 km before the finish line : Poulat, Sudrie (30'), Chabaud (50'), Loy closer and closer but perhaps not enough to optain the third position.
  • Poulat is doing the perfect race, Sudrie is now 50" behind and few minutes before the finish line Loy become third !
  • Poulat is the winner of this first edition !! Sudrie takes the second position and Loy the third with an amazing last part of the run. Loy arrived only few seconds after Sudrie. Chabaud is taking the fourth position.
  • Jeanne Collonge is keeping the best position with a lot of difference with the second one (Daumas) with more than 4'40. Csomor should be the third one.
  • Zamora did a very good run and took the position 6
  • The finish times are : 1 Stéphane Poulat 03:49:43 BEAUVAIS TRIATHLON <br>
    2 Sylvain Sudrie 03:50:57 BEAUVAIS TRIATHLON
    3 Julien Loy 03:51:04 ECHIROLLES TRIATHLON
    4 François Chabaud 03:53:09 VITROLLES TRIATHLON
    5 Olivier Marceau 03:56:04 Saint Raphael triathlon
    6 Marcel Zamora Perez 03:56:44 TRIATHL'AIX <br>
    7 Mikel Elgezabal 03:58:18 IPAR KUTXA <br>
    8 Hervé Faure 03:59:10 VITROLLES TRIATHLON <br>
  • A lot of emotion when Jeanne Collonge arrived on the finish line welcomed by Yves Cordier ! The second, Johanna Daumas arrived in a little more than 4h24'.
  • The third girl arrived 2 minutes later
  • the picture of the winner:
  • All the best conditions where there for this first edition. Weather, High level of competitors, amazing landscapes, beautiful city and the finish line on the "cours Mirabeau"! After this success, we are impatient to be next year.
  • The top ten for Women:Jeanne Collonge 04:17:42 OLYMPIC NICE NATATION
    Johanna Daumas 04:24:20 OLYMPIC NICE NATATION
    Erika Csomor 04:26:35 BUDAORSI
    Juliette Benedicto 04:29:09 TRI SAINT AMAND DUN 18
    Tamsin Lewis 04:31:03 CLIFF ENGLISH COACHING
    Anne Basso 04:31:08 OLYMPIC NICE NATATION
    Jana Candrova 04:31:22 B&H TRIATLON CESKE BUDEJOVICE
    Alexandra Louison 04:32:27 TRIATHL'AIX
    Regula Rohrbach 04:33:40 Skinfit Iron Team
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