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IRONMAN Western Australia

  • Waiting for Mareen Hufe who is close to T2 at the head of the women's race, and has really put the foot to the floor over the last 30kms. Her lead was over 5min - will that be enough or has she extended it further? #IMWA
  • Mareen Hufe is into transition off the bike - now we wait to see what the gap is.
  • @Liz_Blatchford confirmed she was given a second penalty on the bike - and she has served both four minute penalties but will face a big mountain when she gets to the run.#IMWA
  • The men are through 6.7kms on he run with Denis Chevrot holding a 1.25 lead over Joe Gambles, Per Bittner, Patrik Nilsson and Dave Dellow. Markus Thomschke is 2.20 back and Romain Guillaume faded 4.36 back.
    1 Denis CHEVROT  (#16) 5:15:09
    2 Joe GAMBLES  (#3) 5:16:39 +01:29
    3 Jan VAN BERKEL  (#30) 5:16:39 +01:30
    4 Per BITTNER  (#13) 5:16:40 +01:31
    5 Markus THOMSCHKE  (#10) 5:16:41 +01:32
    6 David DELLOW  (#1) 5:16:44 +01:35
    7 Guy CRAWFORD  (#17) 5:16:48 +01:39
    8 Patrik NILSSON  (#4) 5:16:52 +01:42
    9 Romain GUILLAUME  (#2) 5:19:21 +04:12
    10 Mike SCHIFFERLE  (#28) 5:26:07 +10:58
  • In the women's race the leader Mareen Hufe has a 6.57 lead over Diana Riesler, Yvonne van Vlerken at 7.12, Liz Blatchford at 8.30 after two penalties, Bree Wee at 8.40 and Brita Martin at 10.44. Last year Mareen Hufe had a significant lead to be run down by Liz Lyles. She managed a 3.17 marathon last year - will that be enough to hold off the challengers today?
  • Yvonne van Vlerken on to the run.

  • Jason Shortis' 83rd IRONMAN is proving to be one of his toughest. Sick on the swim, he's pushing on. Here's what he had to say pre race.

    SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia Inside Scoop With Jason Shortis

    SoundCloudSunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia Inside Scoop With Jason Shortis
    1 Mareen HUFE  (#62) 5:44:27
    2 Diana RIESLER  (#46) 5:51:24 +06:57
    3 Yvonne VAN VLERKEN  (#43) 5:51:40 +07:12
    4 Liz BLATCHFORD  (#42) 5:52:58 +08:31
    5 Bree WEE  (#44) 5:53:07 +08:40
    6 Britta MARTIN  (#64) 5:55:11 +10:44
    7 Asa LUNDSTROM  (#45) 5:55:19 +10:52
    8 Sarah PIAMPIANO  (#66) 5:56:03 +11:36
    9 Dimity-Lee DUKE  (#50) 5:57:31 +13:04
    10 Elizabeth LYLES  (#41) 5:57:57 +13:30
  • Through 12km on the run and Denis Chevrot is holding strong at 1.30 lead over the chasers - so they have not eaten into the lead yet. Early days though.
    Check out our official highlights from today's swim. See below link for Swim Highlights
  • Duco Sickinghe, the subject of photographer Delly Carr's favourite image, is having a much better day than he did in 2012. He completed the swim in 1:15.30 and is through 134km on the bike.

    Camera Catches IRONMAN Essence

    IRONMAN.comDelly Carr is one of the best sports photographers who, time and again, can confirm that a picture can indeed tell 1000 words.
  • @jasonshortis is out on the run for his 83rd and final IRONMAN as a professional- and the crowds are giving him fantastic support. Remember Shorto holds the race record here of 8:03.
  • At 12km in the men and Denis Chevrot is hoding his 1.25 advantage over Joe Gambles, Patrik Nillson, Dave Dellow and Per Bittner
  • The men through 17km and Denis Chevrot has extended his lead to 1.45 over Patrik Nillson and Dave Dellow with Per Bittner and Joe Gambles dropping off the pace.
  • Through 6.7km on the run and Mareen Hufe is starting to lose time - 5.50 to Yvonne van Vlerken and 7.15 to Liz Blatchford. The 2012 winner Britta Martin from New Zealand is also on the charge and now up to fourth at 7.30 down.
  • @joegambles has withdrawn from the race - informing our team he has a foot injury. As the temperatures and the race heats up, the athletes are starting to struggle.#IMWA
  • Halfway through the run and Patrik Nilsson is eating into the lead of Denis Chevrot - now down to 3:15 at the 22km mark. The Euros are dominating with Per Bittner at 3:44.Where are the Australian challengers?
  • The women's race is hotting up at the 12km mark Maureen Hufe's lead is now 4:30 from Yvonne van Vlerken with the best runner in the race right now, the 2012 winner Britta Martin third at 5:23 and Liz Blatchford at 6.11.
  • It's the end of the day for defending champion Liz Lyles, she's just pulled out.
  • Jason Shortis on he run.

  • @lachevrotine is through 27kms now and still looking quite strong. His lead is down to 3:31 from Patrik Nilsson and Per Bittner @pEpEbit at 5.10 #IMWA
  • Britta Martin, the 2012 winner, is on the charge, up to 2nd at 17.2km and 3:33 behind leader Mareen Hufe. #IMWA
  • It's international day at the SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia. There are no Aussies in the top-10 with Denis Chevrot holding a 3.31 advantage at the 27km mark with Per Bittner at 5.10 and Romain Guillaume at 9.36. In the women Liz Blatchord in fourth is the only Australian in the top 10. That is a remarkable fourth - 5.21 down on leader Mareen Hufe at 17km despite 8 minutes of penalties. Britta Martin is the hot runner now 3:33 back from Hufe, with Yvonne van Vlerken at 3.42, Blatchford and American Bree Wee at 7.05.
  • Dave Dellow has joined the athletes on the sidelines today, ending his strong run today.
  • The Stadium Tri Clu cheer squad.

  • At 22kms Britta Martin has leader Mareen Hufe in her sights, just 2m back. In the men @lachevrotine has re-established his lead to 4:14 over Patrik Nilsson and 6:41 over Per Bittner @pEpEbit
  • @lachevrotine has 3kms to go on his way to a breakthrough IRONMAN win in Western Australia. He is clear of the chasers here in Busselton. #IMWA
  • At 27kms in the women, Britta Martin is just 33 seconds behind leader Mareen Hufe with @yvonnevvlerken at 3:02 and @Liz_Blatchford at 3:40.#IMWA
  • Denis Chevrot @lachevrotine was fourth in IRONMAN Australia earlier this year when he snapped his chain leading on the bike at Port Macquarie. Now he has won at IRONMAN Western Australia in 8:05.57.#IMWA
  • Patrik Nilsson from Sweden is home in second, 6:13 down on the winner.
  • We have a new leader in the women with Britta Martin, the 2012 winner, overtaking Mareen Hufe at the at 31km mark.#IMWA
  • In the men Per Bittner from Germany is third at 8:38 behind and fourth will go to popular Frenchman Romain Guillaume.
  • @Liz_Blatchford, who has served a total of 8 mins penalties today, has just moved into third at 31kms ahead of @yvonnevvlerken
  • IRONMAN Western Australia is a truly international race and borne out in the professional results today. Winner is Denis Chevrot is from France, second placed Patrik Nilsson from Sweden, third placed Per Bittner from Germany. Followed by Romain Guillaume from France, Mike Schifferle from Switzerland, Simon Cochrane from New Zealand and Gergo Molnar from Hungary.
  • Denis Chevrot celebrates victory.

    1 Denis CHEVROT  (#16) 8:05:57
    2 Patrik NILSSON  (#4) 8:12:10 +06:13
    3 Per BITTNER  (#13) 8:14:36 +08:38
    4 Romain GUILLAUME  (#2) 8:21:14 +15:16
    5 Mike SCHIFFERLE  (#28) 8:34:17 +28:19
  • SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia winner Denis Chevrot. (Photo by Delly Carr)

  • Britta Martin is storming away 4kms to go and a strong chance to smash the race record. She needs to run the final 4kms in 18 minutes to beat Gina Crawford's record of 8:59.24. @IMWA
  • The women are zoning in on the final with Britta Martin now with a 2:01 min lead on Mareen Hufe with a further two minutes to Liz Blatchford in third. Yvonne van Vlerken has fallen back to be 7:58 behind and within the grasp of American Beth Geddes, who has come from a long way down in the swim. .
  • Runner-up Patrik Nilsson from Sweden. (Delly Carr photo)

  • Britta Martin from New Zealand has smashed the race record to win the women's race in 8:56.33, more than 3 mins inside the previous record held by compatriot Gina Crawford.#IMWA
  • Mareen Hufe from Germany finishes runner-up again in Busselton in 8:40.57 and Liz Blatchford third in 9:02.10.
  • Now we wait for Jason Shortis, who is just about home in his 83rd and final IRONMAN. Shorto has been a great servant of the sport, quite a character, and it will be an emotional moment for him. Waiting to greet him will be his 16 year old daughter - who was less than one years old, pictured lying on her father's chest, after he earned his first podium finish in an IRONMAN. Perhaps fittingly on a day when internationals dominated, it has allowed this one outstanding Australian a deserved moment in the sun.
    1 Denis CHEVROT  (#16) 8:05:57
    2 Patrik NILSSON  (#4) 8:12:10 +06:13
    3 Per BITTNER  (#13) 8:14:36 +08:38
    4 Romain GUILLAUME  (#2) 8:21:14 +15:16
    5 Mike SCHIFFERLE  (#28) 8:34:17 +28:19
    6 Simon COCHRANE  (#15) 8:36:25 +30:27
    7 Gergo MOLNAR  (#23) 8:42:10 +36:12
    8 Jan VAN BERKEL  (#30) 8:48:36 +42:38
    9 Guy CRAWFORD  (#17) 8:51:49 +45:51
    10 Markus THOMSCHKE  (#10) 8:57:46 +51:48
    1 Britta MARTIN  (#64) 8:56:33
    2 Mareen HUFE  (#62) 9:00:20 +03:47
    3 Liz BLATCHFORD  (#42) 9:02:10 +05:36
    4 Beth GERDES  (#59) 9:04:37 +08:03
    5 Yvonne VAN VLERKEN  (#43) 9:05:38 +09:04
    6 Bree WEE  (#44) 9:08:54 +12:20
    7 Asa LUNDSTROM  (#45) 9:11:12 +14:39
    8 Sarah PIAMPIANO  (#66) 9:12:37 +16:04
    9 Dimity-Lee DUKE  (#50) 9:12:50 +16:17
    10 Katy DUFFIELD  (#55) 9:28:12 +31:38
  • The leading age grouper was local Western Australian Allister Caird who clocked a superb 8:45.29 in the 25-29 years age group. The fastest female age grouper was South Australia's Felicity Lloyd in the 30-34 years age group, who clocked 9:46.39.
  • Check out the highlights from today's bike leg

    Men, 18-24: Lindsay Bennett (Western Australia) 9:01:59
    25-29: Allister Caird (Western Australia) 8:45:29
    30-34: Owain Matthews (Great Britain) 8:47:30
    35-39: Luke Goard (Western Australia) 8:49:14
    40-44: James Middleditch (Singapore) 9:09:45
    45-49: Matthew Koorey (NSW) 9:14:31
    50-54: David Boyes (Western Australia) 9:14:47
    55-59: Kevin Ferguson (South Australia) 9:18:15
    60-64: Tomas Valena (Queensland) 10:28:16
    65-69: Graham Crocker (Western Australia) 11:58:35
    70-74: Geoffrey Thorsen (New South Wales) 13:46.08
    75-79: Yutaka Kojima (Japan) 16:01.12

    18-24: Cammie Genda (USA) 10:46:29
    25-29: Lauren Parker (NSW) 10:06:25
    30-34: Felicity Lloyd (South Australia) 9:47:11
    35-39: Pene Newitt (Western Australia) 9:59:53
    40-44: Michelle Boyes (Western Australia) 9:47:51
    45-49: Katherine Ryan (Western Australia) 10:25:03
    50-54: June Ward (Western Australia) 10:08:37
    55-59: Jenny Alcorn (Queensland) 10:53:08
    60-64: Pam Stegeman (Victoria) 14:01:09
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