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  • And crush it Yvonne van Vlerken will need to do - at the 28km mark she is still 5:15 down on the leader Liz Blatchford.
  • Pre-race favourite @yvonnevvlerken still 5:15 down on leader @Liz_Blatchford through 28kms. @breesywee second at 1:40 from @DianaRiesler 2:05 and @lizlylestri at 3.10.
  • Women through 28kms is Liz Blatchford, Bree Wee at 1:40, Diana Riesler at 2:05, Liz Lyles at 3.10, Svetlana Blazevic at 3.15, Kate Bevilaqua at 5.15, Lisa Marangon at 3.45, Mareen Hufe at 3.50, Britta Martin at 4.30 and Yvonne Van Vlerken at 5.15.
  • Men through 44kms sees Clayton Fettell leading from Joe Gambles at 1.19 leading the pack including Romain Guillaume, Dave Dellow, Guy Crawford, Patrik Nilsson, Christian Kemp and Denis Chevrot.
  • @Claytonfettell has seen his lead back to one minute from the seven-strong chase pack led by @joegambles.nearing the 50km mark.
  • American Dede Griesbauer is out of the race with a mechanical issue on the bike. Pre race she was dealing with a chest infection, and has had some issues with her bike this week.
  • @Liz_Blatchford through 44kms but her lead is only 45 seconds from @DianaRiesler with @Breesywee at 1.13.
  • Through 44kms in the women's race Liz Blatchford with the lead now 45 seconds to Diana Riesler, Bree Wee at 1.13, Liz Lyles at 2.04, Mareen Hufe at 2.18, Britta Martin at 4.02, Kae Bevilaqua at 4.05 from Svetlana Blazevic, Lisa Marangon.
  • Watch out for the flying three-time IRONMAN Florida winner @yvonnevvlerken - she is now at 4.20 back from leader @Liz_Blatchford
  • The men are through 61kms with Clayton Fettell pushing his lead back out to 2:06 from the chase pack that is now 10-strong with Per Bittner, Jan van Berkel joining the bunch.
  • Identical twins Glenn and Darren Peisch were in the middle of our mass start, swimmers everywhere, but they only had eyes for each other. They are both out of the water and Glenn has a three minute lead.

    Twins Target Busselton Battle

    IRONMAN.comTwins have a unique relationship – often competitive and always close in whatever they do.
  • Clayton Fettell leading the pack on the bike.

  • The flying Yvonne van Vlerken on the charge.

  • German Diana Riesler has caught early leader Liz Blatchford through 61kms in the women's race. The pair have a 1.09 buffer to Bree Wee with Mareen Hufe at 1.20, Liz Lyles at 1.27 and Yvonne van Vlerken now at 3.39.
  • @Liz_Blatchford has been caught by American @DianaRiesler at the 61km mark in the women's race with @yvonnevvlerken up to 6th at 3.39.
  • At 80kms in the men, Clayton Fettell still leads at 1.45 from the chase pack of nine riders - with the group taking advantage of a big tail wind before they turn at the midway point.
  • @claytonfettell leads by 2 mins through the 90km mark from the chase pack of 10 riders led by @KempyTri
  • Our spotter Amanda Balding says @Liz_Blatchford has received a penalty on the bike. She is through 80kms with @Diana Riesler.
  • At 80km mark Diana Riesler has the lead over Liz Blatchford, and we now believe she has to serve a penalty which will change the nature of the race. Mareen Hufe is at 45s, Bree Wee at 1.30, Liz Lyles at 2.30 and the flying Yvonne van Vlerken now only 2.30 behind.
  • At the 100kms mark Clayton Fettell still leads in the men but Frenchman Romain Guillaume has made the jump off the front of the chasing pack to be 1.15 back, and 15 seconds clear of the 9-strong bunch.
  • @DianaRiesler is the new leader through 90kms with 25 secs to Mareen Hufe (GER) with previous leader @Liz_Blatchford serving her four minute penalty.
  • @yvonnevvlerken flies up to 3rd at 1.37 down at 90kms but crashed making the turn, now back on bike and pushing on. #IMWA
  • At 90kms mark in the women: Diana Riesler is the sole leader with Mareen Hufe second at 25s, Yvonne van Vlerken at 1.37, Bree Wee at 1.52, Liz Lyles at 2.40 and our previous leader Liz Blatchford now 6th at 4.02 after serving her penalty. The big mover is American Sarah Piampiano who was around 10 minutes down out of the swim but no into the top 10 5.54 behind the leader.
  • Frenchman @RomGuillaume continues to push, only 20 secs down on @claytonfettell at 110km with 1min back to the pack of nine.#IMWA
  • @yvonnevvlerken has crashed again and requesting medical help. Is that the end of her day? #IMWA
  • The women's race has some twists and turns - at 100km Diana Riesler leads with Mareen Hufe who has bridged up to the leader. Remember her outstanding bike last year in Busselton. Yvonne van Vlerken has gut to third before crashing, with Bree Wee at 2.22, Liz Lyles, our defending champion, at 3.10, Liz Blatchford fighting back at 4m, former winner Britta Martin at 5.13.
  • @claytonfettell is out of the race. On the side of the road at 115km suffering from severe cramp leaving @RomGuillaume in the lead. #IMWA
  • At the 110kms mark Mareen Hufe has put the pressure on, now leading fellow German Diana Riesler by 25 seconds. Yvonne van Vlerken, who called for medical help, is fighting on and is now 2.45 back in third, Bree Wee at 3.21, Liz Lyles at 4.05 and Liz Blatchford at 4.27.
  • Now you have learned more about Romain Guillaume, he has now gone through the 134km mark alone and in front of the pack. His lead is now 2m from Joe Gambles, Per Bittner, Denis Chevrot, Christian Kemp, Markus Thomschke, Patrik Nilsson, Dave Dellow, Guy Crawford and Jan van Berkel.
  • Age Grouper Kingsley Bugarin is stopping on the run leg to marry the love of his life, Yanti Ardie, at this rate he might not want to stop, he had a smoking fast swim of 56:22, and is closing on on the bike turnaround.

    IRONMAN Couple Run For Life

    IRONMAN.comEvery year proposals are made at IRONMAN events but it will come with a twist at the SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia.
  • Chris Wallace from Queensland, Australia, in the men's 40-44, caught through the lens of award winning photog Delly Carr.

  • Romain Guillaume has extended his lead to 2m in the men's race at 134km - leading the chase pack of nine riders. Our spotter Toby Coote believes Christian Kemp and Dave Dellow appear to be the most comfortable of the riders in that chase pack.
  • At the 125 mark Mareen Hufe has pushed to a 1.40 lead in the women's race from Diana Riesler while Yvonne van Vlerken is still in third, now down at 3.45 and struggling with her injuries. She was treated on the course by medics and is fighting on. Liz Blatchford is fourth at 4.15 and taking real care as she is caught amid a number of age group men. Bree Wee is at 4.30 while Liz Lyles has dropped back to now 5.40 behind.
  • @RomGuillaume leads at 151km but now only 50sec from @lachevrotine and the chasers with a close run looming.#IMWA
  • Mareen Hufe is in a repeat of last year on the bike at IMWA - now 2.45 ahead of compatriot German Diana Riesler at the 135km mark. Liz Blatchford is with the battling Yvonne van Vlerken at 4 mins. News is that defending champions Liz Lyles is struggling, now 7.15 down.
  • @lachevrotine has claimed the lead in the men's race as they approach 160km mark from @Rom Guillaume with the pack at 40s.#IMWA
  • American pro Beth Gerdes is having a tough day. She's racing just six months after daughter Wynn's birth. Here's what she had to say before the race.

    SunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia Inside Scoop With Beth Gerdes

    SoundCloudSunSmart IRONMAN Western Australia Inside Scoop With Beth Gerdes
  • Denis Chevrot has extended his lead to 1.30 over the chase pack at the 173 mark as they hone in on T2. The pack of nine riders has gone through Romain Guilliaume who has dropped 2m back from the lead. All the big runners are in the pack including Dave Dellow, Joe Gambles and Christian Kemp.
  • Our women's leader Mareen Hufe is through the 151km mark and really pushing hard, as she did in this race last year. She is out to 4.25 ahead of Diana Riesler and now closely followed by Liz Blatchford and Yvonne van Vlerken.
  • @lachevrotine on to the run with a 1.21 lead on five chasers including @David_Dellow, @joegambles. #IMWA
  • At 160km mark Mareen Huffe is extending her lead. She's now over five minutes ahead of Diana Riesler, with Van Vlerken 6:30 back, and Liz Blatchford 7:30 back.
  • Early in the run Denis Chevrot is leading by 1:30 from Joe Gambles in 2nd, with Bittner 3rd and Dellow in 4th. Our spotter Toby Coote reported that of all four men Joe Gambles form looked the best.
  • Dave Dellow on to the run.

  • The chasers off the bike in the men's race.

  • @KempyTri has pulled out, telling our team that he was feeling dizzy. Johan Borg has also withdrawn.@IMWA
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