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  • The IRONMAN Texas Swim

    The point-to-point swim takes place in Lake Woodlands.
    Athletes will
    enter the water at North Shore Park and swim toward South Shore Park.

    After reaching the turn-around buoy, athletes will head back toward
    North Shore Park, turn slightly right and swim down the Lake Woodlands
    waterway system before finishing at Town Green Park, which will serve as
    the transition area.

    The swim will be a rolling start.
    Athletes will enter the water in a
    continuous stream through a controlled access point, similar to how
    running road races are started.
    An athlete’s times will start when they
    cross timing mats under the swim arch.
    Athletes will be directed to
    self-seed on race morning based on their projected swim time.
    and staff will be in the staging area with signs and will assist with
    this process.
    Self-seeding will not be mandatory but will be encouraged.

    Age Group Athletes will begin to enter the water at 6:40 a.
    m. It is
    expected to take 25-30 minutes for all athletes to enter the water;
    everyone will be in the water by 7:10 a.

  • The IRONMAN Texas Bike

    The one-loop bike course will take athletes west through The Woodlands
    before heading north to the scenic, rolling farmland of east Texas.

  • The IRONMAN Texas Run

    The run course takes place entirely within The Woodlands and concludes with a spectacular finish on Waterway Ave.
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