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  • Jackson and Abraham

  • Faris Al-Sultan just told our spotters that this might be his last race. Ever. He said he doesn't think he has what it takes anymore. #IMTX
  • Faris is still riding but has started to soft-pedal.
  • And Faris is officially out.
  • 👀 I spy... 🚴 A good look at The Woodlands scenery. #IMTX #ironmantri #triathlon #TheWoodlands #Texas photo from @n2photoservices

  • Jordan Rapp has said in the car with our spotters that "Faris is a legend."
  • Joe Skipper has pulled away from race leader Lionel Sanders. #IMTX
  • Rachel Joyce has fallen 2 minutes back from Duncan (Naeth) and Leanda Cave at mile 80 #IMTX
  • Pro men are at mile 95, and Sanders just asked our spotters who was up ahead. They told him Joe Skipper...
  • Katy Blakemore is apparently hanging tough, and smiling more than anyone.
  • Jordan Rapp,reporting from our spotter car, says that this is "anyone's race" right now. "Anyone who comes within 20 minutes of the lead bike has a good chance to win." #IMTX
  • At mile 80 in the women's race it's Naeth, Cave 5 sec, Joyce at 2:10 (she lost a minute in the last 10 miles), Blakemore (3:35 back), and Abraham 4:50. She recently passed Wurtele and is leading her by 5 sec.
  • Sanders is now :35 back of Skipper. #IMTX
  • Skipper passes the iconic VR Cycling Studio where local athletes train year round.

  • At mile 100:
    1 4:37:15 28 Joe Skipper GBR
    2 4:37:56 0:41 10 Lionel Sanders CAN
    3 4:39:33 2:18 4 Ben Hoffman USA
  • Top 10 Pro Men through 100 miles

    1 4:37:15 28 Joe Skipper GBR
    2 4:37:56 0:41 10 Lionel Sanders CAN
    3 4:39:33 2:18 4 Ben Hoffman USA
    4 4:44:15 7:00 29 Todd Skipworth AUS
    5 4:44:16 7:01 14 Barrett Brandon USA
    6 4:44:22 7:07 22 Jeremy Jurkiewicz FRA
    7 4:44:24 7:09 24 David Plese SVN
    8 4:44:30 7:16 19 Matt Hanson USA
    9 4:47:04 9:50 27 Jonathan Shearon U
    10 4:47:08 9:53 6 Andreas Raelert DEU
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  • Eyeing this race for next year? Check our Master the Course: Texas article:

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  • Joe Skipper, #IMTX race leader, just passed mile 105.
  • The men are approaching the "hilly" part of town now, a place where athletes can lay the hammer down to gain a little more time.
  • Sanders is cresting the summit of "Mt. Woodlands," our spotters joke, 1:45 down to Skipper.
  • Hoffman is 1:30 back of Sanders, and 3:15 behind Skipper. He and Sanders are riding at the same pace. #IMTX
  • The pro women at mile 90: Duncan (Naeth) and Cave still leading, Joyce 3 minutes back, Abraham and Blakemore 4-plus minutes back. #IMTX
  • Skipper was last seen racing IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans, where he admitted that he suffered on the run in the heat. He had a second-place finish at IRONMAN UK and sixth at IRONMAN Barcelona (8:20) in 2014 and is young and has plenty of potential.
  • Skipper is into T2 #IMTX
  • Lionel Sanders (CAN), 2nd off the bike. #IMTX A little grimace, but he looks smooth 2 min back from Skipper.
  • How the heck do these pros run a marathon after 112 mile bike ride? Check out these tips:

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  • Out of T2 and onto the marathon: Sanders 1:42 back and Hoffman 3:34 back. #IMTX
  • Naeth continues to show the way and holds a four second advantage on Cave as the lead pair ride through 100 miles.
  • A four or five minute gap for the men into T2 suggests that some are serving their penalties out on the course. #IMTX
  • Joyce is next through 100 miles riding in third +3:41 back, while Abraham rolls through in fourth, +4:11 off the pace.
  • Plese, Brandon, Skipworth and Hansen into T2.
  • Matt Hansen offers a serious threat at this point on the run. He's last year's runner-up and course record holder here. (2:41) #IMTX
  • Top Pro Men Bike Splits:

    1 4:10:08 26.9 28 Skipper, Joe Lowestoft GBR MPRO
    2 4:11:25 26.7 10 Sanders, Lionel Windsor CAN MPRO
    3 4:20:39 25.8 4 Hoffman, Ben Boulder USA MPRO
    4 4:21:20 25.7 24 Plese, David Ljubljana SVN MPRO
    5 4:21:26 25.7 19 Hanson, Matt Storm Lake USA MPRO
    6 4:22:26 25.6 27 Shearon, Jonathan Tucson USA MPRO
    7 4:28:12 25.1 29 Skipworth, Todd Nedlands AUS MPRO
    8 4:28:39 25.0 14 Brandon, Barrett Fort Worth USA MPRO
  • Blakemore is currently riding in fifth (+5:32) and one of the pre race favorite, Wurtele goes through 100 miles looking at a +6:09 deficit.
  • Rain clouds are starting to darken the Woodlands, ready to offer these athletes some reprieve. #IMTX
  • 1.5 miles into the run, Sanders has gained 20 seconds on Skipper. Hoffman has lost a few seconds only. #IMTX
  • Another race favorite Heather Jackson just went through 100 miles in seventh, +10:14 off the pace being set by Naeth and Cave up front.
  • If Matt Hansen runs like he did last year (2:41), Skipper's going to have to run a sub 2:50 to win this race. #IMTX

  • TOP 10 Pro Women - 100 miles

    1 5:07:58 49 Angela Naeth CAN
    2 5:08:01 0:04 42 Leanda Cave GBR
    3 5:11:38 3:41 41 Rachel Joyce GBR
    4 5:12:08 4:11 43 Corinne Abraham GBR
    5 5:13:29 5:32 57 Katy Blakemore USA
    6 5:14:06 6:09 44 Heather Wurtele CAN
    7 5:18:12 10:14 47 Heather Jackson USA
    8 5:19:48 11:50 45 Bree Wee USA
    9 5:20:35 12:38 54 Sarah Piampiano USA
    10 5:20:55 12:58 51 Sofie Goos BEL
  • Factoid: Joe Skipper has spent a month here in town swim training with Tim Floyd at Magnolia Masters, so he knows the area well. #IMTX
  • Face hidden to protect the guilty! Adam and I are the best spectators ever. #myfriendsarebetterthanyours #imtx #bottomlessmimosas #beerarita

  • Bevan Docherty and Kelly Williamson took this race last year. It has since become one of our regional championships. The next stop on the championship circuit is IRONMAN Brazil.
  • Hanson, Skipworth, and Plese are running 9+ mins back of Skipper now through 1.5 miles of the run. #IMTX
  • Looking at Joe Skipper's power file, his peak 1 hour power was 330 watts.
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