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  • Barrett Brandon put in a surge on a bridge, a small climb, and is 15sec off the front of our men's race at mile 20. Ben Hoffman leads a pack of 5 behind. #IMTX
  • Matt Hanson is leading a chase group at 5 mins down at mile 20. #IMTX
  • From Quarq Race Intelligence, we see that Ronnie Schildknecht has averaged 306 watts over the past 15 minutes. He is still 5 minutes back of the leaders.
  • Barrett Brandon off the front

  • We can see that Rachel Joyce is running a 146 average heart rate, thanks to our new tracking data from Quarq.
  • Lionel Sander leading third group back

  • Lionel Sanders and Jordan Rapp are pulling away from the third group at mile 25 of #IMTX , as the sun comes out and the heat starts to build.
  • 5 men are riding in our second group, and Sanders is now gaining ground on them.
  • Lionel Sanders, one of the race favorites here today, has broken away from the third group of men, and from Jordan Rapp. #IMTX
  • The women at mile 20: Joyce, Cave 3 sec back, Blakemore 23 sec back. Heather Wurtele 1:50 back, who's the biggest mover so far in the women's race. #IMTX Tanaka Keiko is 2:20 back, with Corrie Kristick 2:30 from lead.
  • Jordan Rapp's Quarq Race Intelligence shows that he holding 280 to 290 watts to stay with Lionel Sanders. The pair are approximately 5:30 back.
  • David Plese is now pulling ahead of second group, flying to the lead group. #IMTX
  • Plese making a move

  • Bree Wee

  • Angela Naeth and Bree Wee are 3:30 back, Kaitlin Anelauskaus is 4 min back, with Kelly Williamson at 4:!5, Heather Jackson at 4:20, and Tami Ritchie at 4:35 back at mile 20.
  • Heather Wuertele has pushed 217 watts to close the gap to the lead women to less than 2 minutes.
  • The men at mile 25: Al Sultan is now riding in first, Hoffman in 2nd, Jerkowicz in third, Skipworth in fourth, and Brandon in 5th, Raelert 6th, all within seconds of each other. #IMTX
  • TOP 6 Pro Men - Thru Bike Split 1 - 30 miles

    1 1:59:31 2 Faris Al-Sultan DEU
    2 1:59:33 0:03 4 Ben Hoffman USA
    3 1:59:35 0:04 22 Jeremy Jurkiewicz FRA
    4 1:59:35 0:05 29 Todd Skipworth AUS
    5 1:59:36 0:06 14 Barrett Brandon USA
    6 1:59:39 0:08 6 Andreas Raelert DEU
  • Second in Kona last year, Ben Hoffman averaged 274 watts to bike a 4:33. Check out his power file from Kona.
  • Hansen and Schildkneckt are working hard in a chase group, trying to close the gap. They were both 7 minutes back on the swim and now just 5. Rapp and Sanders are riding just behind that group.
  • TOP 10 Pro Men - Thru Bike Split 1 - 30 miles

    1 1:59:31 2 Faris Al-Sultan DEU
    2 1:59:33 0:03 4 Ben Hoffman USA
    3 1:59:35 0:04 22 Jeremy Jurkiewicz FRA
    4 1:59:35 0:05 29 Todd Skipworth AUS
    5 1:59:36 0:06 14 Barrett Brandon USA
    6 1:59:39 0:08 6 Andreas Raelert DEU
    7 2:04:05 4:35 24 David Plese SVN
    8 2:04:06 4:35 19 Matt Hanson USA
    9 2:04:09 4:39 8 Ronnie Schildknecht CHE
    10 2:04:10 4:39 20 Jarmo Hast FIN
  • Heather Wurtele has made up a significant amount of time on the bike. Cave, Joyce, and Blakemore still lead. #IMTX
  • Jordan Rapp had had contact with Sanders at one point, but has dropped off the pace and is riding in 14th, 5:20 back of the leader.
  • The athletes are working hard to replace those electrolytes and calories in that hot Texan weather. Learn more about how to fuel for an IRONMAN here:

    Master Race-Day Nutrition: 10 Keys for Success

    IRONMAN.comDial in your food and drink to finish your first IRONMAN on top.
  • Leanda leads #IMTX

  • Angela Naeth is reportedly moving up in the women's field. #IMTX
  • Heather Jackson is now riding closer to the front, too, with Bree Wee. #IMTX
  • Sultan, Hoffman, Jerkowicz, Barrett, Skipworth, and Raelert lead going into Osborne. Sanders leads 2nd pack 4 min back, with Schildknect, Plese, Hanson, Hast, and Skipper. McDonald is 30 sec behind chase group with Rapp 30 seconds behind him.
  • Top 10 Pro Women through mile 30:

    1 2:11:31 42 Leanda Cave GBR
    2 2:11:34 0:04 41 Rachel Joyce GBR
    3 2:11:54 0:23 57 Katy Blakemore USA
    4 2:13:58 2:27 44 Heather Wurtele CAN
    5 2:14:15 2:45 49 Angela Naeth CAN
    6 2:14:43 3:13 66 Keiko Tanaka JPN
    7 2:15:27 3:57 52 Corrie Kristick USA
    8 2:15:35 4:05 47 Heather Jackson USA
    9 2:15:37 4:06 45 Bree Wee USA
    10 2:16:43 5:13 55 Kaitlin Anelauskas USA
  • Here come the men out of Osborne. Same order, Al Sultan leading at mile 40.

  • Add to that.. @AngelaNaeth riding fastest by about 1k/hr according to @quarq race intelligence. Currently pulling up on @TeamWurtele #IMTX
  • Naeth

  • Faris Al-Sultan isn't a surprising force here at #IMTX. He's the 2005 IRONMAN world champion, a race he led from the front for most of the day.
  • The pro women 11th-through 19

    11 2:17:22 5:51 40 Kelly Williamson USA
    12 2:18:06 6:35 51 Sofie Goos BEL
    13 2:18:42 7:12 63 Jessica Meyers USA
    14 2:18:45 7:15 68 Tami Ritchie USA
    15 2:19:12 7:42 43 Corinne Abraham GBR
    16 2:19:24 7:53 53 Rebecca Preston AUS
    17 2:20:03 8:32 62 Jocelyn McCauley USA
    18 2:21:41 10:11 54 Sarah Piampiano USA
    19 2:23:38 12:07 59 Tamara Kozulina UKR
  • Lionel Sanders is 3:30 back of lead group, and has opened up a small gap on the chase pack he was leading. McDonald is 90 seconds behind chase group, with Rapp 2:15 behind Sanders' pack. #IMTX
  • The swim cut-off is approaching for our age-group race...
  • @quarq Race Intelligence has Kelly Williamson at 6:00 behind the leaders right now. Check out her power plan from BestBikeSplit. Williamson is a phenomenal runner and posted a 2:54 marathon to take the win last year.
  • We're watching the cut-off closely, as 85-year-old Sister Madonna Buder aims to become the oldest IRONMAN finisher in history. She struggled with the swim in Kona last year and didn't finish...
  • Our spotters report that the wind is really starting to pick up in Richards. #IMTX
  • The #IMTX men's race hasn't changed at the front though their lead has shrunk. (Al-Sultan, Hoffman, Jurkowicz, Skipworth, Brandon, Ralert) Sanders is reportedly looking very strong and pulling the second group closer to the lead.
  • The leaders are heading into a crosswind now, and will face a stiff headwind on the return to T2. Expect to see gaps grow and race strategy really start to play out.
  • Fact: Andreas Raelert ran a 1:12 at St. Geroge 2 weeks ago on a hilly course. He's now riding in our lead pack, making him a major contender. #IMTX
  • Sanders is now 2:30 down to lead group. Joe Skipper has responded, but a gap has opened to Plese, Schildknecht, and Hanson. #IMTX
  • How are these athletes dealing with the rising heat and humidity? Check out these tips from Memorial Hermann:

    4 Ways to Beat the Heat

    IRONMAN.comIs the forecast for your next race looking steamy? Here's how to start preparing now.
  • Jordan Rapp has signalled to our spotters that it's just not his day. He was 7 minutes down on leaders at mile 50. #IMTX
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