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    Women at mile 42: Cave, then Joyce and Blakemore within 6 seconds, Naeth now in 4th (she made up almost 2 minutes in the last 10 miles), Wurtele 1:40 back, Jackson 3:00
    Keiko Tanaka and Bree Wee bring up the rear of the lead pack at 3:05 and 3:25 back. #IMTX
    Jordan Rapp has pulled out of the race #IMTX
    The women at mile 70: Duncan Naeth still leads, Cave a few seconds back, Joyce at 1:10 back, Blakemore 2:28 back, Wurtele at 4:00 #IMTX
    Al-Sultan has signalled to our spotters that he's really struggling. He's now riding in 10th, 5 minutes back. #IMTX
    Heather Jackson and Corinne Abraham are riding together 5:45 back #IMTX

    Jackson and Abraham

    Faris Al-Sultan just told our spotters that this might be his last race. Ever. He said he doesn't think he has what it takes anymore. #IMTX
    Faris is still riding but has started to soft-pedal.
    And Faris is officially out.
    Jordan Rapp has said in the car with our spotters that "Faris is a legend."
    Joe Skipper has pulled away from race leader Lionel Sanders. #IMTX
    Rachel Joyce has fallen 2 minutes back from Duncan (Naeth) and Leanda Cave at mile 80 #IMTX
    Pro men are at mile 95, and Sanders just asked our spotters who was up ahead. They told him Joe Skipper...
    Katy Blakemore is apparently hanging tough, and smiling more than anyone.
    Jordan Rapp,reporting from our spotter car, says that this is "anyone's race" right now. "Anyone who comes within 20 minutes of the lead bike has a good chance to win." #IMTX
    At mile 80 in the women's race it's Naeth, Cave 5 sec, Joyce at 2:10 (she lost a minute in the last 10 miles), Blakemore (3:35 back), and Abraham 4:50. She recently passed Wurtele and is leading her by 5 sec.
    Sanders is now :35 back of Skipper. #IMTX

    Skipper passes the iconic VR Cycling Studio where local athletes train year round.

    At mile 100:
    1 4:37:15 28 Joe Skipper GBR
    2 4:37:56 0:41 10 Lionel Sanders CAN
    3 4:39:33 2:18 4 Ben Hoffman USA
    Top 10 Pro Men through 100 miles

    1 4:37:15 28 Joe Skipper GBR
    2 4:37:56 0:41 10 Lionel Sanders CAN
    3 4:39:33 2:18 4 Ben Hoffman USA
    4 4:44:15 7:00 29 Todd Skipworth AUS
    5 4:44:16 7:01 14 Barrett Brandon USA
    6 4:44:22 7:07 22 Jeremy Jurkiewicz FRA
    7 4:44:24 7:09 24 David Plese SVN
    8 4:44:30 7:16 19 Matt Hanson USA
    9 4:47:04 9:50 27 Jonathan Shearon U
    10 4:47:08 9:53 6 Andreas Raelert DEU
    How do the pros approach nutrition for an IRONMAN race? Learn from their mistakes:

    From the Pros:

    IRONMAN.comIn the many years they've been doing the sport, these professional triathletes have heard it all. Here's what they'll never do again.
    Eyeing this race for next year? Check our Master the Course: Texas article:

    Master the Course: IRONMAN Texas

    IRONMAN.comRace your best in the Woodlands with these insider tips.
    Joe Skipper, #IMTX race leader, just passed mile 105.
    The men are approaching the "hilly" part of town now, a place where athletes can lay the hammer down to gain a little more time.
    Sanders is cresting the summit of "Mt. Woodlands," our spotters joke, 1:45 down to Skipper.
    Hoffman is 1:30 back of Sanders, and 3:15 behind Skipper. He and Sanders are riding at the same pace. #IMTX
    The pro women at mile 90: Duncan (Naeth) and Cave still leading, Joyce 3 minutes back, Abraham and Blakemore 4-plus minutes back. #IMTX
    Skipper was last seen racing IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans, where he admitted that he suffered on the run in the heat. He had a second-place finish at IRONMAN UK and sixth at IRONMAN Barcelona (8:20) in 2014 and is young and has plenty of potential.
    Skipper is into T2 #IMTX
    Lionel Sanders (CAN), 2nd off the bike. #IMTX A little grimace, but he looks smooth 2 min back from Skipper.
    How the heck do these pros run a marathon after 112 mile bike ride? Check out these tips:

    4 Keys to Running Faster off the Bike

    IRONMAN.comRunning an IRONMAN marathon will tax you in ways you didn't think possible. Prepare and execute wisely with these tried and true tips.
    Out of T2 and onto the marathon: Sanders 1:42 back and Hoffman 3:34 back. #IMTX
    Naeth continues to show the way and holds a four second advantage on Cave as the lead pair ride through 100 miles.
    A four or five minute gap for the men into T2 suggests that some are serving their penalties out on the course. #IMTX
    Joyce is next through 100 miles riding in third +3:41 back, while Abraham rolls through in fourth, +4:11 off the pace.
    Plese, Brandon, Skipworth and Hansen into T2.
    Matt Hansen offers a serious threat at this point on the run. He's last year's runner-up and course record holder here. (2:41) #IMTX
    Top Pro Men Bike Splits:

    1 4:10:08 26.9 28 Skipper, Joe Lowestoft GBR MPRO
    2 4:11:25 26.7 10 Sanders, Lionel Windsor CAN MPRO
    3 4:20:39 25.8 4 Hoffman, Ben Boulder USA MPRO
    4 4:21:20 25.7 24 Plese, David Ljubljana SVN MPRO
    5 4:21:26 25.7 19 Hanson, Matt Storm Lake USA MPRO
    6 4:22:26 25.6 27 Shearon, Jonathan Tucson USA MPRO
    7 4:28:12 25.1 29 Skipworth, Todd Nedlands AUS MPRO
    8 4:28:39 25.0 14 Brandon, Barrett Fort Worth USA MPRO
    Blakemore is currently riding in fifth (+5:32) and one of the pre race favorite, Wurtele goes through 100 miles looking at a +6:09 deficit.
    Rain clouds are starting to darken the Woodlands, ready to offer these athletes some reprieve. #IMTX
    1.5 miles into the run, Sanders has gained 20 seconds on Skipper. Hoffman has lost a few seconds only. #IMTX
    Another race favorite Heather Jackson just went through 100 miles in seventh, +10:14 off the pace being set by Naeth and Cave up front.
    If Matt Hansen runs like he did last year (2:41), Skipper's going to have to run a sub 2:50 to win this race. #IMTX
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