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    Barrett Brandon put in a surge on a bridge, a small climb, and is 15sec off the front of our men's race at mile 20. Ben Hoffman leads a pack of 5 behind. #IMTX
    Matt Hanson is leading a chase group at 5 mins down at mile 20. #IMTX
    From Quarq Race Intelligence, we see that Ronnie Schildknecht has averaged 306 watts over the past 15 minutes. He is still 5 minutes back of the leaders.

    Barrett Brandon off the front

    We can see that Rachel Joyce is running a 146 average heart rate, thanks to our new tracking data from Quarq.

    Lionel Sander leading third group back

    Lionel Sanders and Jordan Rapp are pulling away from the third group at mile 25 of #IMTX , as the sun comes out and the heat starts to build.
    5 men are riding in our second group, and Sanders is now gaining ground on them.
    Lionel Sanders, one of the race favorites here today, has broken away from the third group of men, and from Jordan Rapp. #IMTX
    The women at mile 20: Joyce, Cave 3 sec back, Blakemore 23 sec back. Heather Wurtele 1:50 back, who's the biggest mover so far in the women's race. #IMTX Tanaka Keiko is 2:20 back, with Corrie Kristick 2:30 from lead.
    Jordan Rapp's Quarq Race Intelligence shows that he holding 280 to 290 watts to stay with Lionel Sanders. The pair are approximately 5:30 back.
    David Plese is now pulling ahead of second group, flying to the lead group. #IMTX

    Plese making a move

    Bree Wee

    Angela Naeth and Bree Wee are 3:30 back, Kaitlin Anelauskaus is 4 min back, with Kelly Williamson at 4:!5, Heather Jackson at 4:20, and Tami Ritchie at 4:35 back at mile 20.
    Heather Wuertele has pushed 217 watts to close the gap to the lead women to less than 2 minutes.
    The men at mile 25: Al Sultan is now riding in first, Hoffman in 2nd, Jerkowicz in third, Skipworth in fourth, and Brandon in 5th, Raelert 6th, all within seconds of each other. #IMTX
    TOP 6 Pro Men - Thru Bike Split 1 - 30 miles

    1 1:59:31 2 Faris Al-Sultan DEU
    2 1:59:33 0:03 4 Ben Hoffman USA
    3 1:59:35 0:04 22 Jeremy Jurkiewicz FRA
    4 1:59:35 0:05 29 Todd Skipworth AUS
    5 1:59:36 0:06 14 Barrett Brandon USA
    6 1:59:39 0:08 6 Andreas Raelert DEU
    Second in Kona last year, Ben Hoffman averaged 274 watts to bike a 4:33. Check out his power file from Kona.
    Hansen and Schildkneckt are working hard in a chase group, trying to close the gap. They were both 7 minutes back on the swim and now just 5. Rapp and Sanders are riding just behind that group.
    TOP 10 Pro Men - Thru Bike Split 1 - 30 miles

    1 1:59:31 2 Faris Al-Sultan DEU
    2 1:59:33 0:03 4 Ben Hoffman USA
    3 1:59:35 0:04 22 Jeremy Jurkiewicz FRA
    4 1:59:35 0:05 29 Todd Skipworth AUS
    5 1:59:36 0:06 14 Barrett Brandon USA
    6 1:59:39 0:08 6 Andreas Raelert DEU
    7 2:04:05 4:35 24 David Plese SVN
    8 2:04:06 4:35 19 Matt Hanson USA
    9 2:04:09 4:39 8 Ronnie Schildknecht CHE
    10 2:04:10 4:39 20 Jarmo Hast FIN
    Heather Wurtele has made up a significant amount of time on the bike. Cave, Joyce, and Blakemore still lead. #IMTX
    Jordan Rapp had had contact with Sanders at one point, but has dropped off the pace and is riding in 14th, 5:20 back of the leader.
    The athletes are working hard to replace those electrolytes and calories in that hot Texan weather. Learn more about how to fuel for an IRONMAN here:

    Master Race-Day Nutrition: 10 Keys for Success

    IRONMAN.comDial in your food and drink to finish your first IRONMAN on top.

    Leanda leads #IMTX

    Angela Naeth is reportedly moving up in the women's field. #IMTX
    Heather Jackson is now riding closer to the front, too, with Bree Wee. #IMTX
    Sultan, Hoffman, Jerkowicz, Barrett, Skipworth, and Raelert lead going into Osborne. Sanders leads 2nd pack 4 min back, with Schildknect, Plese, Hanson, Hast, and Skipper. McDonald is 30 sec behind chase group with Rapp 30 seconds behind him.
    Top 10 Pro Women through mile 30:

    1 2:11:31 42 Leanda Cave GBR
    2 2:11:34 0:04 41 Rachel Joyce GBR
    3 2:11:54 0:23 57 Katy Blakemore USA
    4 2:13:58 2:27 44 Heather Wurtele CAN
    5 2:14:15 2:45 49 Angela Naeth CAN
    6 2:14:43 3:13 66 Keiko Tanaka JPN
    7 2:15:27 3:57 52 Corrie Kristick USA
    8 2:15:35 4:05 47 Heather Jackson USA
    9 2:15:37 4:06 45 Bree Wee USA
    10 2:16:43 5:13 55 Kaitlin Anelauskas USA

    Here come the men out of Osborne. Same order, Al Sultan leading at mile 40.

    Add to that.. @AngelaNaeth riding fastest by about 1k/hr according to @quarq race intelligence. Currently pulling up on @TeamWurtele #IMTX


    Faris Al-Sultan isn't a surprising force here at #IMTX. He's the 2005 IRONMAN world champion, a race he led from the front for most of the day.
    The pro women 11th-through 19

    11 2:17:22 5:51 40 Kelly Williamson USA
    12 2:18:06 6:35 51 Sofie Goos BEL
    13 2:18:42 7:12 63 Jessica Meyers USA
    14 2:18:45 7:15 68 Tami Ritchie USA
    15 2:19:12 7:42 43 Corinne Abraham GBR
    16 2:19:24 7:53 53 Rebecca Preston AUS
    17 2:20:03 8:32 62 Jocelyn McCauley USA
    18 2:21:41 10:11 54 Sarah Piampiano USA
    19 2:23:38 12:07 59 Tamara Kozulina UKR
    Lionel Sanders is 3:30 back of lead group, and has opened up a small gap on the chase pack he was leading. McDonald is 90 seconds behind chase group, with Rapp 2:15 behind Sanders' pack. #IMTX
    The swim cut-off is approaching for our age-group race...
    @quarq Race Intelligence has Kelly Williamson at 6:00 behind the leaders right now. Check out her power plan from BestBikeSplit. Williamson is a phenomenal runner and posted a 2:54 marathon to take the win last year.
    We're watching the cut-off closely, as 85-year-old Sister Madonna Buder aims to become the oldest IRONMAN finisher in history. She struggled with the swim in Kona last year and didn't finish...
    Our spotters report that the wind is really starting to pick up in Richards. #IMTX
    The #IMTX men's race hasn't changed at the front though their lead has shrunk. (Al-Sultan, Hoffman, Jurkowicz, Skipworth, Brandon, Ralert) Sanders is reportedly looking very strong and pulling the second group closer to the lead.
    The leaders are heading into a crosswind now, and will face a stiff headwind on the return to T2. Expect to see gaps grow and race strategy really start to play out.
    Fact: Andreas Raelert ran a 1:12 at St. Geroge 2 weeks ago on a hilly course. He's now riding in our lead pack, making him a major contender. #IMTX
    Sanders is now 2:30 down to lead group. Joe Skipper has responded, but a gap has opened to Plese, Schildknecht, and Hanson. #IMTX
    How are these athletes dealing with the rising heat and humidity? Check out these tips from Memorial Hermann:

    4 Ways to Beat the Heat

    IRONMAN.comIs the forecast for your next race looking steamy? Here's how to start preparing now.
    Jordan Rapp has signalled to our spotters that it's just not his day. He was 7 minutes down on leaders at mile 50. #IMTX
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