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  • Had an awesome time with my Finish Strong peeps at packet pick-up this afternoon! I'm getting excited!!! #IMTX #believe #yolo

  • Racing with my coach! #goalcrushing @big_sexyracing @b_i_g_s_e_x_y1 @lululemon #IMTX

  • Pro Men's Field:

    1 Rapp Jordan MPRO USA (United States)
    2 Al-Sultan Faris MPRO DEU (Germany)
    3 Daerr Justin MPRO USA (United States)
    4 Hoffman Ben MPRO USA (United States)
    5 McDonald Chris MPRO AUS (Australia)
    6 Raelert Andreas MPRO DEU (Germany)
    7 Russell Matthew MPRO USA (United States)
    8 Schildknecht Ronnie MPRO CHE (Switzerland)
    9 Del Corral Morales Victor MPRO ESP (Spain)
    10 Sanders Lionel MPRO CAN (Canada)
    11 Gomes Pedro MPRO PRT (Portugal)
    12 Becker Blake MPRO USA (United States)
    13 Botelho Raymond MPRO USA (United States)
    14 Brandon Barrett MPRO USA (United States)
    15 Brisindi Patrice MPRO CAN (Canada)
    16 Clarke Timothy MPRO USA (United States)
    17 Curbeau Matthew MPRO USA (United States)
    18 Delsaut Trevor MPRO FRA (France)
    19 Hanson Matt MPRO USA (United States)
    20 Hast Jarmo MPRO FIN (Finland)
    21 Holderbaum Chad MPRO USA (United States)
    22 Jurkiewicz Jeremy MPRO FRA (France)
    23 Kotland Peter MPRO CZE ( Czech Republic)
    24 Plese David MPRO SVN (Slovenia)
    25 Radevic Mario MPRO DEU (Germany)
    26 Schifferle Mike MPRO CHE (Switzerland)
    27 Shearon Jonathan MPRO USA (United States)
    28 Skipper Joe MPRO GBR (United Kingdom)
    29 Skipworth Todd MPRO AUS (Australia)
    30 Vazquez Jorge MPRO MEX (Mexico)
    31 Wheeler Patrick MPRO USA (United States)
    32 Schuster Patrick MPRO USA (United States)
  • Pro Women's Field:

    40 Williamson Kelly WPRO USA (United States)
    41 Joyce Rachel WPRO GBR (United Kingdom)
    42 Cave Leanda WPRO GBR (United Kingdom)
    43 Abraham Corinne WPRO GBR (United Kingdom)
    44 Wurtele Heather WPRO CAN (Canada)
    45 Wee Bree WPRO USA (United States)
    46 Corbin Linsey WPRO USA (United States)
    47 Jackson Heather WPRO USA (United States)
    48 Lindholm Camilla WPRO SWE (Sweden)
    49 Naeth Angela WPRO CAN (Canada)
    51 Goos Sofie WPRO BEL (Belgium)
    52 Kristick Corrie WPRO USA (United States)
    53 Preston Rebecca WPRO AUS (Australia)
    54 Piampiano Sarah WPRO USA (United States)
    55 Anelauskas Kaitlin WPRO USA (United States)
    56 Basso Anne WPRO FRA (France)
    57 Blakemore Katy WPRO USA (United States)
    58 Grohmann Katharina WPRO DEU (Germany)
    59 Kozulina Tamara WPRO UKR (Ukraine)
    60 Mack Danielle WPRO USA (United States)
    61 Martineau Caroline WPRO CAN (Canada)
    62 McCauley Jocelyn WPRO USA (United States)
    63 Meyers Jessica WPRO USA (United States)
    64 Morrison Samantha WPRO USA (United States)
    65 Prystayko Olesya WPRO UKR (Ukraine)
    66 Tanaka Keiko WPRO JPN (Japan)
    67 van der Merwe Natasha WPRO USA (United States)
    68 Ritchie Tami WPRO USA (United States)
  • “@linseycorbin: Unfortunately I won't be racing this weekend @ #IMTX. Dear 2015,” So sorry for you, get better soon!

  • All checked in!! #IMTX #IronmanTri

  • Always glad for my dad to come to these races with me #imtx #familyfirst @rudyprojectna #swagssportshoes @bhlouisville #clarksvilleschwinn #Xentiswheels @castellicycling #ironman

  • Announcing IRONMAN University and the first global standard in triathlon coaching @CEOIronman @IRONMANtri #IMTX

    by Christopher Stadler via twitter edited by Shawn Skene 5/14/2015 7:59:48 PM
  • Showdown in Texas

    "Everything is bigger in Texas" goes the saying, and the size and depth of the pro fields live up to the Lone Star State's mantra as The Woodlands, Texas prepares to host the 2015 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN  North American Championship Texas, presented by Waste Management, on Saturday.Featured men: Ben Hoffman, Faris Al-Sultan, Andreas Raelert,

    Chris McDonald Jordan Rapp, Lionel Sanders, Ronnie Schildknecht and
    Victor Del Corral Morales.

    Featured women:  Leanda Cave, Heather Wurtele, Rachel Joyce, Sofie Goos,  Kelly Williamson, Angela Naeth, Heather Jackson and Bree Wee. 

    Who will Prevail in Texas?" (IRONMANLive pro preview)

    Full professional start list

    Follow the IRONMAN Texas race action here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IMTX.

    Race start time: Saturday 6:25 a.m. CDT
  • Swim practice#imtx#teamsoas#nowetsuit#kona2015

  • Hanging at the #imtx expo with @katherinekellyl #womenfortri womenfortri whywetri @ Ironman Texas

  • Follow the IRONMAN Texas race action here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IMTX.
    Race start time: Saturday 6:25 a.m. CDT
  • It will be an experience of a life time! #IMTX @1406tips cervelocycles @hedcycling quarq

  • Wishing everyone in #IMTX a great race💪🏻 les deseo la mejor de las carreras a todos #ironmantexas #FabiolasEnergyNutrition #ironmantri #livethatdream #Swimbikerun #texas #thewoodlands #compressport #zerolimits #teamsoas#inspiration #motivation #triathlonlife #furtherfasterforever#tbf #triathlete #triatlon #healthy #fit#getitdone #youcandothis

  • Somebody made me important!!! #imtx #ironmantri #official #trilife

  • Updated Pro Start List

    1 Rapp Jordan
    2 Al-Sultan Faris
    3 Daerr Justin
    4 Hoffman Ben
    5 McDonald Chris
    6 Raelert Andreas
    7 Russell Matthew
    8 Schildknecht Ronnie
    9 Del Corral Morales Victor
    10 Sanders Lionel
    11 Gomes Pedro
    13 Botelho Raymond
    14 Brandon Barrett
    15 Brisindi Patrice
    16 Clarke Timothy
    17 Curbeau Matthew
    19 Hanson Matt
    20 Hast Jarmo
    21 Holderbaum Chad
    22 Jurkiewicz Jeremy
    23 Kotland Peter
    24 Plese David
    25 Radevic Mario
    26 Schifferle Mike
    27 Shearon Jonathan
    28 Skipper Joe
    29 Skipworth Todd
    30 Vazquez Jorge
    31 Wheeler Patrick
    32 Schuster Patrick
    40 Williamson Kelly
    41 Joyce Rachel
    42 Cave Leanda
    43 Abraham Corinne
    44 Wurtele Heather
    45 Wee Bree
    47 Jackson Heather
    48 Lindholm Camilla
    49 Naeth Angela
    51 Goos Sofie
    52 Kristick Corrie
    53 Preston Rebecca
    54 Piampiano Sarah
    55 Anelauskas Kaitlin
    57 Blakemore Katy
    58 Grohmann Katharina
    59 Kozulina Tamara
    61 Martineau Caroline
    62 McCauley Jocelyn
    63 Meyers Jessica
    65 Prystayko Olesya
    66 Tanaka Keiko
    67 van der Merwe Natasha
    68 Ritchie Tami
  • The quiet before the storm...good luck to all IMTX participants tomorrow!

  • #FTW: Who will Prevail in Texas?

    IRONMAN.comIRONMAN Live hosts Matt Lieto and Michael Lovato pick the A-teams for this weekend's big championship.
  • Good Morning from the Woodlands, Texas! And the pro men are off!
  • With the women to follow...
  • Leanda cave has moved to the start of the race early
  • Rachel Joyce now in the lead at 200 m, Cave in second
  • Todd Skipworth, Barrett Brandon, and Ben Hoffman have taken the lead of the men's race and are swimming in a pack of three in front. #IMTX
  • The IRONMAN Texas Swim

    The point-to-point swim takes place in Lake Woodlands.
    Athletes will
    enter the water at North Shore Park and swim toward South Shore Park.

    After reaching the turn-around buoy, athletes will head back toward
    North Shore Park, turn slightly right and swim down the Lake Woodlands
    waterway system before finishing at Town Green Park, which will serve as
    the transition area.

    The swim will be a rolling start.
    Athletes will enter the water in a
    continuous stream through a controlled access point, similar to how
    running road races are started.
    An athlete’s times will start when they
    cross timing mats under the swim arch.
    Athletes will be directed to
    self-seed on race morning based on their projected swim time.
    and staff will be in the staging area with signs and will assist with
    this process.
    Self-seeding will not be mandatory but will be encouraged.

    Age Group Athletes will begin to enter the water at 6:40 a.
    m. It is
    expected to take 25-30 minutes for all athletes to enter the water;
    everyone will be in the water by 7:10 a.

  • Faris Al-Sultan is 2 seconds behind lead swim pack of three.
  • With Jeremy Jurkiewicz close behind....and a 5 second gap to Ronnie Schildknect
  • Our spotters, reporting from paddleboards, say the women's race is starting to spread out.
  • At the 500 m mark, Joyce and Cave have a 13-second lead
  • The top 5 men are within 15 seconds of one another, 6th is 25 seconds back, 7th at 30, with a main pack of 20 swimmers 2 minutes back.
  • At #IMTX, Rachel Joyce is pushing the pace on the swim, with Leanda Cave nipping at her heels. A 3rd woman has bridged her early gap and is starting to catch Cave's heels.
  • 17 minutes into the swim, our lead group of 5 men still includes Skipworth, Brandon, Hoffman, Al-Sultan, and Jerkowicz. Raelert is 6th at 40 sec back
  • Age groupers are not far from their swim start now
  • She is ready! @caroline.lea @rokasports @theolympicclub @ironmantri #IMTX #ironman

  • #IMTX swim start. See you guys in 140.6 miles. #swimbikerun #triathlon #texas

  • Age-Groupers begin the 2.4 mile swim at #IMTX

  • We've got a number on that mysterious third female lead-pack swimmer: Katy Blakemore. She's in some world champion company up at the front. #ITMX
  • Our spotters have reported that the lead women have caught a trailing male pro.
  • The pro men are now 200 meters from the Waterway canal.
  • Ben Hoffman has lost his swim cap and is now 10 seconds back. Skipworth and Brandon still have 5 meters on Al Sultan and Jerkowicz.
  • The lead pack also includeds Ronnie Schildknecht and Matt Hanson, now into the canal.
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