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  • Former pro Park Byung Hoon (KOR) is racing as an age grouper today in the M40-44 category. He’s out of the swim in 1:09:04. @IronmanTaiwan

    1 Cameron Brown (NZL)
    2 Fredrik Croneberg (SWE)
    3 Rod DeKanel (FRA)
    4 Patrick Jaberg (SUI)
    5 Mauro Bartsch (SUI)
    6 Karol Dzalaj (SVK)
    7 Samuel Huerzeler (SUI)
    8 Nick Baldwin (SYC)
  • Unique tunnel passage from beach swim to T1 @IronmanTaiwan.

  • First mission: accomplished!

    Dede Griesbauer @dedegriesbauer has seized the lead on the bike @IronmanTaiwan
    We’re getting reports that Patrick Jaberg (SUI) leads at 55K on the bike.
  • SWIM
    Duan Kun-hao of Taiwan made it to shore just before the swim cut-off. The swim is now closed.

    Cameron Brown‭ (‬NZL‭) ‬confirmed as‭ ‬race leader‭ ‬at 55K with 2‭ ‬min‭. ‬margin‭ ‬over Patrick Jaberg‭ (‬SUI‭) ‬and Fredrik Croneberg‭ (‬SWE‭)‬.
  • The climbing portion of IM Taiwan over, Domenico Passuello (ITA) has moved into the lead on the bike. Still a long way to go.
  • Men's leader Passuello is fresh off a victory last weekend at Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya.
  • Domenico Passuello (ITA) still in lead at 80K of bike @IronmanTaiwan.

    Dede Griesbauer ahead of the pack at 74K, heading into long descent.
  • M25 athlete Guillaume Lecallier of France is the first age group athlete to pass 80 km. on the bike.
  • Women's race leader Dede Griesbauer won Ironman 70.3 Taiwan 2014.

  • @ceepo bike boss Joe Tanaka is well into his 50s - over 50 ultra distance triathlons, that is @IronmanTaiwan

  • After completing a long loop‭ ‬with challenging climbs and technical descents‭ ‬to the north‭ ‬and east of Kenting‭, ‬athletes swing back into the Kenting National Park area for three laps of a 22K‭ ‬rolling‭ ‬loop before heading to the transition to the marathon run‭. ‬
  • Domenico Passuello (ITA) retains a commanding lead 100 km. into the race, with Fredrik Croneborg, Patrick Jaberg (SUI), and Cameron Brown (NZL) close together 8 minutes behind.
  • There’s no mistaking the women’s leader on the bike. Dede Griesbauer (USA) retains a 10+ minute lead over Samantha Morrison (USA), with Dimity-Lee Duke (AUS) trailing Morrison by a slim margin.

  • Ironman Taiwan Fun Facts:
    -Youngest male athlete: Issei Ito (JPN). Just turned 20 in March. Student at Meiji University in Japan.
    -Youngest female athlete: Natsuki Kamijo (JPN), 21 Y/O on race day. Student at Waseda University in Japan.
    -Oldest female athlete: Hisako Yagi (JPGN), 61 Y/O on race day.
    -Oldest competitor: Toyomi Taki (JPN), 74 Y/O on race day.
  • Ironman Taiwan Fun Facts
    Racer #1003 Luis Alvarez (MEX) is doing his 119th Ironman today in Taiwan!
  • Race leader Domenico Passuello (ITA) with less than one-third of bike remaining.

  • Ironman Taiwan Fun Facts
    -Number of athletes: 1024 registrants (including pros)
    -Number of student volunteers: 460
  • Ironman Taiwan Fun Facts:

    “Masalu” to Taiwan! Taiwan has 16 officially recognized indigenous tribes. The largest, at over 200,000 population, is the Amis tribe. The most prominent indigenous group in the Pingtung region, where Ironman Taiwan is being held, is the Paiwan tribe (population ~90,000). “Masalu” is a common greeting in the Paiwan language.
  • Russian athlete Ivan Chumachenko (M30) picked up and continued riding after getting banged up in a crash. Way to go! It’s a long day ahead and there’s plenty of time to finish and become an IRONMAN!

    With under 10K to go in bike, race leader Domenico Passuello (ITA) is closing in on T2.
  • Domenico Passuello (ITA) is first off the bike and into transition! Only a marathon to go…

  • Men’s leader Domenico Passuello completed the bike in 4:32:16, for an average speed of 39.67 km/hr., unbelievable on this course and these conditions!
  • With Domenico Passuello (ITA) up the road in the lead, pre-race favorites and super runners Cameron Brown (NZL) and Fredrik Croneborg (SWE) are neck and neck and hot on his trail!

    1 Domenico Passuello (ITA)
    2 Cameron Brown (NZL)
    3 Fredrik Croneborg (SWE)
    4 Patrick Jaberg (SUI)
    5 Patrick Evoe (USA)
    Dede Griesbauer (USA) is out of transition and on the marathon course!

    1 Passuello, Domenico ITA 5:27:35 0:52:26 4:32:16
    2 Jaberg, Patrick SUI 5:36:22 0:52:21 4:40:53
    3 Brown, Cameron NZL 5:36:25 0:50:57 4:42:30
    4 Croneborg, Fredrik SWE 5:36:33 0:50:36 4:42:57
    5 Schifferle, Mike SUI 5:40:50 0:58:23 4:37:51
    6 Evoe, Patrick USA 5:41:24 0:55:42 4:42:27
    7 Dzalaj, Karol SVK 5:41:40 0:52:13 4:45:36
    8 Bartsch, Mauro SUI 5:43:58 0:52:42 4:47:51
    1 Domenico Passuello (ITA)
    2  Fredrik Croneborg (SWE)
    3  Cameron Brown (NZL)
    4  Patrick Jaberg (SUI)
    5  Patrick Evoe (USA)
    6  Karol Dzalaj (SVK)
    7  Mike Schifferle (SUI)
    8  Mauro Bartsch (SUI)
    9  Nick Baldwin (SYC)
    10 Samuel Huerzeler
  • First amateur male, Guillaume Lecallier (FRA) is out on the marathon course.
  • Women's leader Dede Griesbauer fills up at 2nd aid station on marathon.

  • Currently in 2nd, Fredrik Croneborg has opened a 4'20" gap on Cameron Brown.
  • Current Top 3 women on run:
    1 Dede Griesbauer
    2 Dimity-Lee Duke
    3 Keiko Tanaka
    1 Griesbauer, Dede USA 6:00:06 0:51:10 5:05:18
    2 Duke, Dimity-Lee AUS 6:18:36 0:58:07 5:16:14
    3 Tanaka, Keiko JPN 6:19:12 0:54:39 5:21:01
    4 Schwabenbauer, Kim USA 6:19:49 1:00:08 5:15:41
    5 Potuckova, Eva CZE 6:22:02 0:51:18 5:27:31
    6 Li, Shiao-Yu TPE 6:33:35 1:07:09 5:22:36
    7 Kohnlein, Angela GER 6:35:22 1:01:02 5:30:53
    8 Morrison, Samantha USA 6:35:52 0:51:05 5:40:57
    Dimity-Lee Duke 15:40 back of Dede on lap 2; Kim Schwabenbauer charging hard just 1:19 back in 3rd.
    Keiko Tanaka now running 4th, 2:50 of 3rrd.
    Eva Potuckova (CZE) holding strong in 5th.
  • Toyomi Taki, 74, is the oldest competitor in the field today.

  • Race leader Domenico Passuello on 3rd and final lap of run.
  • With ~10K left, Fredrik Croneborg has cut Domenico's lead to 3:30.
  • Domenico Passuello is 3 min. up on Fredrik Croneborg on the final lap of the marathon. Well back of the lead pair, Patrick Evoe (USA) has moved ahead of Cameron Brown (NZL) by a 1:25 margin to seize third place.
  • Two-time IM Hokkaido champion Shiao-Yu Li (Jenny) of Taiwan has moved into 4th place in the women’s race!
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