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    IRONMAN.comThe inaugural IRONMAN Taiwan will be hosted throughout the stunning Kenting region on April 12, 2015.

    Domenica si parte da qui.. Quasi quasi io rimango in spiaggia ????#IMTaiwan #solocosebelle

    Team Ford-Forza: Jomer Lim. Go chase your dreams, we'll be right behind you. Race Safe. Finish Strong. #Repost @jomerlim with @repostapp.・・・#Chasingdreams #IMtaiwan #FordForza #GoFurther #BuiltFordTough #rudyproject #iamspecialized #dansph #aeroiseverything #lightnup #zoot #aquasphere #holidaygymnspa

    Bike test #IMTaiwan

    #IMTaiwan registration today at Howard Beach Resort Kenting, Banquet Hall, from 10am - 6pm. Check out the Expo and IRONMAN store while you are there.

    Athletes' welcome dinner at #IMTaiwan kicks off with local indigenous performance.

    Everyone prepares, physically and mentally, in their own fashion for an Ironman race. This local athlete started his last pre-race day with an emphasis on relaxation #IMTaiwan

    Ironkids events are now a staple at races around the world. Saturday morning at #IMTaiwan belonged to an international contingent of future triathletes. Race favorite Cameron Brown @ChuckiBrown got his start as an Iron Kid a few years back.

    Athletes are out on the course making final preparations, adjustments and burning off some pre-race nervous energy. #IMTaiwan competitors will pass Sail Rock, a major scenic spot in Kenting, a few minutes into the 180 KM cycle tomorrow.

    Unique feature of Ironman Taiwan. Instead of crossing the street, after completing the 3800m swim, #IMTaiwan athletes pass directly from the beach at Little Bay through a tunnel to T1 at the Howard Plaza Resort.

    Pros had their game faces in at @IronmanTaiwan race briefing. #IMTaiwan.

    Pro athletes' pre-race briefing @IronmanTaiwan #IMTaiwan

    Volunteers at #IMTaiwan @IronmanTaiwan are giving age groupers a superstars' welcome.

    The alpha and omega - swim start and run finish - at #IMTaiwan @IronmanTaiwan.

    The alpha and omega - swim start and run finish - at #IMTaiwan @IronmanTaiwan.

    The weather in southern Taiwan is cool with intermittent showers, but each athlete checking in their bike at @IronmanTaiwan #IMTaiwan was met with a warm wave of enthusiasm from volunteers.

    Over 900 bikes have been checked in at the inaugural @IronmanTaiwan #IMTaiwan.

    Greetings from beautiful Kenting, Taiwan, where the inaugural @IronmanTaiwan kicks off with the pro start at 5:55 AM local time! #IMTaiwan
    It's still dark out but stars are visible as athletes head to the swim start at Little Bay. @IronmanTaiwan #IMTaiwan
    Just over a half hour to the pro start at @IronmanTaiwan. Race favorite @ChuckiBrown, 11-time IM New Zealand champ, is in the house.
    2015 Ironman Taiwan Professional Athlete Start List

    Male Pros

    001 Cameron Brown (NZL)
    002 Fredrik Coneborg (SWE)
    003 Karol Dzalaj (SVK)
    004 Nick Baldwin (SYC)
    005 Patrick Evoe (USA)
    006 Mauro Bartsch (SUI)
    007 Dan Brown (AUS)
    008 Rod DeKanel (FRA)
    009 Eneko Elosegui (ESP)
    010 Samuel Huerzeler (SUI)
    011 Patrick Jaberg (SUI)
    012 Henrik Oftedal (NOR)
    013 Domenico Passuello (ITA)
    014 Mike Schifferle (SUI)
    015 Yu Shinozaki (JPN)
    016 Josef Svoboda (CZE)
    017 Deak Zsombor (ROU)

    Female Pros
    021 Kim Schwabenbauer (USA)
    022 Camilla Lindholm (SWE)
    023 Dimity-Lee Duke (AUS)
    024 Keiko Tanaka (JPN)
    025 Dede Griesbauer (USA)
    026 Shiao-Yu Li (TWN)
    027 Sandra Fantini (FRA)
    028 Caroline Gregory (USA)
    029 Angela Kuhnlein (GER)
    030 Samantha Morrison (USA)
    031 Maki Nishiuchi (JPN)
    032 Eva Potuckova (CZE)
    033 Alena Stevens (SVK)

    The 3800m swim @IronmanTaiwan is a 2-lap affair. #IMTaiwan

    Following the pro start at 5:55, age group athletes @IronmanTaiwan will hit the water in a rolling start according to estimated swim time. #IMTaiwan

    Five minutes to men's' pro start @IronmanTaiwan. #IMTaiwan. Ladies follow 2 min. later.

    The inaugural @IronmanTaiwan is underway! Male and female pros are well into the first lap as AG racers hit the clear water in self-seeded waves three seconds apart. #IMTaiwan

    Over 900 athletes from 39 countries have started the swim @IronmanTaiwan. #IMTaiwan
    Men’s leaders @IronmanTaiwan after lap 1 of swim:

    Rod DeKanel (FRA)
    Cameron Brown @ChuckiBrown (NZL)
    Fredrik Croneborg @frreddie (SWE)
    Women’s leaders @IronmanTaiwan after lap 1 of swim: #IMTaiwan

    025 Dede Griesbauer (USA)
    030 Samantha Morrison (USA)
    032 Eva Potuckova (CZE)
    USAF information officer and 2-time Kona W18-24 AG champion Samantha Morrison is making her pro debut here at Ironman Taiwan! @shramwrap
    Only the age group athletes are permitted to don neoprene @IronmanTaiwan; pro swim is non-wetsuit affair.
    Men’s leaders @IronmanTaiwan after swim: #IMTaiwan

    Rod DeKanel (FRA)
    Fredrik Croneberg @frreddie (SWE)
    Cameron Brown @ChuckiBrown (NZL)
    Women’s swim leaders @IronmanTaiwan: #IMTaiwan

    Samantha Morrison (USA) @shramwrap
    Dede Griesbauer (USA) @dedegriesbauer
    Compatriots Samantha Morrison and Dede Griesbauer USA) are separated by 20 years in age, but just seconds after the swim. Swim leader Morrison is making her pro racing debut here @IronmanTaiwan at just 24. #IMTaiwan
    1 Kanel, Rod De FRA 0:50:35
    2 Croneborg, Fredrik SWE 0:50:36
    3 Brown, Cameron NZL 0:50:57
    4 Huerzeler, Samuel SUI 0:52:05
    5 Dzalaj, Karol SVK 0:52:13
    6 Jaberg, Patrick SUI 0:52:21
    7 Baldwin, Nick SYC 0:52:25
    8 Passuello, Domenico ITA 0:52:26
    9 Bartsch, Mauro SUI 0:52:42
    10 Evoe, Patrick USA 0:55:42
    1 Morrison, Samantha USA 0:51:05
    2 Griesbauer, Dede USA 0:51:10
    3 Potuckova, Eva CZE 0:51:18
    4 Nishiuchi, Maki JPN 0:54:38
    5 Tanaka, Keiko JPN 0:54:39
    6 Gregory, Caroline USA 0:57:14
    7 Duke, Dimity-Lee AUS 0:58:07
    Eva Potuckova of the Czech Republic was third pro lady after the swim in 51:18, 13 sec. back of Sam Morrison and 8 back of Dede Griesbauer.
    Athlete #1092 John Wragg (M65-69) of CAN is competing in his 185th Ironman event today @IronmanTaiwan! #IMTaiwan
    Out on the bike, swim leaders Rod DeKanel (FRA), Cameron Brown (NZL) and Fredrik Cronenberg (SWE) remain close at the first aid station.
    Women’s leaders at first aid station: 1. Dede Griesbauer (USA)
    2. Eva Potuckova (CZE)
    3. Samantha Morrison (USA)
    Former pro Park Byung Hoon (KOR) is racing as an age grouper today in the M40-44 category. He’s out of the swim in 1:09:04. @IronmanTaiwan

    1 Cameron Brown (NZL)
    2 Fredrik Croneberg (SWE)
    3 Rod DeKanel (FRA)
    4 Patrick Jaberg (SUI)
    5 Mauro Bartsch (SUI)
    6 Karol Dzalaj (SVK)
    7 Samuel Huerzeler (SUI)
    8 Nick Baldwin (SYC)
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