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IRONMAN New Zealand

    Gina Crawford along the Lake Taupo foreshore.

    Meredith Kessler on the charge for number four in Taupo. (Darryl Carey Photo)

    While Kessler serenely marches on to her fourth IRONMAN NZ crown boasting a 17:47 lead over Kiwi Gina Crawford at halfway on the run. Burke's advantage over Jones in third is now a vulnerable looking 30 seconds.
    Reithmeier makes the final turn back at 35km some 13:13 adrift of Brown.
    Brown is now inside the final 4km having reached 38.4km. What a man and what a reception he is likely to receive from the passionate Taupo crowd.
    Over in the women's race a similarly dominant Meredith Kessler has complete 28km of the run.
    At 38.4km Bozzone has surely conceded defeat to Brown. The Aucklander is now 5:31 behind the leader and Taupo master
    The coronation of Cameron Brown's 11 IRONMAN NZ is now just minutes away. Has any IRONMAN athlete in history quite dominated an event like the quietly-spoken Aucklander?
    It was 14 years ago when Cameron Brown claimed the first of IRONMAN NZ titles. What were you doing 14 years ago?
    @ChuckiBrown creates history with 11th @IMNZ success and becomes the oldest every IRONMAN champ #IMNZ
    Cameron Brown stops the clock in 8:22:13. The eighth fastest time ever on this course. The crowd give their man a rapturous reception.
    Quick update from the women's race. Kessler's lead at 28km from Crawford is now 18:43.
    The crowd now await the eternal IRONMAN NZ bridesmaid Terenzo Bozzone for what will be his fourth runner-up placing in the event.
    @terenzo1 secures his fourth runner-up spot @IMNZ podium in 8:28:52 to finish 6:40 down on @ChuckiBrown #IMNZ
    In a thrilling battle for third in the women's race, Kiwi Melanie Burke appears to have stemmed the tide and has extended her lead over chasing American Stephanie Jones to 1:07 at 28km
    A shock for third as @dylanmcniece pips Alex Reithmeier to take third in 8:38:04 #IMNZ
    McNeice trailed Reithemeier by almost two minutes at 38.4km only to pass the Australian in the latter stages and finish some 42 seconds clear. This completes an all Kiwi podium in the men's race.
    Meredith Kessler is no longer registering marks on the automatic timing system. We will endeavour to find out precisely what is happening as soon as we can.
    In the tussle for what we believe is third just four seconds separate Burke from Jones at 35km.
    @mbkessler has secured her fourth straight @IMNZ title in a course record time #IMNZ
    Kessler records 9:05:45 to hack 2:21 from her previous course record set 12 months ago.
    We now just await the likely second place finisher in the women's race Gina Crawford.
    In the men's race Swiss triathlete Mike Schifferle claims fifth in 8:46:32 with Kiwi Carl Read 8:47:40 nipping in for sixth courtesy of a strong run.
    @Gina_Crawford claimed second for the third straight time @IMNZ recording 9:26:10 #IMNZ
    It was a Kiwi podium with Dylan McNeice producing an outstanding run to pip Australian Alex Reithmeier in the final km to claim third in his debut in Taupo.
    1 Cameron BROWN  (#1) 8:22:12
    2 Terenzo BOZZONE  (#2) 8:28:52 +06:40
    3 Dylan MCNEICE  (#6) 8:38:04 +15:51
    4 Alex REITHMEIER  (#30) 8:38:46 +16:33
    5 Mike SCHIFFERLE  (#5) 8:46:32 +24:20
    6 Carl READ  (#29) 8:47:40 +25:28
    7 Simon COCHRANE  (#9) 8:51:10 +28:58
    8 Todd SKIPWORTH  (#10) 8:55:30 +33:18
    9 Chris SANSON  (#31) 8:56:05 +33:53
    10 Johan BORG  (#21) 9:06:05 +43:53
    1 Meredith KESSLER  (#11) 9:05:45
    2 Gina CRAWFORD  (#12) 9:26:10 +20:25
    3 Melanie BURKE  (#13) 9:41:50 +36:05
    4 Stephanie JONES  (#15) 9:47:31 +41:46
    5 Jocelyn MCCAULEY  (#18) 9:50:00 +44:15

    IRONMAN New Zealand's 11 time winner Cameron Brown. (Delly Carr photo)

    Women's winner for the fourth time, Meredith Kessler. (Delly Carr Photo)

    Best age groupers today:
    Daniel Plews (North Shore, NZL) 30-34 9:08.23
    Sean Ralph (Australia) 3034 9:11:46
    Quentin Fogarty (Auckland, NZL) 35-39 9:11:54
    Best female age groupers
    Zoe Clark (Victoria, Australia) 3034 10:12:36
    Carmel Tolhurst (Auckland, NZL) 25-29 10:13:53
    Vanessa Murray (Auckland, NZL) 30-34 10:16:34

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    1824: Tim Duncan (Auckland, NZL) 9:41:09
    2529: Sam Bennett (Western AUS) 9:16:26
    3034: Daniel Plews (North Shore, NZL) 9:08:23
    3539: Quentin Fogarty (Auckland, NZL) 9:11:54
    4044: Craig Kirkwood (Tauranga, NZL) 9:12:58
    4549: Mike Johnston (Wanaka, NZL) 9:51:59
    5054: Ken Glah (USA) 9:52:33
    5559: Geoff Hawke (ACT, AUS) 10:17:44
    6064: John Gordon (Wanaka, NZL) 10:15:49
    6569: Brian Scott (Whanganui, NZL) 12:42:16
    7074: Ray Lichtwark (Rotorua, NZL) 13:26.44
    Women, 18-24: Nicola McCormick (Te Awamutu, NZL) 10:30:16
    2529: Carmel Tolhurst (Auckland, NZL) 9:53.29
    3034: Zoe Clark (Victoria, Australia) 0:53:19
    3539: Nikki Edwards (Hamilton, NZL) 10:05:28
    4044: Kate Greenfield (Busselton, AUS) 10:30:34
    4549: Kaori Tokai (Japan) 10:29:53
    5054: Christine Heidemann (Germany) 9:59:23
    5559: Janie White (NSW, AUS) 10:57:47
    6064: Michele Allison (Wellington, NZL) 11:35
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