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IRONMAN New Zealand

  • Exciting stage of the men's elite race as the athletes will soon be expected to come into T2.
  • Among the other more interesting competitors to look out for include 52-year-old American Ken Glah, a back-to-back time former winner of IRONMAN NZ in 1992-93, who has competed in more than 100 IRONMANS
  • The lead elite men to hit second transition very shortly. Bozzone held a 2:49 lead from O'Grady at the last split we had at 150km.
  • At the 150km mark on the bike, Crawford is 15:30 down on Kessler.
  • While its looking very good for Kessler the men's race is proving a much more open affair.
  • Brown must have made a huge move during the final 30km on the bike. Entering T2 his three minute lead has evaporated. The pair come in together. The battle is on.
  • O'Grady enters T2 some 1:31 down on the lead pair in third.
  • @ChuckiBrown enters T2 neck and neck with @terenzo1 with O'Grady a further 1:31 back #IMNZ
  • An absorbing duel between the lead pair now set - although Brown has always got the better of Bozzone is previous run legs at IRONMAN NZ.
  • The next official split we will have on the run will come at the 3.8km mark.
  • Alex Reithmeier enjoyed an excellent bike and is fourth going into T2 some 4:53 down.
  • Our course spotters are reporting Brown has opened up a 20m gap on Bozzone at the head of affairs.
  • Arriving fifth into second transition is Mike Schifferle of Switzerland (8:27) down on the lead duo at the same point.
  • Should Brown go on to win from this position he will break his own record as the oldest man ever to win an elite IRONMAN.
  • Skipworth (10:04) and McNeice (10:14) arrive at T2 in sixth and seventh, respectively.
  • Brown has built on his early run advantage. At 4km he holds a handy 20-second lead on Bozzone.
  • @ChuckiBrown looking good after 4km of the run. He boasts a 20-second lead from @terenzo1 #IMNZ
  • Not looking quite so fresh in third at 4km into the run is O'Grady who now trails Brown by 2:44.
  • Just to confirm the top ten in the elite men's race coming into T2. In eighth Simon Cochrane (14:12), Carl Read ninth (14:16) and Nick Baldwin (14:49) in tenth.
  • Looking a little sluggish in fourth is Aussie Reithmeier who passes the 4km point of the run 6:00 down on Brown.
  • Cameron Brown has just gone through 7.4km on the run. His lead from Bozzone is now 48 seconds.
  • @ChuckiBrown will take some stopping. His lead from @terenzo1 is 48 seconds at 7.4km on the run #IMNZ
  • O'Grady passes 7.4km on the run 3:40 down on Brown in third.
  • So as we approach a quarter distance on the run, Brown is looking very good for what would be his 11th IRONMAN NZ. Reithemeier 6:13 back at 7.4km.
  • Approaching 10km into the run and Brown's advantage now 1:15 over Bozzone.
  • Dylan McNeice sits fifth (12:55) down at 7.4km with Schifferle a further 31 seconds back in sixth.
  • In the elite women's race @mbkessler through T2 holding a 14:59 lead from @Gina_Crawford #IMNZ
  • The official split at 10.9km confirms Brown's increasing dominance. He leads Bozzone by 1:25. A further 3:30 back on Bozzone is O'Grady
  • Melanie Burke enters T2 in third some 21:33 down on Kessler but a little over six-a-half minutes adrift of second placed Crawford.
  • Stephanie Jones of the USA is the fourth athlete in the elite women's race to reach second transition. She trails Kessler by a massive 25:55.
  • Cameron Brown has reached the 14.2km mark in 6:26:19.
  • Cameron Brown's grip on the race is strengthened. He is 2:05 clear of Bozzone at 14.2km.
    Terenzo BOZZONE  (#2) 5:31:36
    Cameron BROWN  (#1) 5:31:37 +00:00
    Graham O'GRADY  (#26) 5:33:08 +01:31
    Alex REITHMEIER  (#30) 5:36:29 +04:53
    Bevan MCKINNON  (#625) 5:39:09 +07:32
    Mike SCHIFFERLE  (#5) 5:40:03 +08:27
    Todd SKIPWORTH  (#10) 5:41:41 +10:04
    Dylan MCNEICE  (#6) 5:41:51 +10:14
    Simon COCHRANE  (#9) 5:45:48 +14:12
    Carl READ  (#29) 5:45:52 +14:16
  • Highlights of the first half of the women's bike highlights
  • The battle for third is rising in tension. O'Grady is now 5:58 behind Brown at 14.2km, but significantly his advantage over Reithmeier is now only 43 seconds.
  • At 3.8km of the run, Crawford, the 2009 champion, trails Kessler by 16:49.
  • Masterful Brown has opened up the gap to Bozzone to 2:20 at 16km.
  • Kessler has turned at 7.4km in the women's race and should she run around 3:06 she can threaten her own course record time of 9:08:06.
  • A switch around in the battle for the final podium spot. Alex Reithmeier, who is looking in great shape, has moved into third, relegating a struggling O'Grady to fourth.
  • Relentless Brown strides past 17.6km in an overall time of 6:39:48. Can anything or anyone now deny him victory number 11.
  • The gap back to Bozzone at 17.6km now 2:36. Terenzo is now consistently shedding time to the ten-times champion.
  • Meredith Kessler continues to push clear of the race -0 now 17 mins ahead of Gina Crawford after the first 7.4kms of the run at the turn.
  • Just beyond the halfway mark, Brown's continues to push relentlessly on. At 21.3km the gap is 3:13 on Bozzone. Reithmeier is 6:31 back in third behind the champion elect. O'Grady is losing time hand over first on his rivals and he is now 10:43 in arrears..
  • A quick update from the elite women's race. Kessler chasing her own course record is 17:33 clear of Gina Crawford in second at 10.9km.
  • The 24.7km split confirms that Brown now holds a 3:37 lead on the chasing Bozzone.
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