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    Not looking quite so fresh in third at 4km into the run is O'Grady who now trails Brown by 2:44.
    Just to confirm the top ten in the elite men's race coming into T2. In eighth Simon Cochrane (14:12), Carl Read ninth (14:16) and Nick Baldwin (14:49) in tenth.
    Looking a little sluggish in fourth is Aussie Reithmeier who passes the 4km point of the run 6:00 down on Brown.
    Cameron Brown has just gone through 7.4km on the run. His lead from Bozzone is now 48 seconds.
    @ChuckiBrown will take some stopping. His lead from @terenzo1 is 48 seconds at 7.4km on the run #IMNZ
    O'Grady passes 7.4km on the run 3:40 down on Brown in third.
    So as we approach a quarter distance on the run, Brown is looking very good for what would be his 11th IRONMAN NZ. Reithemeier 6:13 back at 7.4km.
    Approaching 10km into the run and Brown's advantage now 1:15 over Bozzone.
    Dylan McNeice sits fifth (12:55) down at 7.4km with Schifferle a further 31 seconds back in sixth.
    In the elite women's race @mbkessler through T2 holding a 14:59 lead from @Gina_Crawford #IMNZ
    The official split at 10.9km confirms Brown's increasing dominance. He leads Bozzone by 1:25. A further 3:30 back on Bozzone is O'Grady
    Melanie Burke enters T2 in third some 21:33 down on Kessler but a little over six-a-half minutes adrift of second placed Crawford.
    Stephanie Jones of the USA is the fourth athlete in the elite women's race to reach second transition. She trails Kessler by a massive 25:55.
    Cameron Brown has reached the 14.2km mark in 6:26:19.
    Cameron Brown's grip on the race is strengthened. He is 2:05 clear of Bozzone at 14.2km.
    Terenzo BOZZONE  (#2) 5:31:36
    Cameron BROWN  (#1) 5:31:37 +00:00
    Graham O'GRADY  (#26) 5:33:08 +01:31
    Alex REITHMEIER  (#30) 5:36:29 +04:53
    Bevan MCKINNON  (#625) 5:39:09 +07:32
    Mike SCHIFFERLE  (#5) 5:40:03 +08:27
    Todd SKIPWORTH  (#10) 5:41:41 +10:04
    Dylan MCNEICE  (#6) 5:41:51 +10:14
    Simon COCHRANE  (#9) 5:45:48 +14:12
    Carl READ  (#29) 5:45:52 +14:16
    Highlights of the first half of the women's bike highlights
    The battle for third is rising in tension. O'Grady is now 5:58 behind Brown at 14.2km, but significantly his advantage over Reithmeier is now only 43 seconds.
    At 3.8km of the run, Crawford, the 2009 champion, trails Kessler by 16:49.
    Masterful Brown has opened up the gap to Bozzone to 2:20 at 16km.
    Kessler has turned at 7.4km in the women's race and should she run around 3:06 she can threaten her own course record time of 9:08:06.
    A switch around in the battle for the final podium spot. Alex Reithmeier, who is looking in great shape, has moved into third, relegating a struggling O'Grady to fourth.
    Relentless Brown strides past 17.6km in an overall time of 6:39:48. Can anything or anyone now deny him victory number 11.
    The gap back to Bozzone at 17.6km now 2:36. Terenzo is now consistently shedding time to the ten-times champion.
    Meredith Kessler continues to push clear of the race -0 now 17 mins ahead of Gina Crawford after the first 7.4kms of the run at the turn.
    Just beyond the halfway mark, Brown's continues to push relentlessly on. At 21.3km the gap is 3:13 on Bozzone. Reithmeier is 6:31 back in third behind the champion elect. O'Grady is losing time hand over first on his rivals and he is now 10:43 in arrears..
    A quick update from the elite women's race. Kessler chasing her own course record is 17:33 clear of Gina Crawford in second at 10.9km.
    The 24.7km split confirms that Brown now holds a 3:37 lead on the chasing Bozzone.
    Reithmeier hits the 24.7km mark trailing Brown by 7:35.
    Kessler marches inexorably onward to her fourth IRONMAN NZ win as the Californian reaches the 17.6km point.
    O'Grady still sits fourth at 24.7km 14:48 back with 58 seconds further down his fellow Kiwi Dylan McNeice in fifth.
    Crawford has just gone through 14.2km but is a massive 17:56 down on Kessler, the long-time leader.
    Cameron Brown receiving huge cheers around the course from the Taupo crowd has complete 28km of the run, so only a little over 14km remaining. His advantage over Bozzone is now 4:05.
    Reithmeier is 10:36 behind Brown at 28km looking increasingly secure in his pursuit of the final podium spot.
    @mbkessler reaches halfway on the run with an enormous lead surely destined for her fourth title #IMNZ
    @ChuckiBrown continues to push on. Passing the 31.4km timing split in 7:36:32 #IMNZ
    In a competitive battle for third in the women's pro race, Kiwi Melanie Burke holds a 1:59 advantage from the pursuing Stephanie Jones at 14.2km.
    Either Brown has picked up the pace or Bozzone is slowing down. He has lost nearly a minute to the ten-time champion in the last 3.5km. The gap between the lead pair at 31.4km is 4:52.
    Both McNeice and Schifferle has caught and passed the fading O'Grady who must be praying for the finish line to come as soon as possible as his race is quickly unravelling.
    Brown's iron-like grip on the race is tightening as course spotters have confirmed his advantage over Bozzone is five minutes. He appears to be running within himself in increasingly windy conditions.
    @ChuckiBrown has turned for the last time at 35km which barring accidents should deliver @IMNZ victory again #IMNZ
    In the race for third spot in the women's race, Burke's advantage over Jones has been slashed to 1:01 at 17.6km. Jones running at 4:24 pace and Burke at 4:37.
    Bozzone flashes through 35km some 4:56 behind Brown.

    Graham O'Grady in his IRONMAN debut in Taupo. (Darryl Carey photo)

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