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IRONMAN New Zealand

  • Dylan McNeice out in new unofficial swim record of 44:25. (Darryl Carey Photo)

  • In the women's race @mbkessler clocks a swim time of 49:35 to lead @Gina_Crawford by 1:48.
  • Age group start. (Darryl Carey Photo)

  • Down in third in the swim is Jocelyn McCauley 9:10 down on Kessler.
  • Terenzo Bozzone out of the swim. (Darryl Cary Photo)

  • Early reports at 10km in the bike; O'Grady and Skipworth are together at the head of affairs and have opened up a 55 second gap on Dylan McNeice.
  • Bozzone at 10km on the bike is some 3:03 down on the lead duo in fourth with James Cotter fifth 3:15 down on the leaders.
  • Kessler's swim time this year was 2:49 down on the time she recorded for first leg en route to the course record she set 12 months ago.
  • Cameron Brown hits the 10km mark on the bike in seventh some 6:14 back from the leaders. In sixth

  • In sixth spot 5:55 adrift of the leaders is Ricky Swindale of Australia.
  • Meredith Kessler out of the swim. (Darryl Carey Photo)

  • At the 10km mark on the bike Kessler has opened up a 3:18 advantage on Crawford.
    1 Dylan MCNEICE  (#6) 0:44:25
    2 Graham O'GRADY  (#26) 0:44:28
    3 Todd SKIPWORTH  (#10) 0:44:31
    4 Terenzo BOZZONE  (#2) 0:47:03
    5 James COTTER  (#23) 0:47:03
    6 Andrew YODER  (#8) 0:47:59
    7 Simon COCHRANE  (#9) 0:49:58
    8 Cameron BROWN  (#1) 0:50:01
    9 Alex REITHMEIER  (#30) 0:50:02
    10 Nick BALDWIN  (#4) 0:50:05
  • The race just starting to settle down with Aussie Skipworth and Kiwi O'Grady at the front. To summarise; we have just seen the three fastest swims ever on this course.
    1 Meredith KESSLER  (#11) 0:49:35
    2 Gina CRAWFORD  (#12) 0:51:24
    3 Jocelyn MCCAULEY  (#18) 0:58:45
    4 Stephanie JONES  (#15) 1:00:38
    5 Erin FURNESS  (#17) 1:01:08
    6 Melanie BURKE  (#13) 1:02:45
    7 Conny DAUBEN  (#16) 1:06:07
  • Should Cameron Brown clinch an 11th IRONMAN NZ he will have to do it the hard way. He is outstanding rider and runner, but he is more than six minutes back. We await the next time check.
  • Joint leader on the bike Graham O'Grady obviously likes Taupo, he finished second in the half-ironman event in the city just before Christmas.
  • Leading age grouper out of the swim was New Zealand's Hayden Corkin from New Plymouth (3034) in 50:34.
  • First female age grouper out of the swim was New Zealand's Penny Hayes (Invercargill) in 25-29 years age group in 51:45.
  • At 30km on the bike no change in the men's race with Skipworth and O'Grady up front 56 seconds clear of McNeice.
  • Terenzo Bozzone is making inroads on the leaders and as 1:50 back on the leaders in fourth. Cotter is 3:25 back in fifth. Brown is also taking close order in joint sixth alongside Swindale 4:16 back on the front two. Just to clarify this is at the 30km mark on the bike.
  • Kessler continues to reveal her dominance. At 30km on the bike she has opened up a 4:50 advantage on Crawford.
  • At 30km it is @toddy_skippy and Graham O'Grady leading @dylanmcneice by 56secs
  • Graham O'Grady out in front on the first lap of the bike.

  • Skipworth is an interesting athlete. He struck gold as a rower with the Aussie lightweight coxless fours at the 2011 World Championships and finished fourth in that event at the 2012 Olympics.
  • The 30-year-old Aussie is also proving an accomplished triathlete. Last year he won the gruelling long distance Alpe d'Huez Triathlon.
  • It is very lightly drizzling here in Taupo. If this persists it may not be ideal for the cyclists.
  • At 46km on the bike, O'Grady leads Skipworth by ten seconds. Some 56 seconds down O'Grady in third is Bozzone with two seconds further back McNeice.
  • Interestingly, Cameron Brown up to fifth at 46km on the bike and he is 2:51 back on the leaders.
  • Todd Skipworth on the bike.

  • Aussie Alex Reithmeier is up to sixth 3:25 down on the leader. Kiwi James Cotter is 3:29 down in seventh. James Bowstead is almost six minutes behind O'Grady in eighth.
  • Meredith Kessler on the bike.

  • Gina Crawford on the bike.

  • The excitement will be building for the locals that O'Grady from nearby Kinloch is leading the race.
  • @mbkessler hits the 46km mark on the bike leading in a time of 2:05:51 #IMNZ
  • Troubles for American Andrew Yoder - he limped into transition out of the water which was we assume was cramp. He got out on the bike but 6 minutes down but he has not made the turn at Reporoa.
  • Gina Crawford has finally come through 46km on the bike. The Wanganui-based athlete is some 5:44 down on Kessler.
  • At the 50km mark, O'Grady has extended his advantage on Skipworth to 27 seconds. Meanwhile, Terenzo Bozzone looms ever closer. The three-time podium finisher at IRONMAN NZ is now just 43 seconds back on the leader.
  • Exactly one minute down on O'Grady is Christchurch's Dylan McNeice with pre-race favourite and number one seed Cameron Brown in fifth 2:31 back.
  • In the women's elite race Meredith Kessler has gone through 50km.
  • Andrew Yoder of the USA has climbed off the bike and officially quit the men's elite race.
  • At the 50km mark Kessler's advantage over Gina Crawford now sits at 6:05. Early days, but we could be set for a Kessler-Crawford one-two finish for the third successive year.
  • As an additional incentive 50 spots are available today for age-groupers at the 2015 IRONMAN World Championships.
  • An update from the 46km mark on the bike in the women's elite race. Stephanie Jones of the US passed this mark 16:00 down on Kessler in third. Jocelyn McCauley also of the US was fourth in 18:12 with Kiwi Melanie Burke, an ex-international cyclist, in fifth 19:47 down.
  • The rain has now stopped and conditions now best described as overcast.
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