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IRONMAN Kalmar - English

  • Nilsson just passed the half marathon mark. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Danielsson also has passed the half marathon mark now with a 10 minutes diference #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Nilsson, Patrik (SWE) +00:00 06:46:57
    2 Danielsson, Karl-Johan (SWE) +10:18 06:57:15
  • The top 3 women at km 11 #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Stienen, Astrid (GER) +00:00 06:49:09
    2 Moe, Mette (NOR) +07:20 06:56:29
    3 Lindholm Borg, Camilla (SWE) +09:58 06:59:07
  • Patrik Nilsson is already at km 24,8. The finish line on Stortorget gets crowded already. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • This would be the first male Swedish victory here in Kalmar. Asa Lundström brought home the victory in 2012 already but people here also want to see a Swedish male on the top podium place. The excitement is in the air already. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Dougal Allan from New Zealand passed by Karl Johan Danielsson and is on 2nd place now! #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Here are the top 3 on the marathon #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Nilsson, Patrik (SWE) +00:00 06:59:35
    2 Allan, Dougal (NZL) +12:36 07:12:11
    3 Danielsson, Karl-Johan (SWE) +13:01 07:12:36
  • Only 10 km to go for Nilsson. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • After his victory at the IRONMAN Malaysia last year it would be his 2nd win in an IRONMAN race. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Last year Patrik Nilsson got 12th here in Kalmar #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Blue skies in Kalmar

  • Who's going to be up there later today? #IMKalmar #IMSweden

  • Top 5 male on the run course #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Nilsson, Patrik (SWE) +00:00 07:14:26
    2 Allan, Dougal (NZL) +13:16 07:27:42
    3 Danielsson, Karl-Johan (SWE) +16:33 07:30:59
    4 Näsvik, David (SWE) +24:15 07:38:41
    5 Lindén, Andreas (SWE) +25:47 07:40:13
  • On the women's side Camilla Lindholm Borg is second now. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Astrid Stienen just passed the half marathon mark now. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Crowded finish line at Stortorget!

  • Running by the finish means a lot of attention of the spectators.

  • Nilsson just passed the 35 km mark. Another 7 to go. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Top 3 ladies at the half marathon mark #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Stienen, Astrid (GER) +00:00 07:35:17
    2 Lindholm Borg, Camilla (SWE) +09:01 07:44:18
    3 Moe, Mette (NOR) +09:17 07:44:34
  • Both leaders have an incredible gap between them and their chasers. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Only 4 ks to go for Nilsson! What a day! How great for the Swedish race to get a Swedish Champion here in Kalmar! #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • There are 15:30 between Nilsson and Allan already. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Nilsson is very close. He will be here shortly. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • IRONMAN Kalmar Sweden has its first Swedish champion!!! #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Patrik Nilsson won the 4th edition in 08:08:05 #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Patrik Nilsson wins the 4th edition of #IMKalmar #IMSweden

  • Patrik Nilsson wins #IMKalmar #IMSweden

  • Winner's kiss #IMKalmar #IMSweden

  • Dougal Allan is very close. The second will pass the finish line in a few minutes. #IMKalmar IMSweden
  • Dougal Allan from New Zealand got second here at the #IMKalmar #IMSweden in 08:25:33. Congrats!
  • Astrid Stienen has another 10kms to run. Lindholm Borg is 7 minutes behind her. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Waiting for the 3rd man Karl Johan Danielsson. The last split showed a 10 minutes gap between him and the 2nd. #IMKalmar #IMSweden
  • Here are the top 3 men at #IMKalmar #IMSweden:
    1 Nilsson, Patrik (SWE) +00:00 08:08:05
    2 Allan, Dougal (NZL) +17:28 08:25:33
    3 Danielsson, Karl-Johan (SWE) +30:02 08:38:07
  • Karl Johan Danielsson finishes 3rd at #IMKalmar #IMSweden

  • Spent most of the day together: Patrik Nilsson and Karl Johan Danielsson

  • The 2 Swedes enjoy the crowd

  • First Swedish Champion Patrik Nilsson

  • 3rd Karl Johan Danielsson from Sweden

  • 2nd Dougal Allan from New Zealand

  • Champaign shower

  • Top 3 at #IMKalmar #IMSweden

  • Astrid Stienen from Germany wins her first IRONMAN ever here in Kalmar! She takes her victory in 09:12:27 #IMKalmar #IMSweden
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