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IRONMAN Kalmar - English

  • Pro men start list:

    1 Nilsson Patrik MPRO SWE (Sweden)
    2 Manocchio Guilherme MPRO BRA (Brazil)
    3 Passuello Domenico MPRO ITA (Italy)
    4 Bärtsch Mauro MPRO SUI (Switzerland)
    5 Olesen Allan MPRO DEN (Denmark)
    6 Näsvik David MPRO SWE (Sweden)
    7 Lassonde Cedric MPRO FRA (France)
    8 Danielsson Karl-Johan MPRO SWE (Sweden)
    9 Jezko Ivan MPRO SVK (Slovakia)
    10 Polan Lukáš MPRO CZE (Czech Republic)
    11 Borg Johan MPRO AUS (Australia)
    12 Flagstad Frederik MPRO DEN (Denmark)
    13 Nagel Mathias MPRO GER (Germany)
    14 Jalovecky Michal MPRO CZE (Czech Republic)
    15 Nemcik Marek MPRO SVK (Slovakia)
    16 Lind Nis MPRO DEN (Denmark)
    17 Kärner Johan MPRO SWE (Sweden)
    18 Lindén Andreas MPRO SWE (Sweden)
    19 Allan Dougal MPRO NZL (New Zealand)
    20 Hemet Nicolas MPRO FRA (France)
    21 Dragstra Luke MPRO CAN (Canada)
  • Pro women start list:

    51 Abraham Corinne FPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    52 Stienen Astrid FPRO GER (Germany)
    53 Moe Mette FPRO NOR (Norway)
    54 Lindholm Borg Camilla FPRO SWE (Sweden)
    55 Csomor Erika FPRO HUN (Hungary)
    56 McCauley Jocelyn FPRO USA (United States)
    57 Neuscheler Evi FPRO GER (Germany)
    58 Wernick Charisa FPRO USA (United States)
    59 Graaf Emma FPRO SWE (Sweden)
  • The place to be: the cozy city Kalmar in the South West of Sweden. #IMKalmar

  • In 24 hours this will be a crowded place: the finish line at Stortorget in the city center of Kalmar #IMKalmar

  • The 4th edition of the beautiful race in Kalmar, Sweden is ready for its 2463 athletes tomorrow. Despite choppy water conditions the weather forcast predicts a wonderful day with 25°C and sunshine. The race starts at 6:55 a.m. Join us here. #IMKalmar

  • Tomorrow's final meters... #IMKalmar

  • IRONMAN is in town #IMKalmar

  • What an entry to the Swedish race. #IMKalmar

  • Excited faces.

  • Fans are all set.

  • Final preparations at #IMKalmar

  • Welcome to a beautiful race morning at the 4th edition of #IMKalmar! It's 20.8 °C, windy and there are going to be rough swimming conditions.
  • 5 minutes to go until the pro field starts its 3.8km in the very choppy Baltic Sea. #IMKalmar
  • The swim start is crowded. About 10,000 people made their early way there. #IMKalmar
  • 1 minute to go until the start of the 4 edition of #IMKalmar
  • The race just started! The pros are off to the rough conditions of the Baltic Sea. Thousands of fans cheer them. #IMKalmar
  • Welcome to the 2015 Ironman Kalmar.

    Follow the IRONMAN Sweden race action on Saturday here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IMKalmar.

    Race start time: Saturday, Aug 15: 6:55 a.m. CEST
  • The start is a rolling start and age groupers will get into the race between 7.00 and 7.15. #IMKalmar
  • 2,463 age groupers are just on their way to the 3.8 km of swim. #IMKalmar
  • Patrik Nilsson, the Swedish hope for this race, leads the swimmers right now. #IMKalmar
  • The Swedish Nilsson had a great year. He won the IRONMAN Malaysia 2014, 2nd at IRONMAN Australia 2014 and 2nd at IRONMAN Mallorca. #IMKalmar
  • He is still in the lead after approx. 600 meters. #IMKalmar
  • All athletes have started the race now. #IMKalmar
  • Two athletes are in the lead, one of them is Patrik Nilsson. There is a gap of about 100m between them and the rest of the field!! #IMKalmar
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