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    Pro Male race cycle update.
    #8 ESP Xavier Nunez Fauste in 1st place leading 50m ahead of 2nd place #13 DEU Swen Sundberg at the 64km mark
    バイク64Km地点、レースナンバー8 Xavier Nunez Fauste(スペイン)が、2位のレースナンバー13 Swen Sundberg(ドイツ)を50m程リードして1位で通過。
    Pro female race update.
    Reports have come in that #29 Marina Jurjevic AUS has withdrawn from the race after mechanical issues
    Japan has a long history with IRONMAN, dating back to 1985 as the first IRONMAN event in Asia and the second international qualifier after New Zealand. 2015 race day features an inviting swim in the flat, clear drinkable water of Lake Toya; a bike course with impressive views of imposing mountains, volcanoes and lush farmland; and wraps up with arguably one of the sport’s most spectacular run courses alongside Lake Toya showcasing fireworks in the night sky.

    View course maps below

    Originally from:
    #IMJapan Brazilian Pro Thiago Vinhal has withdrawn from the race. He was 2nd out of water behind Simon Cochrane and was holding 2nd on the cycle course at start until he took the wrong turn and rode off course.
    Thiago Vinhal (ブラジル)がリタイアです。

    Age groupers on course. Finisher Pix

    Our official photographers, Finisher Pix are busy on course since capturing images of our athletes during their IRONMAN Japan race. Images can be purchased at
    レースの模様の写真は、大会オフィシャル でお求めいただけます。
    1st Male #13 Swen Sunberg DEU followed closely by #6 Yu Shinozaki JPN have just passed the 145km mark en route to T2.

    #24 Female Pro Bree Wee remains in the lead for the female race past the 120km mark
    Last reports we had is that Keiko Tanaka had to stop to change a flat tire.
    #13 Swen Sundberg(ドイツ)が1位、続いて日本の篠崎友が2位で145Kmを通過。

    女子プロは、120Kmを過ぎた地点で#24 Bree Wee(USA)がトップを死守しています。

    Pro Athlete Simon Cochrane (NZL) pre-race

    #IMJapan is one of our great asia-pacific destination races. New Zealand pro athlete, Simon Cochrane is here racing and is accompanied by his parents, Mark and Diane who are enjoying the Tri Travel tour experience.
    アイアンマンジャパンは、このアジアパシフィックの地域で開催されているすばらしい大会のひとつとなっています。Simon Cochrane選手(ニュージーランド)はこの度、ご両親を同伴しての遠征です。

    1st Male Pro Swen Sundberg into T2

    1st Male Pro off the bike and into T2 is Swen Sundberg from Germany
    男子プロトップ#13 Swen Sundberg(ドイツ)がバイクパートを終えT2へ入りました。
    Top 4 Males
    1. Swen Sundberg,
    2. Yu Shinozaki +06:22
    3. Patrick Evoe +08:54
    4. Simon Cochrane +11:39
    Off bike, through T2 & on run #IMJapan
    The 1st age grouper, #248 Jacob Wissum from Denmark has come through T2 at 5th overall.
    エイジグルーパーのトップは#248 Jacob Wissum選手(デンマーク)です。総合で5位の位置につけてランに入ります。
    Bree Wee (USA) is our 1st Female Pro off the bike and into T2 #IMJapan

    first female pro Bree Wee

    女子プロT2通過のトップは#24 Bree Wee(USA).
    Top 3 Pro Females off bike and on run
    1. Bree Wee (USA)
    2. Keiko Tanaka (JPN)+03:04
    3. Emi Sakai (JPN) +06:20
    2 x Female defending champ Shiao-Yu Li is off the bike and is 19:34 back from 1st place Bree Wee. All top 4 female pros battled together at the #IM703Japan race in June where Shiao-Yu Li took the Win.
    去年、一昨年の大会共に連覇中のディフェンディングチャンピオン、Shiao-Yu Li は女子トップから19分34秒遅れてバイクパートを終えました。Shiao-Yu Li は6月に開催されたIM70.3でも、この上位4名の選手で戦った結果、勝利を収めています。
    USA Pro Patrick Evoe passed Yu Shinozaki at 15km mark and is now sitting in 2nd position +04:14 behind 1st place Swen Sundberg. Simon Cochrane remains in 4th place +09:50 back from 1st place
    男子プロ。ランコース15Km地点で、#1Patrick Evoe(USA)が日本のリーダー#6篠崎友をパスして2位に浮上。1位の#13Swen Sundberg(ドイツ)からは4分14秒の遅れとなっています。4位はトップから9分50秒の差で #4Simon Cochrane(ニュージーランド) .
    NZL Pro Simon Cochrane has run into 3rd position
    1st Swen Sundberg
    2nd Patrick Evoe
    4th Yu Shinozaki

    Keiko Tanaka has passed leader Bree Wee and is now in first position.
    Emi Sakai in 3rd and Shiao-Yu Li is running in 4th
    日本の#33田中敬子、#24Bree Wee(USA)を抜いて、現在およそ15Km地点で再びトップに立ちました。
    3位酒井絵美、4位 Shiao-Yu Li と続いています。

    Top 4 Female Pros through the 15km mark
    1. Keiko Tanaka JPN
    2. Bree Wee +01:28 USA
    3. Emi Sakai +8:12 JPN
    4. Shiao-Yu Li +11:35 TWN

    Does our 2 x defending champ, Shiao-Yu Li have the legs to catch the 3 ladies in front of her? If anyone can, this pocket rocket from Taiwan can!

    Lead Male Pro, Swen Sundberg at the half way point on the marathon

    Pro Female race update
    1. Bree Wee
    2. Shiao-Yu Li +03:50 and moving fast after sitting in 4th for a while
    3. Emi Sakai
    4. Keiko Tanaka
    5. Sandra Fantani
    6. Michelle Duffield
    7. Mami Ishii
    German Pro Swen Sundberg has lead the mens race for most of the day. He is close to finishing & taking out 2015 #IMJapan The crowds await him shouting "Swen, Swen, Swen Champion"
    Top 3 Pro Males
    1. Swen Sundberg (DEU) 09:22:55
    2. Patrick Evoe (USA) 09:28:13
    3. Simon Cochrane (NZL) 09:31:55

    "I have raced all the tough cycle courses including IRONMAN Lanzarote and this is definitely the most challenging that I have done. It was beautiful out there and the volunteers were so helpful. I was impressed with the minimal traffic on the road. It really is a great event here in Japan!" Swen Sundberg

    IRONMAN Japan 2015 Male Winner German Pro Swen Sundberg

    Big changes in Female race with 2x defending champ, Shiao-Yu Li is now in 1st place storming home.
    Will she make it 3 from 3 here in Hokkaido, Japan?
    2nd is Bree Wee +01:12
    3rd is Emi Sakai +12:59 past the 30km mark
    女子プロのトップ争いに大きな動きがありました。2年連続のディフェンディングチャンピオン Shiao-Yu Li が大きく巻き返して、現在トップに立っています。

    日本人女子のトップは、30Km地点でShiao-Yu Li から遅れること12分59秒の酒井絵美。現在女子3位です。
    She has done it again. That is win number 3 for Taiwan female Pro, Shiao-Yu Li. Congratulations!

    "I love racing in Japan. That was the hardest year as it is a really challenging course. On the ride it was tough but I am so happy to win. Thank you to everyone for their support"
    Shiao-Yu Li がまた今年もやってくれました。女子プロの優勝者として三連覇達成です。おめでとうございます!

    First Place Female Pro Shiao-Yu Li from Taiwan

    "Wow that was challenging. Just crazy. But I want to come back to race next year!" 2nd place female Pro, Bree Wee 10:33:58
    「いやぁ、とても挑み甲斐のあるコースでした。クレイジーですね!でも、来年もまた戦いに戻って来たいと思います!」女子プロ2位、Bree Wee(USA) フィニッシュタイム10時間33分58秒。
    Ladies and Gentlemen, that is a wrap for the day following our Pro athlete field at IRONMAN Japan. Congratulations to our Male and Female Champions, Swen Sundberg from Germany and Shiao-Yu Li from Taiwan.

    To continue to follow age-grouper athletes throughout the evening continue to view our live finish line camera and live athlete tracker at

    これまで視聴していただいた皆様、以上でアイアンマンジャパンに出場のプロ選手のレース状況配信はお終いになります。改めまして、男子プロ優勝者 Awen Sundberg選手(ドイツ)、女子プロ優勝者 Shiao-Yu Li選手(台湾)にお祝い申し上げます。


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