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    Romain Guillaume seems to slow down a bit - he is at the turnaround of the second lap. His split for 15.75 kilometers: 1:04:01.
    Boris Stein is 6:09 behind through 15.75 kilometers.
    Victor del Corral is flying. He is at 7:22 - made up 6 minutes on 15.75 km.
    Del Corral's split is 58:10 for the first 15.75 kilometers.
    Victor del Corral is in second place - he made the pass at KM 29.
    Exactly 2 minutes - that's the lead for Boris Stein.
    Romain Guillaume is 2:40 behind the lead.
    Top 6 Women Run Km 15.75:

    1 35 SNOW, Cait (USA) PRO QT2 Systems 07:30:58
    2 36 ROBERTS, Lisa (USA) PRO +03:57 07:34:55
    3 38 POOLEY, Emma (GBR) PRO Team Tempo Sport ... +05:55 07:36:53
    4 52 GUINOISEAU, Linda (FRA) 40 ISSY TRIATHLON +12:26 07:43:24
    5 37 COLLONGE, Jeanne (FRA) PRO Olympic Nice Nata... +19:31 07:50:29
    6 42 REYMOND, St├ęphanie (FRA) PRO ASMSE Tri 42 +21:11 07:52:09
    Fantastic run for Caitlin Snow so far. She has passed the hald marathon mark in 1:27:06 - to give you an idea what this means: Romain Guillaume was 5 seconds faster than her on the first half.

    Emma Pooley is in third place

    Lisa Roberts is making ground on Caitlin Snow - she is 3:11 behind at the half marathon mark. Her split: 1:25:26 - just crazy, isn't it?
    Emma Pooley is 7:28 behind in third place.
    Last turnaround for Boris Stein - he has passed the 36.75 mark at the Airport.
    2:13 - that's the gap to Victor del Corral. Stein stretched his lead a little bit. 5.5 km to go for the 30-year old. He won IRONMAN Switzerland last year, will he take his second IRONMAN title today in Nice?
    A few more minutes to wait: The finish line in Nice makes ready for Boris Stein. The crowd is loud, ready to party and to cheer at the winner of the anniversary race at the Promenades des Anglais.

    Last refreshments for Boris Stein on the way to his second ever IRONMAN title.

    Romain Guillaume is still third place - 5:04 down.
    15 km to go for Caitlin Snow - still a 3-minute-lead.
    Waiting for the 2015 IRONMAN France champion: Boris Stein.
    He is a few meters away from the finish line...
    IRONMAN France 2015 champion: Boris Stein! He takes the victory in 8:27:32
    Victor del Corral runs into second place!
    8:30:00 - that's the time for Victor del Corral.
    Boris Stein was a bit behind in the water, had a great bike ride, a fantastic run and a perfect match plan. His splits: 56:58 swim / 4:41:19 bike / 2:44:20 run
    2:42:05 marathon for Victor del Corral.
    The crowd is cheering for Nice resident Romaine Guillaume. He was in the lead for hours today and ranks third at the Promenade des Anglais in 8:34:44
    That's gonna be close in the women's race as well. Lisa Roberts is 2:07 behind the lead at Km 31.5.

    Boris Stein takes his second IRONMAN title at the IRONMAN France Nice in 8h27min32sec

    Sylvain Sudrie should be the 4th pro athlete to finish here at the Promenade des Anglais
    8:48:02 - Sylvain Sudrie is our 4th pro to cross the line.

    Happy, over the moon: Boris Stein wins his second IRONMAN title in Nice.

    Sensational age group finish among the best pro athletes: Timothy van Houtem from Belgium takes the win in his category 30-34 to finish the race in 8:44:48. Fourth place overall!
    Emma Pooley is on the final lap - 11:55 behind Caitlin Snow in third place.
    5.5 kilometer to go for Caitlin Snow.

    Victor del Corral ranks second - as in 2014.

    The battle is on for the women's decision: The gap between Caitlin Snow and Lisa Roberts is 1:23 at Km 36.75.
    Top 10 Men Finish:

    2 STEIN, Boris (GER) PRO RSG Montabaur - - 08:27:32
    2 29 DEL CORRAL MORALES, Victor (ESP) PRO Tri Activ Lanzaro... - - +02:28 08:30:00
    3 3 GUILLAUME, Romain (FRA) PRO Triath'Lons - - +07:12 08:34:44
    4 250 VAN HOUTEM, Timothy (BEL) 30 - - +17:16 08:44:48
    5 5 SUDRIE, Sylvain (FRA) PRO Guidel triathlon - - +20:30 08:48:02
    6 32 JURKIEWICZ, Jeremy (FRA) PRO Poissy Triathlon - - +29:47 08:57:19
    7 25 MIKA, Tomas (CZE) PRO Etriatlon Team - - +33:15 09:00:47
    8 26 JABERG, Patrick (SUI) PRO Tri Team Steffisb... - - +38:20 09:05:52
    9 34 SCHIFFERLE, Mike (SUI) PRO - - +39:37 09:07:09
    10 7 BANTI, Herve (MON) PRO AS MONACO TRIATHL... - - +40:40 09:08:12

    Romain Guillaume ranks third at IRONMAN France Nice 2015

    We had a sensational age group finish in the men's race - and we might have a similar finish in the women's: Linda Guinoiseau is in 4th place at Km 31.5 of the run, category 40-44.
    Cait Snow keeps the pace high - she has about 1500 meters to the finish line.
    Emma Pooley is still in third - she is at 14:20 through 36.75 km of the run.
    Caitlin Snow runs along the IRONMAN Expo - just a few moments to bring it home.
    Here she is, IRONMAN France champion 2015: Caitlin Snow. She takes an impressive win in 9:24:50.
    Lisa Roberts wins silver in 9:26:00 - what a close finish!
    Just have a look at those girls' run splits: Caitlin Snow ran a 2:58:26, Lisa Roberts nailed down a 2:54:45 marathon
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