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    Pro Men Start List

    1 PASSUELLO Domenico MPRO ITA (Italy)
    2 STEIN Boris MPRO DEU (Germany)
    3 GUILLAUME Romain MPRO FRA (France)
    5 SUDRIE Sylvain MPRO FRA (France)
    6 FAURE Herve MPRO FRA (France)
    7 BANTI Herve MPRO MCO (Monaco)
    8 BILLEAU Simon MPRO FRA (France)
    9 SCOTT Drew MPRO USA (United States)
    10 PANNIER Anthony MPRO FRA (France)
    11 ROTA Sylvain MPRO FRA (France)
    12 SCHAFFNER Frederic MPRO FRA (France)
    13 VERHAEGEN Hendrikjan MPRO BEL (Belgium)
    14 WIELINGA Remmert MPRO NLD (Netherlands)
    15 WULFF Alexander MPRO DNK (Denmark)
    16 BAERTSCH Mauro MPRO CHE (Switzerland)
    17 CLAEREBOUT David MPRO LUX (Luxembourg)
    18 FLAGSTAD Frederik MPRO DNK (Denmark)
    19 FONTANA Matteo MPRO ITA (Italy)
    20 FUNK Christian MPRO DEU (Germany)
    21 HOLVOET Rinus MPRO BEL (Belgium)
    22 JEANNIN Guillaume MPRO FRA (France)
    23 KRUTINA Roman MPRO CZE ( Czech Republic)
    24 LASSONDE Cedric MPRO FRA (France)
    25 MIKA Tomas MPRO CZE ( Czech Republic)
    26 JABERG Patrick MPRO CHE (Switzerland)
    27 VANSTEELANT Joerie MPRO BEL (Belgium)
    28 BILLARD Bertrand MPRO FRA (France)
    30 ESPINAR Rafael MPRO ESP (Spain)
    31 JEZKO Ivan MPRO SVK (Slovakia)
    32 JURKIEWICZ Jeremy MPRO FRA (France)
    33 MCGUIGAN Daniel MPRO AUS (Australia)
    34 SCHIFFERLE Mike MPRO CHE (Switzerland)
    46 SIMONCINI Leonardo MPRO ITA (Italy)
    47 VASSEUR Remy MPRO NLD (Netherlands)
    Pro Women Start List

    35 SNOW Cait WPRO USA (United States)
    36 ROBERTS Lisa WPRO USA (United States)
    37 COLLONGE Jeanne WPRO FRA (France)
    38 POOLEY Emma WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    39 BRIDGE Carol Anne WPRO GBR (Great Britain)
    40 KUEHNLEIN Angela WPRO DEU (Germany)
    41 PEKERMAN Nina WPRO ISR (Israel)
    42 REYMOND Stéphanie WPRO FRA (France)
    43 WOYSCH Nicole WPRO DEU (Germany)

    Final informations for tomorrow's IRONMAN France. The water temperature is 20.5 degrees Celsius, but for sure this will be a hot race day.

    This will look like a little bit different tomorrow: Nice's beach the day before race day.

    The IRONMAN France Expo at the Promenade des Anglais

    Info point for spectators and athletes.

    Most of the stars have signed - they are ready to go.

    Registrate for a great event - after tomorrow's race you can sign-in for 2016 IRONMAN France.

    Last check - thanks to a great technical support.

    Looking forward to race and support a great race.

    Who's going to make it tomorrow at the 10th anniversary of IRONMAN France. Great place for a press conference at the Lido.

    Some quotes from today's press conference. The girls:

    Caitlin Snow (USA): I had a fantastic experience here last year. I have recommended this race to everyone I have seen since last year. It’s a party every time when you come to the turnaround, there is music in the transition, it’s great. I was lucky enough to come out four weeks earlier this year to practice on my French. I will do the absolutely best I can do. I try to get the top spot, but I will give my best whatever I can achieve.

    Jeanne Collonge (FRA): I want to reach the maximum and I want to say thanks in advance to all the people out there. I am very happy to be here and I can’t wait for the start. It’s even better to have my fans here. It’s a great event for me. But everybody wants to win, that’s what makes the race even harder.

    Lisa Roberts (USA): It’s my third participation in a row here in Nice. I’m really excited this year. Each time I come here, I get a little bit better, I hope tomorrow it will be the same. The bike course is spectacularly beautiful, it is technical and difficult. It will get very hot on the run. But I live and train in Tucson, Arizona, where it is also very hot. So, I’m prepared for the run.

    Emma Pooley (GBR): There are some difficult downhills, the whole bike course is difficult. I was here in May to have a look at the bike course. It’s beautiful, that’s why I have started with biking years ago.
    Some quotes from today's press conference. The boys:

    Jeremy Jurkiewicz (FRA): I had back luck here two times, so it’s very hard to say what it could has been about otherwise. It’s a great chance to compete in your country, so I’m looking forward to racing here on Sunday.

    Victor del Corral (ESP): I had a very complicated season last year. There were a lot of injuries and problems, it was not possible for me to make two or three good races in a row. This year it was a bit the same, there were some issues at the beginning of the year. Then I made the decision to go to IRONMAN France - and I think it might be a good race for me.

    Romain Guillaume (FRA): In 2008 and 2010 it was a huge pleasure to be here, I had a good swim and a good bike ride here, but I always exploded on the run. I live in Nice now and I love it to ride here. “Papa” Yves Cordier helped me a lot to improve. If I can win it would be perfect, if I will be second it would be great, everything I can reach will be good, if I’m put in my best. The marathon will be tough.

    Boris Stein (GER): I’m focused on myself. I have not beaten these guys on the IRONMAN distance so far, but the race has to be made first... I’m in a great shape for the whole season, but I have been struggling at some points due to some issues. If I do alright tomorrow, it will be good. The first goal is to reach the finish line - nothing else.
    The 11th edition of the IRONMAN France is just around the corner. The pro race will start in a few hours. The gun goes off for the pro men and women at 6.25 a.m. - the age group field will head into the water at 6.30 a.m. Good luck to all athletes - and to all of the spectators: Follow our pro race coverage here tomorrow from 6.15 a.m. on.

    IRONMAN France

    The men’s race will be tough to call with a number of extremely talented athletes preparing to face off. Romain Guillaume, Bertrand Billard, Sylvain Sudrie, Boris Stein, and Victor del Corral all have their strengths, which should make for some exciting racing on Sunday. The tough bike course in Nice promises a thrilling fight. In the women's field, former pro cyclist Emma Pooley could be a factor on this tough course. Caitlin Snow has proven tough here in the past and will likely be in the mix up front. 
    Featured men:
    Romain Guillaume, Boris Stein, Victor del Corral and Sylvain Sudrie.
    Featured women:
    Caitlin Snow, Lisa Roberts, Emma Pooley, and Jeanne Collonge.

    Follow the IRONMAN France race action here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IMFrance.

    Race start time: Sunday, June 28: 6:25 a.m. CEST
    2 minutes to go - the crowd is ready, the field is already in the water. Le Promenades des Anglais is on rock.
    What a great picture: The pro field is concentrating for the start, the age group field is ready to enter the water. Their start is at 6.30.
    Off - The 11th edition of IRONMAN France is on the way.
    Frenchie Sylvain Sudrie is hammering his way at the front.
    90 seconds to go for the age group field.
    Here they go - what a sensational start at the Promenade des Anglais. The Lido is full of athletes - this is going to be a great one today.
    More than 2500 athletes are in the age group race today. Perfect conditions in the water so far. About 21 degrees Celsius in the Bay of Nice.

    Morning impression from Nice. Little bit different to normal Sunday mornings

    Nice, June 28th 6 a.m.

    Pre-start impression

    Good morning in Nice


    Making ready.

    The goal for more than 2,500 athletes today.

    IRONMAN France is on the way.

    The swim start of 11th IRONMAN France.

    Jeremy Jurkiewicz (FRA) is leading the race. He is setting the pace for a group of seven.
    We have a true French connection in the lead group: Jurkiewicz is in the lead, Sylvain Sudrie, Romain Guillaume and Bertrand Billard are part of the group as well.
    The leaders are about to finish the first of two swim laps. They are near to the 2.4 kilometer mark.
    Promenade des Anglais make ready - the leaders are about to touch down for the first time...
    Top 6 Men Swim Km 2.4:

    1 10 PANNIER, Anthony (FRA) PRO triathl'aix 00:30:08
    2 32 JURKIEWICZ, Jeremy (FRA) PRO Poissy Triathlon +00:01 00:30:09
    3 5 SUDRIE, Sylvain (FRA) PRO Guidel triathlon +00:03 00:30:11
    4 9 DREW, Scott (USA) PRO +00:03 00:30:11
    5 28 BILLARD, Bertrand (FRA) PRO Triathl'Aix +00:04 00:30:12
    6 3 GUILLAUME, Romain (FRA) PRO Triath'Lons +00:05 00:30:13
    Herve Banti is in 7th - he is 1:00 behind.
    Top 15 Men Swim Km 2.4:

    1 10 PANNIER, Anthony (FRA) PRO triathl'aix 00:30:08
    2 32 JURKIEWICZ, Jeremy (FRA) PRO Poissy Triathlon +00:01 00:30:09
    3 5 SUDRIE, Sylvain (FRA) PRO Guidel triathlon +00:03 00:30:11
    4 9 DREW, Scott (USA) PRO +00:03 00:30:11
    5 28 BILLARD, Bertrand (FRA) PRO Triathl'Aix +00:04 00:30:12
    6 3 GUILLAUME, Romain (FRA) PRO Triath'Lons +00:05 00:30:13
    7 7 BANTI, Herve (MON) PRO AS MONACO TRIATHL... +01:00 00:31:08
    8 21 HOLVOET, Rinus (BEL) PRO Durance Triathlon +01:27 00:31:35
    9 22 JEANNIN, Guillaume (FRA) PRO JOOL Team +02:18 00:32:26
    10 26 JABERG, Patrick (SUI) PRO Tri Team Steffisb... +02:19 00:32:27
    11 16 BAERTSCH, Mauro (SUI) PRO +02:21 00:32:29
    12 24 LASSONDE, Cedric (FRA) PRO +02:22 00:32:30
    13 25 MIKA, Tomas (CZE) PRO Etriatlon Team +02:23 00:32:31
    14 47 VASSEUR, Remy (NED) PRO remy vasseur coac... +02:24 00:32:32
    15 2 STEIN, Boris (GER) PRO RSG Montabaur +03:14 00:33:22
    Two of the favorites are already a way behind the lead: Boris Stein (GER) is 3:14 behind through 2.4 kilometers of the swim, Victor del Corral (ESP) is at 4:35
    Caitlin Snow and Jeanne Collonge lead women's field after 2.4 kilometers side by side - 34:13 minutes.
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