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IRONMAN European Championship Frankfurt

    Pro men start list:

    1 Kienle Sebastian MPRO DEU (Germany)
    2 Van Lierde Frederik MPRO BEL (Belgium)
    3 Frodeno Jan MPRO DEU (Germany)
    4 Llanos Eneko MPRO ESP (Spain)
    5 Raelert Andreas MPRO DEU (Germany)
    6 Diederen Bas MPRO NLD (Netherlands)
    7 Boecherer Andy MPRO DEU (Germany)
    8 Blanchart Tinto Miquel MPRO ESP (Spain)
    9 Lopez Carlos MPRO ESP (Spain)
    10 Ruenz Michael MPRO DEU (Germany)
    13 Albert Marko MPRO EST (Estonia)
    14 Billeau Simon MPRO FRA (France)
    15 Bosch Thomas MPRO DEU (Germany)
    16 Butterfield Tyler MPRO BMU (Bermuda)
    17 Ciotti Emanuele MPRO ITA (Italy)
    18 Dekker Martijn MPRO NLD (Netherlands)
    19 Droell Martin MPRO DEU (Germany)
    20 Kaiser Thomas MPRO DEU (Germany)
    21 Kerin Lachlan MPRO AUS (Australia)
    22 Kriat Maxim MPRO RUS (Russian Federation)
    23 Le Guellec Ludovic MPRO FRA (France)
    24 Monchy Wouter MPRO BEL (Belgium)
    25 Oh Young Hwan MPRO KOR (Korea, Republic of)
    26 Oriet Gilian MPRO SUI (Switzerland)
    27 Oude Bennink Mark MPRO NLD (Netherlands)
    29 Polan Lukas MPRO CZE ( Czech Republic)
    30 Radevic Mario MPRO DEU (Germany)
    31 Rulevskii Evgenii MPRO RUS (Russian Federation)
    32 Scheltinga Evert MPRO NLD (Netherlands)
    33 Thissen Andreas MPRO DEU (Germany)
    34 Dellow David MPRO AUS (Australia)
    35 Nemcik Marek MPRO SVK (Slovakia)
    37 Rahm Alfred MPRO DEU (Germany)
    39 Limousin Frederic MPRO FRA (France)
    40 Jezko Ivan MPRO SVK (Slovakia)
    41 Blokhin Anton MPRO UKR (Ukraine)
    42 Laitinen Juha MPRO FIN (Finland)
    43 Jilek David MPRO CZE ( Czech Republic)
    44 Carvalho Fabio MPRO BRA (Brazil)
    45 Nagel Mathias MPRO DEU (Germany)
    46 Kalinin Maksim MPRO RUS (Russian Federation)
    47 Elliot Lewis MPRO USA (United States)
    Pro women start list:

    51 Steffen Caroline WPRO SUI (Switzerland)
    52 Ryf Daniela WPRO SUI (Switzerland)
    53 Gajer Julia WPRO DEU (Germany)
    54 Deckers Tine WPRO BEL (Belgium)
    55 Moeller Kristin WPRO DEU (Germany)
    56 Vesterby Michelle WPRO DNK (Denmark)
    57 Brennan-Morrey Ruth WPRO USA (United States)
    58 Grohmann Katharina WPRO DEU (Germany)
    59 Herrero Gomez Helena WPRO ESP (Spain)
    60 Holst Tine WPRO DNK (Denmark)
    61 Kamenz Annett WPRO DEU (Germany)
    64 Woysch Nicole WPRO DEU (Germany)
    66 Tajsich Sonja WPRO DEU (Germany)
    67 Ganzow Astrid WPRO DEU (Germany)

    Epic Field Flocks to Frankfurt

    IRONMAN.comThis weekend, one of the best fields this race has ever seen will touch down in Frankfurt for the IRONMAN European Championship.

    "It's tough competition...I have no other goal than to win the race" -- @SebastianKienle #IMEUchamps #IMFrankfurt

    Attention athletes: Have you read our briefing on the heat expected for tomorrow?

    Frankfurt: The Heat is On

    IRONMAN.comCritical information for athletes competing in the IRONMAN European Championship, which is expected to be very hot.
    Quick soundbites from the #IMFrankfurt pros:

    Soundbites from Frankfurt

    IRONMAN.comA quick look at how the top pros are feeling going into Sunday's big showdown.
    Good morning from Frankfurt! If you're one of our U.S. fans and having insomnia, you're in for a treat tonight! The pro men go off in 40 minutes, stay tuned for our live coverage!

    The water at the swim start is 26.8 degrees and will be a non wetsuit swim. #IMFrankfurt

    Faris Al-Sultan gives some pre race impressions.

    Andreas Raelert getting ready for the day. #IMFrankfurt

    Athletes and spectators gather at Lake Langener Waldsee. #IMFrankfurt

    And they're off! #IMFrankfurt
    The athletes swim in Lake Langener Waldsee, just outside of town, then bike into Frankfurt where they'll embark on a two-loop, 112-mile bike.
    The women are off! #IMFrankfurt
    There's a group of about 15 male athletes at the front of the swim, and then after a small break, a chase pack of 10. #IMFrankfurt
    Short-course specialist and relative newcomer to the IRONMAN distance Jan Frodeno is leading the swim. Kienle is in the first group as well. #IMFrankfurt
    Frodeno just passed the first buoy and leads a group of 3. Then, after a 20-meter gap, we have a group of 16 athletes including Ilanos, Van Lierde, Ralert, and Kienel. #IMFrankfurt

    Video of the swim start

    In 2004, Jan Sibbersen set the swim record here at 42:17. In the women's race, the record was set at 45:04 in 2012 by American Amanda Stevens. #IMFrankfurt
    Frodeno and his fellow leaders' gap has extended to 60 meters. Behind them is a group of 8 including Van Lierde and Llanos, then 20 meters behind Kienle and a few others. #IMFrankfurt
    Kienle has apparently already taken off his swim cap. #IMFrankfurt
    Our pro male swimmers have passed the 1500 meter mark. #IMFrankfurt
    Frodeno just made a move. He's now 10 meters ahead of the two other men he was swimming with. #IMFrankfurt
    In our women's race, Caroline Steffen leads a group of four, containing Vesterby, Gajer, and Ryf. #IMFrankfurt
    Top 10 Women Swim First Lap:

    1 51 Steffen, Caroline (SUI) PRO 00:22:24
    2 56 Vesterby, Michelle (DEN) PRO OTK +00:02 00:22:26
    3 53 Gajer, Julia (GER) PRO Team ERDINGER Alk... +00:03 00:22:27
    4 52 Ryf, Daniela (SUI) PRO Bahrain Endurance... +00:04 00:22:28
    5 54 Deckers, Tine (BEL) PRO TDL +02:02 00:24:26
    6 67 Stienen, Astrid (GER) PRO DLC Aachen +02:31 00:24:55
    7 64 Woysch, Nicole (GER) PRO LAZ Saarbr├╝cken +02:59 00:25:23
    8 66 Tajsich, Sonja (GER) PRO Team Erdinger Alk... +04:18 00:26:42
    9 60 Holst, Tine (DEN) PRO Eintracht Club +04:32 00:26:56
    10 61 Kamenz, Annett (GER) PRO Aerobic Power Tra... +04:35 00:26:59
    Jan Frodeno hit the shore in 46:02. His time last year, with a wetsuit, was 45:39. #IMFrankfurt
    Kienle is over 4 minutes back of Frodeno. #IMFrankfurt
    Steffen is heading into shore with Ryf, Gajer, and Versterby right on her heels. #IMFrankfurt
    The women have hit the shore. Steffen, Ryf, Gajer, Vesterby. #IMFrankfurt

    A pic of Frodeno exiting the swim with his substantial lead. #IMFrankfurt

    Top 4 Women Swim Exit:

    1 51 Steffen, Caroline (SUI) PRO +00:00 00:52:42
    2 56 Vesterby, Michelle (DEN) PRO OTK +00:03 00:52:45
    3 52 Ryf, Daniela (SUI) PRO Bahrain Endurance... +00:04 00:52:46
    4 53 Gajer, Julia (GER) PRO Team ERDINGER Alk... +00:05 00:52:47
    Frodeno is at 6 km on the bike. #IMFrankfurt
    Our GPS tracking is live for the first time! Visit for the pro leaderboard for exact splits on both the men's and women's race.
    Caroline Steffen has a flat tire. #IMFrankfurt

    Steffen getting her mechanical fixed. Not a flat tire. #IMFrankfurt

    Jan Frodeno is pedaling along at 300 watts at the moment. He's crossing through the city for the first time now.
    Michelle Vesterby leads our women at 5.4 kilometers. Gajer is 13 sec back, Ryf is 50 seconds back.
    Frodeno's lead is now 2:23 after 13 km. #IMFrankfurt
    We're fixing the men's information on the GPS tracking. #IMFrankfurt
    Frodeno lost his water bottle at 18 km. He looks relaxed though. #IMFrankfurt

    Caroline Steffen on the bike. #IMFrankfurt

    Michelle Vesterby keeps looking down at her bike shoes. Our spotters report that there might be a problem. #IMFrankfurt
    After 13k, Kienle is now just 30 seconds behind the first group. #IMFrankfurt
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