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  • Pro Men

    1 Weiss Michael MPRO AUT
    2 Zyemtsev Viktor MPRO UKR
    3 Del Corral Victor MPRO ESP
    4 Russell Matt MPRO USA
    5 Alonso McKernan Clemente MPRO ESP
    6 Chrabot Matt MPRO USA
    7 Gomes Pedro MPRO POR
    8 Kriat Maxim MPRO RUS
    9 Diederen Bas MPRO NED
    10 Delsaut Trevor MPRO FRA
    11 Gerlach Thomas MPRO USA
    13 Lyatskiy Andriy MPRO RUS
    14 Ruenz Michael MPRO DEU
    15 Serrano Francisco MPRO MEX
    16 Skipworth Todd MPRO AUS
    17 Acevedo Rodrigo MPRO COL
    18 Alfaro Peru MPRO ESP
    19 Bayliss Stephen MPRO GBR
    20 Bleisteiner Sebastian MPRO DEU
    21 Bradley Scott MPRO USA
    22 Brown James MPRO GBR
    23 Bryden Jordan MPRO CAN
    24 Castillo Latorre Andres MPRO COL
    25 Close Greg MPRO USA
    26 Gonzalez Oliver MPRO MEX
    27 Holderbaum Chad MPRO USA
    28 McIntosh Dan MPRO USA
    29 Nemcik Marek MPRO SVK
    30 Quezada Ruiz Sergio MPRO MEX
    31 Smith Jason MPRO USA
    32 Sweet Christopher MPRO USA
    33 Swoboda Georg MPRO AUT
    34 Tejada Raul MPRO GTM
    35 Thomas Darby MPRO FIN
    36 Vazquez Jorge MPRO MEX
    37 Villanueva Allan MPRO MEX
    38 Watson Jason MPRO USA
    39 Shearon Jonathan MPRO USA
    40 Lubinski Jim MPRO USA
    41 Rodriguez Gustavo MPRO ESP
    42 Bischof Marcel MPRO DEU
    43 Vallant Rene MPRO AUT
  • Pro Women

    50 Donavan Jessie WPRO USA
    51 Williamson Kelly WPRO USA
    52 Vesterby Michelle WPRO DNK
    53 Spirig Nicola WPRO CHE
    54 Csomor Erika WPRO HUN
    55 Zelenkova Lucie WPRO CZE
    56 Schaerer Celine WPRO CHE
    57 Riesler Diana WPRO DEU
    58 Mullan Eimear WPRO IRL
    59 Thibodeau Karen WPRO CAN
    60 Basso Anne WPRO FRA
    61 Brennan Morrey Ruth WPRO USA
    62 Brown Brooke WPRO CAN
    63 Ciaverella Ann WPRO USA
    64 Cornman Jocelyn WPRO USA
    65 Fillnow Kelly WPRO USA
    66 Fletcher Christine WPRO CAN
    67 Florea Shannon WPRO USA
    68 Gordon Jacqui WPRO USA
    70 Hammond Christine WPRO USA
    71 Hansen Jennie WPRO USA
    72 Herrero Gomez Helena WPRO ESP
    73 Holst Tine WPRO DNK
    74 Kristick Corrie WPRO USA
    75 Madison Mackenzie WPRO USA
    76 Nivon Machoud Ruth WPRO MEX
    77 Ritchie Tami WPRO USA
    78 Thomas-Morales Katie WPRO USA
    79 Woysch Nicole WPRO DEU
    80 Javens Amy WPRO USA
  • Safely arrived to beautiful Cozumel! A great place to end the season! Now I just cross my fingers that my green machine will arrive very soon!! #Tapering #KeepSmiling #Countdown #IMCozumel #Ironman

  • IRONMAN Cozumel

    This secluded gem of an island off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is a beloved destination for beach-goers and IRONMAN athletes alike.
    Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, Cozumel is located 16 kilometers off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo. Boasting the second largest barrier reef in the world, Cozumel has an international reputation as one of the premier diving destinations in the world. Thousands of divers and snorkelers visit every year to experience the 200 feet of visibility, countless species of fish, sponges, anemones and coral. If diving isn't up your alley, the island offers both adventure and relaxation at every turn: untrammeled jungle, white sand beaches, and a year-round Caribbean climate are just a few of the things athlete have to look forward to pre and post-race.

    Featured men: Viktor Zyemtsev, Michael Weiss, Matt Chrabot, Victor Del Corral, Matt Russell, Max Kriat, Trevor Desault.
    Featured women: Nicola Spirig, Kelly Williamson, Michelle Vesterby, Jessie Donavan, Erika Csomor and Lucie Zelenkova.

    Complete pro start list

    Follow the race action on Sunday here on or on Twitter by following @IronmanLIVE. The hashtag for this event is #IMCozumel.

    Race start: Sunday, Nov 30: 6:45 a.m. Central
  • Spirig Excited About IRONMAN Challenge

    Winner of the London Olympic women's triathlon, Nicola Spirig (CHE) will be starting her first IRONMAN race of her career. The race date in Mexico in the midst of an Olympic four-year cycle is excellent timing and will not interfere with her ultimate goal – qualifying for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil and defending her Olympic title. “The date at the end of November (for IRONMAN Cozumel) was perfect for me as it meant I had a late goal to keep me motivated to train and I knew it wouldn't have any consequences for my short distance racing,” explained Spirig.

    “The downside was that I only had six weeks of preparation and long distance training since the idea of doing an Ironman after my win at the World Cup in Cartagena came up. Even if we knew that the time was too short to prepare properly I got very excited by the thought of this challenge and was happy to try.”

    A full interview with Spirig will be available during this weekend's coverage of IRONMAN Cozumel where the Olympic champion talks about motherhood, people that have influenced her to take on IRONMAN and more.
  • #ironmancozumel

  • Oh hey Coz.....I like you. So excited for a week of adventure, volunteering and cheering on racers! #Cozumel #cozumelmexico #mexico #islandvacation #ironmantri #ironmancozumel #adventure #travel #travelisgoodforthesoul #lifeisgood

  • Paco Serrano ya esta listo para #IMCozumel , venga Paco a tope! Mucha suerte #IAmSpecialized

  • Never, Never, Never, Give Up #IMCozumel #ironman #thisswimwillbegood #mexico #caribbeansea

  • #imcozumel #ironman fun

  • Let's 'cruise' it on Sunday #IMCozumel #triathlon #Ironman

  • The Check-In: Olympic Champion's IRONMAN Debut in Mexico

    IRONMAN.comThe 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Nicola Spirig will start IRONMAN Cozumel, Bob Babbitt chats with a three-time IRONMAN world champion, race previews and more.
  • Kelly Williamson racking the bike.

  • Michelle Vesterby

  • Matt Russell

  • Lucie Zelenkova (CZE) ready for her last race of the season.

  • James Brown (GBR) coming from a cooler climate to race in the heat and wind on Cozumel.

  • Tine Holst (DNK) lives Frankfurt and races mostly in Europe makes a rare late season start in Mexico.

  • Timex pro team member, Kelly Fillnow (USA) will have her twin sister racing in the age group division on the Island tomorrow.

  • Darby Thomas born and raised in the USA, has lived in Finland with his family for the past nine years.

  • PAM!

    #Repost @triatletasenred with @repostapp.・・・En #IMCozumel avisan...¡Por si acaso! #nodrafting

  • MTL-IEC @Tec_CCM CARLOS VEGA TRZN WR @CCM_Borregos 03-07 CEO @playprosystems listo para #IMCozumel @IronmanMexico

  • #cozumel #mexico #IMcozumel

  • #Repost @katyanne a CTF Ironman machine!!!!・・・This is on the ocean floor towards the end of the swim. I can not wait to see this tomorrow!!! Water is crystal clear #IMCozumel

  • #IMcozumel #ironman

  • #gotime #ironmancoz

  • Good night! Last picture before tomorrow's race! #ironmancoz #ironman #ironmantriathlon #swimbikerun #cozumel #tri #triathlon

  • When the sun comes back up I'll be jumping in this beautiful water along with 2800 of my closest tri friends 😊. #ironmancoz #ironman #triathlon #imcozumel #sunset #tahoerevenge

  • Good morning from #IMCozumel! Transition is edgy today, so I'm going to get out of here and to the swim.

  • Thaaaaat's better. Conditions are calm so far at #IMCozumel. No wind, smooth waters, cool temps.

  • Good morning from the 2014 Ford Ironman Cozumel. The sixth edition of this race is scheduled to start with the pro men at 6:40 a.m., while the pro women will start the point-to-point swim here in Mexico at 6:42 a.m.
    The age group waves will commence at 6:52 a.m. and continue every three minutes with the final wave hitting the water at 7:13 a.m.
  • The 2014 Ford Ironman Cozumel pro men's race has started.
  • The pro women's race has commenced and will have a ten minute buffer between them and the first age group wave.
  • Viktor Zyemtsev, Pedro Gomes, Max Kriat and Michael Ruenz were on the start list, but will not be starting this morning.
  • The swimmers should be swimming with a light to moderate current today with this point-to-point non-wetsuit swim. They will have to swim into a current when they hook back to hit the docks at the swim finish. Experience open water swimmers will take a line closer to the shore for the final leg of the swim to reduce the impact of swimming into the current.
  • Mechanics fixing #56 Celine Schaerer's (CHE) tire after it popped a tube in transition.

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