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IRONMAN Coeur d'Alene

    How hot is it out there? The IRONMAN Live iPhone has informed us it will not continue to work until it cools down. In the fridge now and hoping it peps up for women's finsih...#IMCDA
    Potts' marathon matched the day: Pretty smokin' hot. (2:53:25) #IMCDA

    Potts leaps to victory. Photo: Nils Nilsen

    Stephen Kilshaw in third with 35 seconds over Trevor Wurtele with less than 2 miles to go.

    Brandon and Delsaut battling for 5th less than 2 miles from the finish.

    Great race for Stephen Kilshaw. He's opening it up in the final miles

    Looks like Kilshaw will cruise his way into a podium spot.
    Callum Milward in 2nd with an 8:41 #IMCDA
    In 3rd and 4th a pair of Canucks: Stephen Kilshaw in 8:43:04, Trevor Wurtele in 8:46:38 #IMCDA
    Run facts from #IMCDA: Potts - 2:53:25, Kilshaw - 3:00:06, Millward 3:00:36, Wurtele - 3:04:41. Only Potts ran a sub-3 hours.
    Jackson is maintaining a steady, low-7's pace and has just passed mile 21. She's a popular triathlete and knowing her, will be elated, emotional, and downright speechless at the finish line. #IMCDA
    Women's order behind HJ is still Stevens, Schwabenbauer, Ferreira, Blakemore. #IMCDA

    Heather Jackson at mile 24. What heat?

    Jackson just passed mile 24 and has a sweet 15 minute lead. #IMCDA

    Amanda Stevens running in 2nd, roughly 14 minutes back.

    According to Heather's partner at the finish line, this race will be huge for her. She was meant to be here last year but due to injury couldn't race. She's also learned to race in the heat, so this has been the ultimate test and confidence builder. #IMCDA

    Schwabenbauer looks like she'll nab the third podium spot.

    Now that's joy.

    Heather Jackson is your 2015 #IMCDA women's champ, in 9:23:27!

    Jackson celebrates

    Amanda Stevens in 2nd at 9:40:16, and Kim Schwabenbauer in third, at 9:50:19. #IMCDA
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    Read the full story of the pro race:

    Jackson, Potts Put the Heat On in Coeur d'Alene

    IRONMAN.comAndy Potts and Heather Jackson were rewarded for cool-headed tactics at the 13th edition of the Northern Idaho race.

    That glorious home stretch...

    Race-day pro gallery (view on desktop only):

    Gallery: Moments from IRONMAN Coeur d'Alene

    IRONMAN.comAndy Potts and Heather Jackson ran away from the field at today's scorcher of a race in Northern Idaho.

    Luis Alvarez at the midnight finish wearing his mountaineering pack.

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