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IRONMAN Coeur d'Alene

    Matthews leads Potts by a hair. These guys are fighting. #IMCDA
    Women at mile 45: Blakemore is staying steady a few seconds back of Stevens, not attempting to gain yet. Nice and steady riding from both. #IMCDA
    At mile 60, Twelsiek is riding in third falling further off the leaders' pace and is now looking at 6:59 deficit. Millward is in fourth, +7:01. #IMCDA
    Katy Blakemore just passed Stevens. #IMCDA
    Blakemore used a hill to her advantage to take the lead, passing Stevens.
    Our male spotter reports that Potts and Matthews are riding well together, trading places and complementing each other's strengths. Same with Twelsiek and Millward. But the leaders are riding more aggressively. #IMCDA
    Wondering how the athletes are dealing with the record-breaking heat this year? Check out our article from IRONMAN University Master Coach, Mark Allen:

    Heat Wave 101: Advice from Mark Allen

    IRONMAN.comCoeur d'Alene is predicted to be a cooker this weekend. Arm yourself with an IRONMAN Master Coach's advice for the big day.

    Leaders at mile 60

    Stevens back in front, trading places with Blakemore. #IMCDA
    TOP 10 Pro Men through mile 63

    1 3:22:48 5 Paul Matthews CO AUS
    2 3:22:51 0:03 1 Andy Potts CO USA
    3 3:29:35 6:47 3 Maik Twelsiek AZ DEU
    4 3:29:39 6:51 7 Callum Millward NZL
    5 3:34:18 11:30 18 Stephen Kilshaw BC CAN
    6 3:34:28 11:41 8 Matt Lieto OR USA
    7 3:34:32 11:44 6 Leon Griffin CO AUS
    8 3:34:34 11:46 13 Derek Garcia ID USA
    9 3:34:36 11:48 9 Barrett Brandon TX USA
    10 3:34:37 11:49 11 Pedro Gomes AZ PRT

    Live video from the course

    Heather Jackson is 1:22 back of Blakemore and Stevens. She's killing this ride! #IMCDA
    The men through mile 70: Matthews 4 sec back of Potts, Twelsiek 6:34 back, Millward, 6:36 back. #IMCDA
    At 75 miles, Matthews has pulled back a little from Potts. Now :22 back. #IMCDA

    Potts smooth and steady.

    Potts has put over 45 seconds into Matthews over the last few miles. Matthews looks less enthusiastic than before. His head is down, and he's grinding. Potts is trying to make the gap stick. #IMCDA
    At mile 60, Heather Jackson is :20 back. Our timers predict she'll come into T2 first. #IMCDA
    Women at mile 60: Stevens, Blakemore (50 sec back), then Jackson about to make the pass! #IMCDA
    Heather Jackson did a few full IRONMANs as an age-grouper, but is still fairly new to this distance. She has been a strong 70.3 racer, but her first full race as a pro was at IMAZ last November. She did IMTX this past May and finished 11th. She's the one to watch today, that's for sure.
    And Jackson is now in 2nd! #IMCDA She's on the hunt for Stevens...
    Our spotters report that Twelsiek and Millward (in 3rd and 4th) were both eating and drinking and asking questions, both still in the game with the heat. #IMCDA
    Mile 63: Stevens, Jackson 30 sec back, Blakemore 40 sec back.... #IMCDA
    Mile 70 men's pro race: Kilshaw and Lieto are in fifth and sixth. Both look good and are smiling. 7-11 are "packed like sardines." #IMCDA
    Trevor Wurtele is about 90 seconds back of 6th place, looking good. "He could very well run through the field if he looks this good in an hour" or spotters report. #IMCDA
    Jackson just passed Stevens at mile 66. #IMCDA
    Kim Schwabenbauer (who writes recipes for us here at!) has been moving steadily through the fields on the bike. She's still about 7:00 back, but is a strong runner and one to watch for! Check out her homemade pb fro yo!

    Fast Fuel: Protein-Packed Peanut Butter “Fro-Yo”

    IRONMAN.comThis healthy dessert makes the perfect evening snack for when your muscles need protein the most.
    At IMAZ in November, third through fifth place women overall were Jackson, Blakemore, and Stevens. Innnnnnnteresting....

    Video: Jackson leading the race

    Blakemore staying comfortable behind Stevens, Jackson looks super strong. #IMCDA
    Defending champ Potts is flying. He has opened up a 5 min gap on Matthews by mile 88... #IMCDA
    The women through mile 70:

    1 4:15:45 33 Heather Jackson OR USA
    2 4:16:32 0:47 31 Amanda Stevens CO USA
    3 4:17:08 1:24 40 Katy Blakemore CO USA
    Report from the course: Jackson looks relaxed. Blakemore is smiling. Paul Matthews is fading. #IMCDA
    It's currently 88 degree Fahrenheit here in Couer d Alene. 31 Celsius. Athletes are enjoying the comparatively cool morning in terms of what's to come.
    Stevens losing time to Jackson. Now 1:41 back at mile 80. Blakemore 3 min back. #IMCDA
    Potts has 7:10 lead at mile 94. Twelsiek just passed Paul Matthews, looks good. #IMCDA
    Another 3 min to fourth place in men's field. Everyone looks hot
    Heads are down. Spirits look low.
    Trever Wurtele is gaining hard at the end into 7th place. Looks great. #IMCDA
    At 106 miles, Potts' lead has increased to over 8 minutes. Twelsiek is in 2nd, Matthews 10 min back. #IMCDA
    Andy Potts is hungry for T2, he just passed mile 109 at #IMCDA

    Jackson at mile 90

    Stevens 3 minutes back of Jackson at mile 90. #IMCDA
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