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IRONMAN Coeur d'Alene

  • Women Pro Start List

    31 Stevens Amanda FEMALE USA (United States)
    32 Griesbauer Dede FEMALE USA (United States)
    33 Jackson Heather FEMALE USA (United States)
    34 Ferreira Amber FEMALE USA (United States)
    35 Godesky Alyssa FEMALE USA (United States)
    36 Jarvis Sarah FEMALE DEU (Germany)
    37 DiMichele Miller Leslie FEMALE USA (United States)
    38 Schwabenbauer Kim FEMALE USA (United States)
    39 Basso Anne FEMALE FRA (France)
    40 Blakemore Katy FEMALE USA (United States)
    41 Casey Terry FEMALE USA (United States)
    42 Cooper Haley FEMALE USA (United States)
    43 Prystayko Olesya FEMALE UKR (Ukraine)
    44 Graves Sarah FEMALE USA (United States)
    45 Javens Amy FEMALE USA (United States)
    46 Kozulina Tamara FEMALE UKR (Ukraine)
    47 Madison Mackenzie FEMALE USA (United States)
    48 Mighdoll Michelle FEMALE USA (United States)
    49 Annett Jen FEMALE CAN (Canada)
    50 Siddall Laura FEMALE GBR (United Kingdom)
  • Men Pro Start List

    1 Potts Andy MALE USA (United States)
    2 Russell Matt MALE USA (United States)
    3 Twelsiek Maik MALE DEU (Germany)
    4 Wurtele Trevor MALE CAN (Canada)
    5 Matthews Paul MALE AUS (Australia)
    6 Griffin Leon MALE AUS (Australia)
    7 Millward Callum MALE NZL (New Zealand)
    8 Lieto Matt MALE USA (United States)
    9 Brandon Barrett MALE USA (United States)
    10 Delsaut Trevor MALE FRA (France)
    11 Gomes Pedro MALE PRT (Portugal)
    12 Fast Andrew MALE USA (United States)
    13 Garcia Derek MALE USA (United States)
    14 Wheeler Patrick MALE USA (United States)
    15 Young Dantley MALE USA (United States)
    16 Lubinski James MALE USA (United States)
    17 Evoe Patrick MALE USA (United States)
    18 Kilshaw Stephen MALE CAN (Canada)
    19 Maclean Doug MALE USA (United States)
    20 Reid Eric MALE USA (United States)
    21 Shearon Jonathan MALE USA (United States)
    22 Sheeks Matt MALE USA (United States)
    23 Shinozaki Yu MALE JPN (Japan)
    24 Starkey Michael MALE USA (United States)
    25 Brown Dan MALE AUS (Australia)
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  • BEAUTIFUL!!#triathlon #lovethislife #imcda

  • Checked in!! #coeursports #teamcoeur #imcda #mydream #letsgo #givemeallthemiles

  • Awesome little spin with David Mercer in beautiful Coeur d'Alene! #IMCDA

  • Good luck to "this guy" at #imcda this weekend @mattlieto.
    Who's got 2 thumbs and a kit that is cooler than yours? THIS GUY! #triathlon

  • Let's do this...
    Ironman CDA opening ceremony @nickmazz #imcda #TriTrain #tapsnap

  • @ironmantri Opening Ceremonies! #imcda @ Coeur d'Alene City Park & Beach

  • Drunk on the smell of pines this am. The @IRONMANtri community is lucky to have this beaut of a race venue. #IMCDA

  • Welcome to the 2015 IRONMAN Coeur d'Alene

    Andy Potts comes into this race as the favorite.
    The veteran has
    notched a couple of wins here in and should be the one
    everyone will key off of starting with the swim.
    On the women's side, on
    paper, the win should come from one of three women: Amanda Stevens, Dede
    Griesbauer and Heather Jackson--you pick one.

    Featured men: Andy Potts, Maik Twelsiek, Trevor Wurtele, Matt Russell, Paul Mathews and Leon Griffin.
    Featured women:
    Amanda Stevens, Dede Griesbauer, Heather Jackson.

    Follow the IRONMAN Coeur d'Alene race action here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IMCdA.

    Race start time: Sunday, June 28: 5:30 a.m. PDT (New Start Time)
  • The finish line chute. #imcda #ironman #ironmancda #coeurdalene #finishline

  • Always a smile on Erin's face! Bike and bags dropped off, she's ready! #GoErin #TeamWreski #IMCDA #VBTriathlon

  • Physically and mentally prepared. Ready for race day. See you tomorrow. #imcda

  • Good morning from Couer d'Alene! The male pro race starts in 75 minutes/women in 80 Stay tuned.
  • Good morning #imcda

  • This quote... an IM race tradition ❤️ focused and ready... I GET to race 140.6 today! #IMCdA

  • Gorgeous more on the lake!

  • Athletes getting ready for their big day...

  • These ladies are ready to roll!

  • Best seats in the house! Even spectating is a long day.

  • The water is 73.3 degrees this morning here in CDA. It will be a non wetsuit swim for the pros only.
  • The pros in the swim corral

  • IMLive's very own Matt Lieto

  • Here we go!

  • The pro men are off

  • Heather Jackson blows a kiss to her supporters

  • Sea of caps

  • Amanda Stevens leading the women's swim from the get-go

  • "Listen to the body", Mike Reilly says to age groupers at #IMCDA. "I want to see you at the finish line."
  • Age groupers begin their rolling start

  • Our spotters report that Barrett Brandon is leading the #IMCDA swim by a hair. It's probably Potts on his heels but we will confirm shortly.
  • Three men led the men's field out onto the 2nd lap, with a 2nd group about 40 sec back, and another 3rd group about 1 min back .
  • Beautiful shot from our photog, Nils Nilsen

  • The pro men head out on lap 2

  • Amanda Stevens jumps back into the lake in 1st, with Dede Griesbauer about 10 sec back.
  • Correction: Griesbauer is in 3rd, 45 sec back of Stevens. Confirmation coming on 2nd place female.
  • It was Katy Blakemore who was in 2nd. #IMCDA
  • The women's chase group, containing Jackson and Siddall, just jumped back in the water (about a minute back of Stevens, Blakemore and Griesbauer) #IMCDA
  • Our top age groupers, including Erin Hunter from San Diego

  • The pro men are mixed in with the age groupers and our spotters had a tough time seeing their cap numbers...stay tuned. 2 mins from having our swim leaders.
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