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    Pro men start list:

    1 Russell Matt MPRO USA
    2 Symonds Jeff MPRO CAN
    3 Ambrose Paul MPRO AUS
    4 Zyemtsev Viktor MPRO UKR
    5 McDonald Chris MPRO AUS
    6 Bell Luke MPRO AUS
    8 Sundberg Swen MPRO DEU
    9 Buckingham Kyle MPRO ZAF
    10 Brandon Barrett MPRO USA
    11 Allan Dougal MPRO NZL
    12 Daerr Justin MPRO USA
    13 Eeckman Alistair MPRO USA
    14 Garcia Derek MPRO USA
    15 Hawkins Travis MPRO USA
    16 Heger Elmar MPRO CAN
    17 Holderbaum Chad MPRO USA
    18 Killam Nathan MPRO CAN
    19 Sheeks Matt MPRO USA
    20 Skinner Gray MPRO USA
    21 Watson Jason MPRO USA
    Pro women start list:

    32 Thibodeau Karen WPRO CAN
    34 Donavan Jessie WPRO USA
    35 Lyles Liz WPRO USA
    36 McQuaid Melanie WPRO CAN
    37 Mack Danielle WPRO USA
    39 Douglas Tracy WPRO AUS
    40 Fillnow Kelly WPRO USA
    41 Fleming Jessica WPRO AUS
    42 Frank Richele WPRO CAN
    43 Madison Mackenzie WPRO USA
    44 Orlovsky Cheryl WPRO CAN
    49 Sym Christie WPRO AUS
    50 Annett Jen WPRO CAN
    51 Wassner Laurel WPRO USA
    52 Roohi Molly WPRO USA
    53 Snow Caitlin WPRO USA

    Everywhere you look, it's like a postcard ... breathtaking

    Ironman Canada pro conference.

    Pro Conference

    Aliviah all smiles running with auntie @jsanguin in this mornings wet Ironkids race! #ironkids #imcanada #ironmancanada

    Cheering on the Ironkids! Look at these athletes @jcsanguin:) #ironkids #imcanada #gosisterso #ironmancanada #thecutest #summerfun #mynephewisfasterthanyours

    The sprint finish #ironkids #ironmancanada #nikekids @trispecific #tslife

    Bikes on bikes on bikes. T1 is all set up and ready for tomorrow! #ironmancanada #ironman #whistler #swimbikerun #triathlete @chelseyjudith @naters722

    Bikes #ironmancanada

    Welcome to the 2015 Subaru Ironman Canada

    The third edition of IRONMAN Canada promises to be an exciting race on Sunday. The pro race will not be anything like a holiday as both the men's and women's fields have a number of IRONMAN champions and the competition should be furious.

    Featured men: Jeff Symonds, Viktor Zyemtsev, Paul Ambrose, Luke Bell and Matt Russell.
    Featured Women: Jessie Donavan, Liz Lyles, Mel McQuiad, Cait Snow, Laural Wassner and Karen Thibodeau.

    Follow the IRONMAN Canada race action here on and on Twitter at @IRONMANLive. Join the conversation using the hashtag #IMCanada.

    Race start time: Sunday, July 26: 6:400 a.m. PDT

    Good morning #imcanada !!!

    Ironman Canada start location from the water. Good luck everyone! #imcanada

    #teammimosa out to support Marty! #imcanada #ironman #swimbikerun #intherain

    Good morning from the 2015 Subaru Ironman Canada here in Whistler British Columbia.

    The current temperature is 11C/50F under cloudy skies this morning,

    The Pro men will start at 6:50 a.m., pro women at 6:55 a.m.and the age group race will start at 7:00 a.m.

    Getting ready for the start of the Subaru Ironman Canada

    Less than two minutes from the pro men start.
    The 2015 Subaru Ironman Canada pro men's race is off with the blast of the starting horn.
    Our pro women's race race has now started here in Whistler.

    Look towards the day's journey ahead of them.

    Pro women's start.

    The age group journey of the 2015 Subaru Ironman Canada has started. Good luck everyone.

    Age group start.

    At the start of the second in water loop, there is a group of four men that have over a minute gap to a large chase pack.
    Two women women have a 45 second gap on the field as the women's race heads out on their second loop of the swim.
    We are keeping our camera boat well clear of the water safety crews and we are not close enough to determine the race leaders at this time.
    The men's leader with two others are rounding the final turn... Luke Bell?
    Barrett Brandon out of the water first with a swim time of 48:22, Luke Bell next +0:06 and Kyle Buckingham +0:19.

    Luke Bell out of the water second.

    TOP 12 Pro Men - Fastest Swim

    1 48:22 10 Barrett Brandon TX USA
    2 48:28 0:06 6 Luke Bell AUS
    3 48:41 0:19 9 Kyle Buckingham ZAF
    4 51:49 3:27 3 Paul Ambrose AUS
    5 51:53 3:31 2 Jeff Symonds BC CAN
    6 53:03 4:41 12 Justin Daerr CO USA
    7 53:04 4:42 4 Viktor Zyemtsev FL UKR
    8 53:05 4:43 5 Chris McDonald TX AUS
    9 53:08 4:47 8 Swen Sundberg DEU
    10 53:11 4:49 17 Chad Holderbaum PA USA
    11 53:31 5:09 14 Derek Garcia ID USA
    12 54:10 5:48 18 Nathan Killam BC CAN
    Karen Thibodeau was the first women out of the water with a 54:10 swim. The Canadain was followed by Laurel Wassner, just three seconds off the leaders pace.
    Top six women out of the water so far:

    TOP 6 Pro Women - Fastest Swim

    1 54:10 32 Karen Thibodeau BC CAN
    2 54:13 0:03 51 Laurel Wassner NY USA
    3 57:48 3:38 36 Melanie McQuaid BC CAN
    4 57:56 3:46 35 Liz Lyles NV USA
    5 58:00 3:50 53 Caitlin Snow MA USA
    6 58:18 4:08 43 Mackenzie Madison OR USA
    TOP 10 Pro Women - Fastest Swim

    1 54:10 32 Karen Thibodeau BC CAN
    2 54:13 0:03 51 Laurel Wassner NY USA
    3 57:48 3:38 36 Melanie McQuaid BC CAN
    4 57:56 3:46 35 Liz Lyles NV USA
    5 58:00 3:50 53 Caitlin Snow MA USA
    6 58:18 4:08 43 Mackenzie Madison OR USA
    7 1:01:10 7:01 41 Jessica Fleming AUS
    8 1:01:49 7:40 37 Danielle Mack CO USA
    9 1:02:02 7:53 50 Jen Annett BC CAN
    Athletes will enjoy a lakeside transition before starting a one-loop, 112-mile bike course that is comparable in difficulty to the bike routes at previous IRONMAN Canada venues. Athletes will travel south into Callaghan Valley, site of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, before heading north on the Sea-to-Sky Highway to Pemberton. A completely flat out-and-back section of Pemberton Meadows Road allows athletes breathtakingly beautiful views of glaciated peaks before returning to Whistler via the Sea-to-Sky Highway.
    Our spotters are reporting that there is a steady rain out on the bike course and the temperature is around 10C/50F.

    Hard to get a focused pic when @AmbroseLive is riding so fast! In 5th ATM, 1 minute back from @auzzieluke #IMCanada

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