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  • #IMBrasil Chura’s lead has been reduce to less than 20 seconds at 2 km’s by Lunstrom.
  • #IMBrasil Lead change in the women's race as Lundstrom and Deckers storm past Chura at 2.5 km's. Chura is in 3rd +0:28 and Stevens +1:03.
  • #IMBrasil Vanhoenacker has O'Donnell inching his way towards him just +1:14 and running 15 sec's faster per km than the leader
  • #IMBrasil Lunstrom continues to lead at 4.5 km's and has Deckers sec's back.Stevens has closed the gap to less than a minute running in 3rd
  • #IMBrasil Running order at 5 km's
    Lundstrom Lead
    Deckers +0:04
    Stevens +0:48
    Lyles +2:03
    Chura +2:23
  • Running order at 19 km’s
    Vanhoenacker Lead
    O’Donnell +1:23
    McMahon +1:14
    Amorelli +5:45
    Matthews +9:33
  • Marino interview pre race for #ironmanlive ~ "The bike is my strength and I have to use it" || Entrevista com Marino pre prova para #ironmanlive ~ "A bicicleta é meu forte e eu vou usá-la" #IMFlorianopolis #IMBrasil #ironman #ironmantri #newrecord

  • #IMBrasil Brazil's Ascenco, who placed second here at Ironman Brazil in 2014 has dropped out of the men's race today.
  • #IMBrasil After finishing the hills, Steven’s now leads Deckers (+0:04) and Lundstrom (+0:18) at 9 km’s.
  • #IMBrasil At 23 km's Vanhoenacker is holding off O'Donnell and McMahon who are running together +1:27 off the leader's pace.
  • #Repost @trisportmag ・・・
    Tim O'Donnell à caça da liderança. #IMBrasil #mizunobr #midiaoficial #golonger

  • Marino 1' à frente de Tim O'Donnell. #IMBrasil #mizunobr #midiaoficial #golonger

  • Vanhoenacker leading the race at 23 kms.

  • O'Donnell has been chasing the leader for the entire run. Only 1:28 off the pace.

  • McMahon running close to O'Donnell.

  • #IMBrasil Stevens has stretched out her lead to 45 sec's at 11.5 km's over Deckers and 56 sec's on Lyles who is now in 3rd.
  • #IMBrasil at 26.5 Km' s O'Donnell and McMahon have both chewed into Vanhoenacker's lead and now run +1:10 and +1:22 off he pace.
  • #IMBrasil Stevens continues to lead and now has Lyles in 2nd, +0:58, Deckers +1:02 and Lundstrom 3rd, +1:41 and Monticeli in 5th, +5:29
  • #IMBrasil O'Donnell is now worked is deficit to just under a minute at 29 km's to Vanhoenacker. McMahon remains in third, at +1:48.
  • Great men and women's races to watch here at the the Latin American Championship in Brazil.
  • #IMBrasil The good Doctor Stevens has now stretched her lead to +1:12 on Lyles and +1:31 in Deckers.
  • #IMBrasil: Running order at 31 km’s
    Vanhoenacker Lead
    O’Donnell +0:36
    McMahon +2:02
    Amorelli +5:58
    Butterfield +10:21
    Buckingham +13:49
  • #IMBrasil Running order at 16 km’s

    Stevens Leads
    Lyles +1:14
    Deckers +1:37
    Lundstrom +3:39
    Monticeli +5:27
    Chura +7:55
  • #IMBrasil at 33 km's of the run, O'Donnell may be going through a rough patch as he has slipped to +0:52 over the last two km's.
  • Amorelli running fourth throughout much of the run.

  • McMahon running in third right now.

  • Vanhoenacker has been steady all day on the run and has less than 10 km's to go.

  • #IMBrasil Vanhoenacker nudged his lead up to a full minute on O'Donnell with 6 km's tremaining in the Ironman Latin American Championship.
  • #IMBrasil, After 21 km's, Stevens has push her lead up to 1:27 over Lyles who is running in 2nd. Deckers is 3rd, +2:23 and Monticeli +4:01.
  • #IM Brasil At 37 km's, Vanhoenacker has successfully stalled out O'Donnell's charge towards the front at +1:18. McMahon is 3rd, +2:24
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  • As quatro primeiras mulheres passam com pouca diferença, Ariane vem em quinta com pique total
    #triathlon #ironman #ironmanlive #IMBrasil #IMFlorianopolis #trifosfato

  • #IMBrasil Stevens getting some breathing room as she now has a 1:48 lead on Lyles and +3:02 on advantage on Deckers at 23.5 km's.
  • #IMBrasil Vanhoenaker has less than 1 km's to go in the Ironman Latin American Championship and has a +1:34 advantage on his closet rival.
  • Waiting the winners.

  • #IMBrasil - Marino Vanhoenacker is the 2015 Ironman Latin American Championship.
  • #IMBrasil - Vanhoenacker recorded a finish time of 7:53:44.12! #ThatsFast
  • #IMBrasil Tim O'Donnell has crossed the line in second.
  • #IMBrasil Bent McMahon has finish third. (Times coming)
  • IRONMAN Latin American Championship Podium:

    1. Vanhoenacker 7:53:44
    2. O'Donnell 7:55:56
    3. McMahon 7:56:55
  • #IMBrasil Igor Amorelli finished fourth and was also completed a sub-eight hour race with his 7:59:36 clocking.
  • #IMBrasil Stevens is cruising along with a +1:28 lead on Lyles. Monticeli is flying and has powered her way into third, at +2:18.
  • #IMBrasil - If Monticeli and Stevens maintain their current pace, Monticeli could grab the win close to the end of the marathon.
  • Congratulations Marino Vanhoenacker! 7:53 at #imbrasil #ironman #ironmanbrasil #triathlon #IMBrazil @binkmarino

  • @tointri also sub 8. 2nd place #IMBrasil #IMFlorianopolis #ironman #ironmantri

  • Brent McMahon closed the TOP 3 #ironmantri #ironman #IMFlorianopolis #IMBrasil

  • #IMBrasil Stevens is getting some heat now from both Lyles and Monticeli as both women are running together just +1:07 off the leaders pace 30 km.
  • #IMBrasil Monticeli is flying and now is in 2nd and within 45 sec's of Stevens at 32.5 km's. Lyles is hanging in therein 3rd at +0:58
  • #IMBrasil Stevens lead is down to 27 sec's at 32 km's. Lyles is running in third at +0:59.
  • #IMBrasil Monticeli has Stevens in her sights and is only 15 seconds behind the leader at 33.25 km's.
  • #IMBrasil Brazil's Monticeli is now the new leader of the Ironman Latin American Championship at 34.5 km's
  • #IMBrasil - Running order at 35 km’s

    Monticeli Leads
    Stevens +0:10
    Lyles +0:53
    Deckers +4:43
    Chura +9:47
    Wassner +9:57
  • #IMBrasil Monticeli has stretch her lead to 21 sec's over Stevens at 36.5 km's. Lyles is holding steady at just under a minute back in 3rd
  • #IMBrasil -Running order at 37.5 km’s

    Monticeli Leads
    Stevens +0:39
    Lyles +0:53
    Deckers +5:45
    Wassner +10:31
    Chura +11:09

  • #IMBrasil - At 38.5 km’s, Monticeli now has advantages of 53 and 58sec's on Stevens and Lyles.
  • @arianemonticeli é a nova líder do #IMBrasil #IMFlorianopolis #ironmantri #ironman

  • #IMBrasil - Lyles and Stevens are running side by side 39 km's, one minute behind Monticeli.
  • #IMBasil At 40. 5 km's Monticeli has a 51 sec lead on Lyles, while Stevens is running in third, +1:28 off the pace.
  • Brazil’s Ariane Monticeli is your 2015 IRONMAN Latin American Championship winner here in Florianopolis
  • #IMBrasil women's podium

    1. Ariane Monticeli 8:59:08
    2. Elizabeth Lyles 9:00:31
    3. Amanda Stevens 9:01:27
  • Ariane Monticeli from Brazil takes the title.

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