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  • Chura managing a turn around with over a five minute lead on her rivals.

  • McMahon with the lead pack of four.

  • Chura looking strong.

  • #IMBrasil Nearing 75 km’s Chura is still maintaining a +5:00 advantage on the chasing trio of Deckers, Wassner Stevens while Lundstrom and Lyles (+7:00) have motored by a fading Zelenkova who is now in 7th.
  • #IMBrasil At 100 km’s McMahon is out front with Mathews, O’Donnell and Amorelli matching the pace while the gap to Vanhoenacker and Butterfield is +1:15.
  • Dr Amanda Stevens hanging in tough on the bike.

  • #IMBrasil Decker, Wassner and Stevens have all close the gap to Chura to under 5 min’s at 90 km’s
  • #IMBrasil Vanhoenacker and Butterfield have bridged the gap and we now have a lead pack of six that includes O’Donnell, Mathews, McMahon and Amorelli.
  • #IMBrasil Deckers, riding in 2nd, has reduced her deficit to +3:45 at 100 km's to Chura. Steven's is +4:45 and Lundstom and Lyles are +6:05
  • Time Deckers riding in second.

  • #IMBrasil We just got word that Chura has suffered a flat tire.
  • #IMBrasil Quick change artist Chura is back on her bike and has 2:51 advantage over Deckers (2nd) at 104 km's.
  • Biking order at 108 km in the women's race

    Chura Leading
    Deckers +2:56
    Stevens +4:05
    Wassner +4:53
    Lundstrom +4:56
    Lyles +4:56
    Ganzow +7:01
    Zelenkova +7:03
  • #IMBrasil At 134 Km’s Matthews has fallen off the pace (+1:51), now the lead pack contains Vanhoenacker, O’Donnell, Amorelli, McMahon and Butterfield.
  • Tyler Butterfield #IMBrasil #mizunobr #midiaoficial #golonger

  • Marino Vanhoenacker #IMBrasil #mizunobr #midiaoficial #golonger

  • #IMBrasil Vanhoenacker is making his move, he has 0:55 - 1:08 leads on O'Donnell, McMahon, Butterfield and Amorelli at 145 km's.
  • Corredor do retorno #ironfollowers #imbrasil #imflorianopolis

  • Brent McMahon #IMBrasil #mizunobr #midiaoficial #golonger

  • #IMbrasil Chura has gone through 123 km’s with the lead, followed by Deckers +2:38, Stevens +4:06, Lundstrom +4:33, Lyles +5:00.
  • #IMBrasil Not surprising, at 155 km's Vanhoenacker has put the hammer down in the late stages of the bike. He now has leads of over 2:45 on O'Donnell, McMahon, Butterfield and Amorelli.
  • Ariane Monticelli is far from first pack. Ph: @trisportmag #IMFlorianopolis #ironmantri #IMBrasil #ironman @arianemonticeli

  • @igoramorelli puxando o 2º grupo. #IMBrasil #mizunobr #midiaoficial #golonger

  • #IMBrasil Vanhoenacker has stretched out his lead 3:16 on O'Donnell, McMahon, Butterfield and Amorelli as the field goes through 160 km's.
  • #IMBrasil Chura is still looking comfortable out front at 130 km’s but the field is tightening up behind her with Deckers +2:29, Stevens +3:56, Lundstrom +3:59, Lyles +4:55, Hufe +5:21.
  • #IMBrasil IThe Vanhoenacker surge has put the sting on the chase pack behind as O’Donnell, McMahon and Amorelli and Butterfield have slipped to 4:35-4:42 deficits.
  • Chura leading out the women in the late stages of the bike

  • Lundstrom working her way towards the front.

  • Chura leading the women in the late stages of the bike.

  • Marino Vanhoenacker liderando el #IMFlorianopolis #IMBrasil #CoberturaTriamax

  • #IMBrasil Vanhoenacker is the first man off the bike today here in Brazil.
  • #IMBrasil Vanhoenacker's bike split today was 4:11:22!
  • #IMBrasil McMahon was 2nd off the bike +6:01, followed by O'Donnell +6:07, Amorelli +6:17 and butterfield +6:20.
  • #IMBrasil Butterfield has to serve a penalty before starting the run.
  • #IMBrasil At 4 km into the run Vanhoenacker has a 5:05 lead on McMahon, +5:06 on O’Donnell and +6:23 on Amorelli.
  • More men off the bike:

    7 Marino Vanhoenacker 5:02:38.22 Bel 1 +0:00.0
    41 Brent Mcmahon 5:08:39.86 Can 2 +6:01.6
    3 Timothy Odonnell 5:08:46.12 Usa 3 +6:07.9
    1 Igor Amorelli 5:08:55.83 Bra 4 +6:17.6
    8 Tyler Barbour Butterfield 5:08:58.71 Bmu 5 +6:20.5
    6 Paul Matthews 5:13:21.95 Aus 6 +10:43.7
    4 Guilherme Valenza Manocchio 5:16:38.35 Bra 7 +14:00.1
    32 Mike Aigroz 5:17:16.86 Che 8 +14:38.6
    9 Kyle Buckingham 5:17:24.51 Zaf 9 +14:46.3
    38 Matt Trautman 5:20:34.05 Zaf 10 +17:55.8
  • #IMBrasil The women's race has bunched up behind Chura with the seven top women all within 3:45 of each other. (Stevens, Deckers, Lunstrom, Lyles, Hufe and Ganzow)
  • #IMBrasil Vanhoenacker has the lead but has McMahon (+3:43) and O’Donnell +3:48) making a charge from behind, while Amorelli is +5:45 off the pace.
  • Amanda Stevens recupera a 2ª posição 2' atrás de Haley Chura. #IMBrasil #mizunobr #midiaoficial #golonger

  • #IMBrazil Chura's lead has been reduced to less than a minute and a half by Stevens, Deckers and Lunstrom at 165 km. #ChargeFromBehind
  • #IMBrasil At 10 km's Vanhoenacker's lead has been reduced to +2:31 by O'Donnell,+3:10 by McMahon and Amorelli is looking at a +5:10 deficit
  • #IMBrasil Chura is the first women off the bike here at the Ironman Latin American Championship,Brazil.
  • #IMBrasil O'Donnell now only 1:52 back of Vanhoenacker at 13 km's, while McMahon is looking at 2:38 to make up .Plenty of race left!
  • Women off the bike:

    53 Haley Chura 5:51:36.49 Usa 1
    59 Tine Deckers 5:52:45.25 Bel 2
    71 Asa Lundstrom 5:52:51.35 Swe 3
    52 Amanda Stevens 5:52:53.92 Usa 4
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