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    #IMBrasil At 10 km's Vanhoenacker's lead has been reduced to +2:31 by O'Donnell,+3:10 by McMahon and Amorelli is looking at a +5:10 deficit
    #IMBrasil Chura is the first women off the bike here at the Ironman Latin American Championship,Brazil.
    #IMBrasil O'Donnell now only 1:52 back of Vanhoenacker at 13 km's, while McMahon is looking at 2:38 to make up .Plenty of race left!
    Women off the bike:

    53 Haley Chura 5:51:36.49 Usa 1
    59 Tine Deckers 5:52:45.25 Bel 2
    71 Asa Lundstrom 5:52:51.35 Swe 3
    52 Amanda Stevens 5:52:53.92 Usa 4
    #IMBrasil Chura’s lead has been reduce to less than 20 seconds at 2 km’s by Lunstrom.
    #IMBrasil Lead change in the women's race as Lundstrom and Deckers storm past Chura at 2.5 km's. Chura is in 3rd +0:28 and Stevens +1:03.
    #IMBrasil Vanhoenacker has O'Donnell inching his way towards him just +1:14 and running 15 sec's faster per km than the leader
    #IMBrasil Lunstrom continues to lead at 4.5 km's and has Deckers sec's back.Stevens has closed the gap to less than a minute running in 3rd
    #IMBrasil Running order at 5 km's
    Lundstrom Lead
    Deckers +0:04
    Stevens +0:48
    Lyles +2:03
    Chura +2:23
    Running order at 19 km’s
    Vanhoenacker Lead
    O’Donnell +1:23
    McMahon +1:14
    Amorelli +5:45
    Matthews +9:33

    Marino interview pre race for #ironmanlive ~ "The bike is my strength and I have to use it" || Entrevista com Marino pre prova para #ironmanlive ~ "A bicicleta é meu forte e eu vou usá-la" #IMFlorianopolis #IMBrasil #ironman #ironmantri #newrecord

    #IMBrasil Brazil's Ascenco, who placed second here at Ironman Brazil in 2014 has dropped out of the men's race today.
    #IMBrasil After finishing the hills, Steven’s now leads Deckers (+0:04) and Lundstrom (+0:18) at 9 km’s.
    #IMBrasil At 23 km's Vanhoenacker is holding off O'Donnell and McMahon who are running together +1:27 off the leader's pace.

    Vanhoenacker leading the race at 23 kms.

    O'Donnell has been chasing the leader for the entire run. Only 1:28 off the pace.

    McMahon running close to O'Donnell.

    #IMBrasil Stevens has stretched out her lead to 45 sec's at 11.5 km's over Deckers and 56 sec's on Lyles who is now in 3rd.
    #IMBrasil at 26.5 Km' s O'Donnell and McMahon have both chewed into Vanhoenacker's lead and now run +1:10 and +1:22 off he pace.
    #IMBrasil Stevens continues to lead and now has Lyles in 2nd, +0:58, Deckers +1:02 and Lundstrom 3rd, +1:41 and Monticeli in 5th, +5:29
    #IMBrasil O'Donnell is now worked is deficit to just under a minute at 29 km's to Vanhoenacker. McMahon remains in third, at +1:48.
    Great men and women's races to watch here at the the Latin American Championship in Brazil.
    #IMBrasil The good Doctor Stevens has now stretched her lead to +1:12 on Lyles and +1:31 in Deckers.
    #IMBrasil: Running order at 31 km’s
    Vanhoenacker Lead
    O’Donnell +0:36
    McMahon +2:02
    Amorelli +5:58
    Butterfield +10:21
    Buckingham +13:49
    #IMBrasil Running order at 16 km’s

    Stevens Leads
    Lyles +1:14
    Deckers +1:37
    Lundstrom +3:39
    Monticeli +5:27
    Chura +7:55
    #IMBrasil at 33 km's of the run, O'Donnell may be going through a rough patch as he has slipped to +0:52 over the last two km's.

    Amorelli running fourth throughout much of the run.

    McMahon running in third right now.

    Vanhoenacker has been steady all day on the run and has less than 10 km's to go.

    #IMBrasil Vanhoenacker nudged his lead up to a full minute on O'Donnell with 6 km's tremaining in the Ironman Latin American Championship.
    #IMBrasil, After 21 km's, Stevens has push her lead up to 1:27 over Lyles who is running in 2nd. Deckers is 3rd, +2:23 and Monticeli +4:01.
    #IM Brasil At 37 km's, Vanhoenacker has successfully stalled out O'Donnell's charge towards the front at +1:18. McMahon is 3rd, +2:24
    #IMBrasil Stevens getting some breathing room as she now has a 1:48 lead on Lyles and +3:02 on advantage on Deckers at 23.5 km's.
    #IMBrasil Vanhoenaker has less than 1 km's to go in the Ironman Latin American Championship and has a +1:34 advantage on his closet rival.

    Waiting the winners.

    #IMBrasil - Marino Vanhoenacker is the 2015 Ironman Latin American Championship.
    #IMBrasil - Vanhoenacker recorded a finish time of 7:53:44.12! #ThatsFast
    #IMBrasil Tim O'Donnell has crossed the line in second.
    #IMBrasil Bent McMahon has finish third. (Times coming)
    IRONMAN Latin American Championship Podium:

    1. Vanhoenacker 7:53:44
    2. O'Donnell 7:55:56
    3. McMahon 7:56:55
    #IMBrasil Igor Amorelli finished fourth and was also completed a sub-eight hour race with his 7:59:36 clocking.
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